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Amaya was in the showers early the next morning. Last night had been a strange and exhilarating experience, and she had slept very soundly. Well, except for endless horny dreams about being groped till she climaxed again and again. When she awoke, she groaned with disappointment that she was alone in her room. If only she had a hand or two — or a dozen — to keep her company.

She got in the shower because it was the only place that she could get that all-over sensation she was craving. Standing under the water, she closed her eyes and imagined being back at the house. Every drop of water became a finger tracing her body, and the patter of the shower became the chatter of the unknown boys.

Her hands kept curling. Walking to the showers, her hands had curled. Standing under water, her fingers curled around imaginary cocks. Anytime she was distracted, her hands resumed the shapes they’d held for hours last night. It was like her body was eager to grasp cock once more and give pleasure. Amaya couldn’t get over how her body was acting almost independently of her. This wasn’t what she expected when she came to college!

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The water rained down on her back as she thought about it. What was she doing here? Her parents had always wanted a child in college. Here she was, and she didn’t even have a major. In the back of her mind, she had expected that something would attract her interest and that she would pursue that as a career. Instead, she had come to college and discovered there was no magic answer to what to do with her life. Well, except for Wesley, and for that matter, men like him.

Amaya stood there under the water and considered what kind of answer Wesley was. Could she really do this all the time? She was a smart girl; wasn’t she supposed to aspire to being more than just a kinky slut? As much as she thought she should be focusing on college, she couldn’t deny how great she felt when she was playing Wesley’s games. It gave her a sense of purpose even if that purpose was to be used for someone else’s enjoyment. Pleasing Wesley was a hell of a lot more fun that pleasing her parents had been.

When she finally finished her shower, Amaya returned to her room and got dressed for the day. Wesley’s envelope yesterday had contained a stack of twenties along with two other surprises. There was a very small green vibrator, along with a little bottle of lube. The vibrator was small, but it had a strange wide base that was much wider than it was long. There was no note, but Amaya felt it would be best to pack the two with her today. She certainly didn’t want Wesley to call and her not be ready for him.

She wore a yellow floral print skirt so she could use the vibrator without stripping. The idea of not wearing any underwear appealed to her, and she decided to dare it. To go with the skirt, she opted for a white t-shirt over a light pink bra. Amaya felt light and summery, as well as horny just thinking about what Wesley might have her use that vibrator for.

Despite the vibrator and lube in her purse, Amaya was able to turn her attention to her classes. She took notes and paid attention to the lectures like a good student. Part of her was still unsure whether college was what she really wanted to do, but Wesley had been clear on how he felt about her classes, so she kept at it. Besides, it was easier waiting for his phone call if she had something to do.

The bright sunshine of the morning gave way to unexpected afternoon showers. Amaya had just finished a biology class, and she had a few hours before her next class. She looked out the window and realized her skirt and t-shirt were going to get soaked. It would be a cold, wet walk back to her dorm, but she knew she had to change her clothes.

The cell phone rang. Amaya moaned as she answered it but she also felt her heart race. What game did he have today?

“Nice little rain shower, isn’t it?” Wesley asked.

“Yes, I was heading for my dorm,” Amaya said.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Wesley said. “Do you have my gift from yesterday?”

Amaya blushed. “Yes, but I’m still at my biology class.”

Wesley laughed. “Slow down, my horny girl. I don’t want you to fuck yourself in class. At least not today. No, for now I want you to go to the library. Call me when you get there.”

The rain increased in intensity as Amaya watched. He hadn’t give her a deadline for going, but she wasn’t going to push it. She tightened her grip on backpack and went running into the rain.

The cold rain felt good at first. It had been a hot day, and running in the rain was a nice relief. Before long, though, the rain soaked through her clothes and drenched her to the skin. Her shirt clung to her chest, and Amaya was horrified to see that her nipples were clearly visible despite the bra she was wearing.

She didn’t stop running till she got to the library. The man behind the circulation counter frowned when he saw Amaya walk in dripping, but his frown faded as he stared at her chest. She blushed as she took out her phone and dialed Wesley.

“That was very fast,” he said. “I’m proud of you. Now, turn right from the entrance and go all the way ’til you reach the stairs. Go down them.”

Amaya did as he commanded, dripping as she walked. The cold air in the library froze the water on her, making her nipples rock hard. Her skirt clung to her legs, and she didn’t like how transparent the material had become. Was her sex visible? She couldn’t be sure, but she walked faster all the same.

The stairs were not easy to find. They were located in the older half of the library, where lightning and space management apparently hadn’t been needed. The stairs themselves were so narrow that Amaya wondered whether the library’s original students had been midgets. At least it was warmer downstairs. The lack of air-conditioning might have been unbearable any other day, but for now, Amaya was grateful for any amount of heat she could find.

