Jul 262006

The sound of the tailgate party was as formidable as a wall. Amaya stepped off the bus and was physically affected by how loud it was. Conflicting music played from different cars, each trying to drown out the others. People didn’t talk, they yelled, often punctuating their sentences with screams of team pride. Adding to the confusion was the roar of cars coming into the parking lot. The cars stretched as far as Amaya could see, and she wondered what the big fucking deal was anyway.

The parking lot was some sort of college Sodom and Gomorrah. It wasn’t quite eight in the morning, and people were already drinking. Cars and trucks crowded against one another, and everyone appeared to have a grill cooking. The scents of beer, sweat and charcoal washed over and overwhelmed her. The weather was brisk, but women were wearing bikinis, and men were going shirtless. How could people be in such a party mood so early in the morning?

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Amaya walked around and felt terribly overdressed. Wesley hadn’t specified any clothes so she’d dressed sensibly. A good pair of jeans and a white sweater clung to her in favorable ways, but more important, she felt snug and warm. The only overtly sexy things about her clothing were the black thong and matching lace bra she was wearing underneath.

The only request Wesley had made was for her to have a ponytail. Amaya had carefully gathered her hair back so it was perfectly smooth, and she kept redoing the ponytail any time a strand of hair escaped.

The cell phone rang, and Amaya smiled. The tailgate party might be insane, but she felt safe knowing Wesley had something planned for her. Even after all these months alone, she still trusted him.

“Hello, Amaya. It’s quite the large mess, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” she answered. A thrill ran through her. Was he watching her from somewhere in the crowd?

“I want you to walk toward the center of the parked cars, near the light pole that has the letter J on it.”

A brief walk later, she was there. “Now, look for a red van. It should be between a blue pickup truck and a white SUV.”

“I see it,” Amaya said. It was an older van, the kind with no windows on the sides or back. Growing up, her parents had warned her that those were the kinds of vans kidnappers drove. Once inside, no one could see what you were doing.

She clenched unconsciously.

“Go to the side of the van and get in,” Wesley said.

On either side of the van were guys cooking on grills, but there was no one attending to the van. Amaya had to force herself to walk and not run. She had an overwhelming feeling that Wesley was inside waiting for her. The guys by the SUV looked at her oddly when she walked up to the van, but she ignored them. She opened the side door and quickly climbed in, slamming the door behind her.

It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She sighed when she saw that there was no one inside. The back of the van had no seats, just a large cargo space. There was carpet on the floor and a small toolbox in the corner, but other than that it was empty.

“I’m in the van,” Amaya reported.

“Good. Strip and pile your clothes by the toolbox.”

Amaya swallowed. God, she hoped he wasn’t about to send her out streaking in the parking lot! She kicked off her shoes and peeled off her socks. It was chilly in the van, and she was loathe to take off her sweater but she did. Her jeans were next, followed by her bra and finally her thong. The cold made her nipples hard, but it was excitement that made her pussy wet. What did he have in store for her today?

She put her clothes by the toolbox and noticed something black was wound around the handle. It was a large blindfold. Her heart raced just looking at it.

“I’m done,” she said.

“Excellent. Do you see the blindfold?”

“Yes,” Amaya whispered.

“Pick it up, and listen carefully. When I hang up, you will do the following. You will put the phone on the toolbox and then you will get down on all fours. Next, you will crawl to the center of the van facing the back. You will put on the blindfold, and you will not take it off until you hear the phone ring. Understand?”

Oh, God. “Yes,” she said.

Wesley didn’t respond. He just hung up without another word. Well, she knew what to do. Amaya put down the phone and picked up the blindfold. She took off her glasses and put them safely on top of her clothes. She then got down on her hands and knees and crawled into position. The floor was cold, but she couldn’t figure out if she was shaking because of the cold or her arousal. The blindfold fit tightly over her eyes and she put the strap underneath her ponytail.

The sounds of the party outside continued. Music played as Amaya shivered in the cold van. Her imagination raced with scenarios. If someone opens the side door, she would be exposed to anyone who happened to look in. They would see her ass in the air and her heavy breasts dangling from her chest. The thought made her tremble, and several times, she considered retreating to the back of the van. Instead, she held her ground, keeping her position and waiting for what would come.

She heard the van door open and felt the vehicle shift as someone climbed in. The party sounds washed over her, and Amaya tensed as she imagined the entire parking lot seeing her naked body. The door slammed and she relaxed only a little. There was someone in the van with her. Was it Wesley or maybe someone from the fraternity? What would they do with her?

The toolbox opened with a squeak. Amaya held her breath as items were shifted around and someone grunted. The carpet muffled the sounds of footsteps, and Amaya gasped when she suddenly felt a hand on her breast. She sighed as the fingers teased her nipple, rubbing and twisting the sensitive nub.

