Jul 262006

This past week I have not been responding to comments with my usual regularity. Part of it has been due to my screwed up sleep the last five days and part of it has been a busier than usual workload. I see the comments and I love them, but my head is so fuzzy I say to myself “hey, I’ll answer them after X” and then I get busier and further behind. I also haven’t been to my favorite blogs this week so if anyone passes away, please send me a e-mail first.

So if I have not answered you about clothes shrinking, or how I feel as a dom, or working at the office, please know that I adore your comments and thank you. I read them all and your kind words get me through my sleep deprived days.

What I love about blogging is the two-way communication and I swear that will resume shortly.

  2 Responses to “FYI: Comments”

  1. Yeah right, like we buy any of that claptrap. Actually, I’ve been pretty much in the same boat myself. Doesn’t mean anything really, it happens. One thing I am learning about blogging for a longer time now, is how everything seems to go in waves. Seems natural enough.

  2. Thanks Art. That’s very nice to hear.

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