“OK, I’m downstairs,” she told Wesley.

“All right. Head to your left and keep walking. When you get to a turn, follow it to the end.”

Amaya followed his directions and navigated the tight aisles. Bookshelves were crowded upon one another like trees competing for sunlight. Out of curiosity, she looked at a few shelves to see what forgotten tomes were here. Most of them appeared to be magazine archives, while other shelves contained old textbooks. It was like a graveyard for the written word.

The sounds of the basement only reinforced the graveyard mentality. Pipes criss-crossed the ceiling, rattling against each other briefly before falling silent. Amaya’s footsteps echoed in the basement, and the floors creaked loudly at times when she walked over them. Somewhere a door slammed and she was confused. There weren’t any doors down here, yet she had heard the door as clearly as if it were five feet away from her.

Along the way, she saw several study areas tucked along the walls. They were pretty spartan, containing only a plastic chair, a bolted-in desk and a single desk light. It was to one of these study areas that Wesley’s directions guided her. Amaya felt a surge of excitement run through her. The desk was isolated, but if someone were to pass by her aisle, they would see her doing whatever it was that Wesley wanted from her.

“I’m at the desk,” Amaya said.

“I hope you brought your headset,” Wesley said. “Or else you’re going to get a very sore neck.”

“I always bring it,” she said. She fished the headphones out of her book bag and plugged them into the cell. The excitement welled up inside her. There was no doubt he would ask her to fuck herself here. It was frightening to do it in such a public place, but at the same time, she preferred it to being fucked by other people. She’d take Wesley on the phone over frat guys in person any day.

“I saw that you wore a skirt today,” he said. “Are you wearing underwear?”

“No,” Amaya answered.

“Smart girl. Have you ever used lubricant before?”

“No,” she said. “I’ve never really had a problem getting wet.”

Wesley chuckled. “You will today. There should be a book on the desk. A brown one.”

“It’s here,” she said.

“Open it towards the center. It should stay open on its own. That way, if anyone walks by, you’ll have an easier time pretending you are reading.”

“OK,” she said. She had to resist laughing. The excitement was making her giddy. Instead of performing a difficult task, she felt like she was collaborating with Wesley. It reminded her of sneaking off with her boyfriend to make out.

“Get the lube out, and squirt a little into your hand,” he said. “Be careful, it will be cold to begin with. Rub it in your hand to warm it to room temperature.”

The lube wasn’t just cold: It was freezing. Amaya shivered as she massaged it in her fingers. She was also surprised by how slippery it was. Granted, she’d figured lubricant would be slick, but she was amazed by how smooth it felt. You could grease a square wheel with this stuff.

“It’s warm now,” she said.

“Now use your finger to coat your asshole with the lube.”

“Excuse me?” Amaya said.

“You heard me,” Wesley said.

She had heard him, but she still couldn’t believe it. Her asshole? He couldn’t be serious! John, her ex-boyfriend, always wanted to fuck her ass, but she had refused. It was too humiliating. Why would anyone want to fuck her ass?

“Have you done it yet?” Wesley asked.

“I’m working on it,” she lied. As she said it, she realized she would do it. Wesley had asked for it, so he obviously wanted it. The idea scared her, but she couldn’t find the strength to tell him no.

With one hand, she lifted her skirt over her waist. The skirt wouldn’t stay up, so she bent over the desk and raised her skirt over her hips. She massaged the lube over her asshole, flinching as she worked. The lube was so slippery over her ass, Amaya couldn’t help imagining the vibrator sinking straight down her hole.

“Now I’m done,” she said. Her voice only trembled slightly.

“Lube your new vibrator, and quicker this time. You don’t want someone to see you doing it, do you?”

“No, I’ll be faster,” Amaya said. As she coated the vibrator, she couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t small enough. It was too wide, too long and just too much to put in her ass. How could she do this?

“It’s ready,” she said, though she was far from it.

“Good. Take the tip of the vibrator and place it against your anus. For now, just get the tip into you.”

Still bent over the desk, Amaya reached behind herself with the small vibrator. The vibrator actually slipped over her anus because of all the lube, but with a little balancing, she was able to get the toy in position. Her ass clenched tightly in trepidation.

“It’s there,” she whispered.

“Very slowly push it in,” Wesley said.

She tried, and her ass clenched in response. “I can’t,” Amaya pleaded.

“You will,” he said. “You will, or I hang up. I shouldn’t have to explain this every time.”

She swallowed hard. He was right. She knew that there was no discussion, no bartering and no hesitation allowed. It’s just that what he was asking was frightening and new to her. She had never given her ass to anyone, and now she was being asked to do it in the basement of a library.