Halfway through one of her moans, something metallic cinched around her nipple. She cried out and then stopped as she realized the people outside might hear her. A second piece of metal bit into her other nipple, and Amaya just groaned. Whatever was biting into her tits hurt, but it wasn’t unbearable. She bit her lip and prepared for what might happen next.

A hand touched her ass, and she had flashbacks to the last time she blindfolded herself. She had been spanked, perhaps by Wesley himself, and it had started like this. The hand cupped her buttocks, sliding over her ass and down to her thighs. A pinch here, a grope there, and the hand moved back over her ass as if trying to warm her in the cold.

The hand moved away, and Amaya stayed still. She knew what was coming. A whistling sound was the only warning before a large paddle smacked against her ass. She bit her lip to keep from crying out although her ass felt as if it had been lit on fire. Knowing it was going to happen didn’t lessen the pain any.

The unknown person grabbed her ponytail and tugged it tight. Her head was pulled back tightly and then the paddle landed on her ass again. The force of the blow made her breasts jiggle, agitating whatever cruel devices were on her nipples. Amaya whimpered and then cried out as another blow and then another landed on her ass.

She stayed on her hands and knees as the paddle relentlessly landed on her ass. The sounds of the paddle meeting her bottom echoed and reverberated in the tight van. The spankings would go from slow to so fast that she almost couldn’t stand it back down to slow again. The man hit every inch of her ass, swinging upwards to catch the bottom of her ass and spanking downwards to cover the top. Sometimes, Amaya’s knees would buckle, but the man would just tighten his grip in her hair and pull till she got back in place.

How long it went on, Amaya couldn’t say. Slow and fast, slow and fast the paddling would cycle. Her ass burned as each blow multiplied the heat that built on her skin. The grip on her hair bent her neck like a bow being drawn, never relaxing, always tightening. The metal biting of her nipples was just a minor distraction compared to the unbelievable pain of her poor ass.

When the paddling stopped, she almost didn’t notice. She couldn’t feel anything except the inferno on her bottom. Her ass throbbed. Her ponytail was released, and her head hung down with relief. A tremor ran through her arms, and Amaya feared she might collapse. The only thing that kept her up was the fear of moving. If she moved, her ass might hurt even more.

Something new hit her ass, and this time, Amaya screamed. It was much smaller, the shape of a wooden spoon ,but it hurt far worse. The area struck was smaller, but the force was the same, concentrating all the pain in a tighter area. When the second blow landed, Amaya jumped and squirmed, moving her ass back and forth as if she could shake the pain off.

This was not to be tolerated. Her hair was yanked back again, and her ass was struck once more with the spoon. The pain was too much. She let out a loud shriek, not caring who heard it out in the parking lot.

Her ponytail was released, and she was grateful for that small mercy. She heard the man move open the toolbox again, and she prayed that he was getting something gentler. The toolbox lid closed, and she heard a strange ripping sound. She felt the man brush by her as he moved in front of her. A finger lifted her face, and she expected a kiss. Instead, she felt cold duct tape stretch over her mouth.

She moaned as her head was pulled back again. The spoon smacked into her ass, and the tape muffled her scream. God, it hurt, but the unknown man didn’t seem to care. He covered her with new welts as Amaya screamed uselessly into her gag.

As the pain escalated, she clenched her eyes and hoped for it to be over. She considered covering herself or whipping off the blindfold and demanding that it stop but she couldn’t do it. After three months of being neglected, she was finally playing Wesley’s games again. It was impossible to even think about stopping them. She hadn’t suffered being alone to quit now.

Even these thoughts melted away as the spanking continued. The pain crowded out everything. At some point, Amaya started to cry, and the tears flowed like rivers once they started. The thin slices of pain that the spoon created chopped away at her fears, her insecurities and her anger at Wesley. All she could think of was her ass. She stopped thinking and lost herself in the sensations. It was as though she was entering a trance where she became nothing more than a spanked ass, a pulled ponytail and two bitten nipples.

The paddling stopped, but Amaya kept crying. It hurt so much but yet the overwhelming sensation was so good. She didn’t even notice the man’s hands reaching under to her nipples until the metal devices were released. New pain sparked through her as the blood rushed back into her nipples. She sobbed under the duct tape, and for one brief second, the pain of her ass was secondary to the pain in her sensitive tits.

She heard the toolbox close and then the door opened and slammed shut. The van shifted as the person left, and she was alone again. She was in a state of shock as well as in pain from the spanking. What had that been all about? Was it a test or was Wesley upset with her? Had she done something to deserve that? Or was this just something he enjoyed doing?

The van didn’t feel so cold anymore. She had the unbearable heat on her ass to keep her warm. Her scalp burned too from all the tugging on her ponytail. She wondered if it was still as immaculate as it was this morning. As much as she tried to obsess about her hair, it didn’t distract her from the simmering heat that was burning her bottom.