She took a deep breath.

She spread her legs wider and braced herself.

She got a firm grip on the vibrator, her fingers wrapping around the wide base.

She pushed it in.

“Oh, God,” Amaya whimpered. Her anus expanded to take the vibrator in, stretching in ways she hadn’t thought possible.

“What does it feel like?” Wesley demanded.

“Like I am torn apart,” Amaya said.

Wesley chuckled. “Push it deeper in.”

Amaya whimpered and did as he asked. The vibrator slid deeper into her, opening her ass with every inch. Her legs trembled as she took it in. She was being impaled and part of her feared it would never come back out. The base prevented her pushing it any deeper.

“It’s in,” she whispered.

“See? That didn’t take long. Now pull it slowly out, but not all the way out, of course.”

“Oh, God,” Amaya said as she began the long pull out. It was inconceivable that such a small vibrator felt so huge inside her. It felt at least a foot long. Every second she spent pulling felt like ages.

“It’s nearly out,” she said.

“Push it in, faster than before.”

She obeyed and cried out as the toy reinvaded her ass. The lube let it slide in quick, thrusting into her like a man. It knocked her forward onto the desk as her knees buckled.

“Pull it back out again,” Wesley commanded.

It slid back quicker this time. Amaya realized her ass was becoming better lubricated. The idea made her blush. She was preparing her ass to be fucked, and her ass was already becoming accustomed to it.

“Push it back in, slow this time.”

“Oh, fuck,” Amaya whispered as the vibrator pushed back in. She tried to do it slowly, but her ass was prepared for more. In fact, it felt a little too slow. Could she possibly be craving the sensation already?

A sound broke her of her thoughts. Even through the hissing and popping of the pipes, she could distinctly hear footsteps. They were getting louder and faster as someone impatiently came closer.

“Someone’s coming,” she hissed. Her first reaction was to stand up, and the vibrator in her ass painfully reminded her of its presence. She winced and then smoothed her skirt down over her ass. Sitting down, she discovered that the hard plastic chair was unforgiving on her ass. The vibrator slid deeper up into her, splitting her open and making her bite her lip in pain.

The lube was still sitting on the desk, so she covered it with her hand. She was just in time as someone walked around the corner. Amaya sneaked a peek and saw that it was a woman. The girl was scanning book titles, slowly working her way to Amaya’s position.

“Have you seen the archives for Purple Truth Monthly?” the girl asked.

Amaya turned slowly towards the girl and shook her head. She was afraid to even speak. It was a paranoid thought, but she felt that if she spoke, the girl would somehow know that Amaya had a vibrator in her ass.

“Damn it,” the girl said. She just stood there, staring at the shelves. Amaya feigned reading from her book and prayed for the girl to leave. It was nerve-wracking to have this stranger so close to her. Any minute, Amaya expected the girl to smell the lubricant, or notice how stiffly she was sitting and started screaming for the librarian. The tension made her clench involuntarily, which just tightened the grip her ass had on the vibrator.

Eventually, the girl turned around and left. Amaya let out a big sigh of air that she hadn’t realized she had been holding. She relaxed a little but not too much. She was still impaled on that vibrator, after all.

“Get back into position,” Wesley commanded.

“I’m not sure she’s left the basement,” Amaya said.

“I don’t care. Get back into position.”

Looking first to see if anyone was around, she stood back up and bent over the desk. She lifted her skirt back over her ass so she could reach the vibrator. As sensitive as she thought her ass was, actually touching the toy again sent new shockwaves through her body. She clenched her eyes as the sensations rode through her, and it was Wesley’s voice that brought her back.

“Now, Amaya, I think it’s past time you fucked your ass for me, isn’t it?”

“OK,” she said simply.

“Get a firm grip on your toy, and turn it on.”

The vibrator’s wide base had a dial on the bottom, so it was easy to reach. However, twisting the dial to the on position put pressure on the toy that only created new sensations in her ass. The pleasant vibrations added to those feelings, making her ass come alive in ways she couldn’t have ever imagined. It was so strange to her. She would have never imagined she could have experienced so many different feelings from a place she had considered dirty and off-limits.

“It’s on,” Amaya said.

“Good. Now get a firm grip and pull out,” Wesley said.

She moaned as she pulled it out, but as soon as it was out, Wesley was commanding her to push it back in. Seconds later, he was telling her to pull out again. Back and forth he ordered her, not giving her a second to recover between thrusts. With Wesley’s guidance, Amaya fucked her own ass.

What a fucking it was. The tightness of her ass focused all her thoughts on that tiny hole. The wet shirt and bra clinging to her breasts were forgotten. The aches in her legs from bending over were unimportant. Even Wesley’s instructions were forgotten and becoming second nature as the vibrator slid in and out of her ass.

The only exception was Amaya’s pussy. Neglected and left alone, her sex was aching to be touched. The vibrations from the toy teased her cunt. She wanted to use her other hand to masturbate, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her balance if she did. More importantly, Wesley hadn’t instructed her to.

“Now Amaya, let’s really fuck that ass now. Start thrusting as hard as you can, like I would.”

Just the thought of Wesley fucking her ass made her moan. She shoved the small toy into her ass, almost buckling under the force of her own hand. Pulling out was almost orgasmic as the pressure relented only briefly before increasing painfully once the toy slid back in. Amaya didn’t hold back at all. Over and over again, she rammed her tight ass, grunting and moaning with each thrust.

Wesley moaned, a small sound, but the effect on Amaya was electric. She was turning Wesley on, and that took precedent over how sore her ass was any day. It encouraged her to shove the toy in deeper, harder and faster. Her own moans mixed with his into an erotic audio feedback that prompted her to let go and moan as loudly and as often as she wanted.

Although her pussy was untouched, Amaya could feel the swell of an orgasm begin within her. It was impossible, but she had come to expect the impossible when it came to Wesley. Her hand fucked her ass faster, chasing after those stirrings of bliss rising up inside her. She didn’t care if she was too loud. A class of students could come walking by, and Amaya wouldn’t stop. She just had to come. She had to come for Wesley.

“Oh, God,” she cried as her orgasm bloomed full force within her. She fell forward onto the table as her ass clenched tightly around the vibrator. Shivers traveled all over her body, shaking every part of her from her lips to the tips of her toes. Something slid down her cheek, and she thought it was rain but when it touched her lips she realized it was a tear.

“Oh, God,” Amaya repeated.

“Interesting,” Wesley said. “It’s nice to know that when I fuck your ass myself, you might derive some pleasure from it.”

She shivered again. A pain lanced her ass, and this time she whimpered. What had felt so intimate and erotic a moment ago now felt like a painful invasion. Not even the afterglow could cover the feeling of being split apart.

“Can I remove the vibrator now?” Amaya asked.

“Yes, but go slowly,” Wesley said. “You don’t want an accident.”

She didn’t ask what kind of accident he meant. Truth was, she didn’t really want to know. For some reason, she was overcome with a deep sense of shame at what she had done. Perhaps the orgasm had satisfied whatever craving had allowed her to violate her body this way. At the same time, she couldn’t forget how aroused and excited Wesley had sounded. As much as she still hated the idea of anal sex, she knew she would do it again if he wanted.

Her ass was terribly tender. She turned the vibrator off and slowly pulled it out. Every inch was a relief. When it was finally out, Amaya whimpered gratefully. She put the toy on the desk and pulled her skirt down. The toy looked so small for all the trouble it caused her.

“Be sure to clean it thoroughly when you get back to your room,” Wesley said. “If you want to experiment with it, clean it every time.”

“OK,” she said in a daze. “My ass is so sore right now.”

Wesley laughed. “It’ll get better. Just wait till you take a real cock there.”

“For now, I want you to clean up your mess. Underneath the desk, up against the wall is a towel. Use it to clean up any lubricant you left behind. This is a library, after all.”

Amaya bent to look under the desk and winced as her sore ass protested the motion. The towel was right where he’d said it would be. She frowned as she used it to mop the desk. If she’d known it was there, she could have dried off some. Oh, well. She had a feeling Wesley wouldn’t have allowed her to, anyway.

“It’s clean,” she said.

“Good. At the end of this aisle, there’s a bright blue book on the top shelf. Inside it is an envelope. Be sure to read the note. I have enjoyed myself immensely today, Amaya. I hope you last through the next challenge.”

He hung up before she could ask him what he meant. It was just as well. He wouldn’t have told her, anyway.

She walked to the end of the shelf and saw the book he was referring to. The envelope was small this time. She worried that it wasn’t big enough to hold her money. At the same time, she wondered if he even needed to pay her any more. Would she have fucked her ass just for his approval? Most likely.

Her fears were unfounded. Inside the small envelope were twelve $100 bills. She looked in amazement at the cash. What in the world was she ever going to spend it on?

A note was included. She read it and then read it again. The words made her forget all about the pain

Dear Amaya,

It might be a while before I contact you again. That’s if I contact you at all. Use this time well. Enjoy your money and your memories.

She couldn’t believe what she had read.

Had Wesley just broken up with her?

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  3. You are an evil and cruel man.

    Larosa said it perfectly- “Wow.”

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