Amaya expected the phone to ring, but it didn’t. The party continued outside. If anything, it was louder. Her knees hurt from holding this position, but she stayed where she was. It was entirely possible she was being watched somehow, and after that spanking, the last thing she wanted was to do anything that might merit another.

Her ass still burned when the van door slid open again. Amaya had a brief vision of herself kneeling with her welt-covered ass exposed to the entire tailgate party. A blast of cold air from outside soothed her sore bottom before the van door closed again. From the way the van moved, Amaya realized someone had climbed in. Oh God, was it for another spanking?

She sighed in relief as she heard the sound of a zipper. Yes! Just fuck her! Amaya could handle that. Her heart raced as she heard the sound of pants being removed. She clenched in anticipation. After months of being ignored, she was finally going to get fucked! She almost purred in anticipation.

A hand gripped her waist, and she panicked. Oh Lord, please don’t touch her ass! She felt a cock between her thighs and opened her legs in relief. The man laughed with a younger voice that didn’t sound like Wesley at all. The panic returned, but her pussy was soon filled with cock. She groaned as she was filled, but her groan turned into a whimper as his thighs came in contact with her ass.

He fucked her fast, slamming her sex and constantly tapping against her sore backside. Her welts flared with new pain at being touched, but whoever was fucking her needed it too badly to slow down.

All she could do was take his cock. She hadn’t realized how badly she needed this, too, until he really started to pump. It was amazing to be fucked again, and to be blindfolded, gagged and spanked only heightened the sensations. Her body was begging to be used, and she was just starting to understand how good that could feel.

The man rode her hard and furiously. Amaya could hear the van squeak and shake as he fucked her. She knew that people outside would know they were fucking. As much as it embarrassed her, it turned her on more. Fuck those people. She was inside, and they were safely outside. She was too exhausted and turned on to be ashamed anymore.

Her orgasm built slowly, constantly hampered by the fresh pain of having her ass slapped. It was frustrating and seductive at the same time. For every step she came closer to climaxing, a hand on her bottom or the feeling of thighs against her welts would take her a step back. She felt like she was caught in a perpetual loop, dangling between a climax and the tender pain of her spanking.

The man had no such problem. He shuddered and froze as he ejaculated. The hot seed filled her but left her aching for more. She whimpered in frustration. She clenched hard around his cock as if to will him to make her climax. Instead, he just groaned and pulled out of her altogether. The sudden loss of his cock left her empty and devastated. She was so damn close!

She heard the man put his pants back on, and she couldn’t believe he was just leaving. Shameless and just wanting to climax, she wiggled her hips, hoping to lure him back. The man ignored her, and she soon heard the sound of the van door opening. The cold air rushed back in, but it didn’t chill the wet heat in her sex. When the van door slammed shut, she growled in frustration and clutched at the carpet like an angry cat.

Masturbation tempted her. All it would take would be two quick thrusts with her fingers, and she could come. Wesley hadn’t forbidden her to masturbate, but he hadn’t exactly told her to, either. Amaya whimpered. The desire between her legs was so powerful, but she wouldn’t risk his displeasure. She stayed in her position and tried to think of cold showers.

In darkness, she waited. Her knees became sore and her arms were tired, but she kept her position. The music outside helped distract her, but nothing could help the ache of her sex. Several times, she almost masturbated. In the end, it was only the fear that she was being watched that kept her hands planted on the van floor.

When the van door opened, she let out a sigh of relief. She didn’t care anymore what people might see. The need to be fucked overrode any fears she had left. The van shifted as someone climbed in, and then it shifted again as a second person climbed on board.

Her heart pounded as the guys walked around her. She could smell cologne and beer. Someone grabbed her hair and pulled her to make her sit up. She groaned under the gag as she was forced to sit on her knees. Her ass was still sore from the spanking and sitting on her ankles only inflamed her bottom. The sounds of zippers excited her, but sitting as she was, she wondered how the hell they were going to fuck her.

A hand grabbed the duct tape on her mouth and pulled it off quickly. She screamed at the stinging pain, but the sound was choked off as something hard and long was thrust into her mouth. It didn’t take Amaya long to realize that it was a cock.

She sucked it like she had never sucked before. She threw all her effort into it. Her mouth sealed over his cock, and her tongue licked every inch with adoration. It could have been Wesley, it could have been a fraternity brother, or it could have been a total stranger. She didn’t care. She just wanted to worship and suck this cock to show her appreciation.

While one guy used her mouth, the other guy played with her breasts. Her tender nipples were avoided as the rest of her breasts were teased. Little pinches covered her breasts; he squeezed every part of her heavy tits. Her moans excited the man in her mouth, and his hands tightened in her hair. Amaya felt his balls slapping against her chin, and her ignored pussy clenched endlessly.

The cock left her mouth, and her head was pulled towards another cock. This one was much larger, and she groaned as the man pushed every inch into her. He took his time until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Once there, he grabbed her ears and slowly pulled her back and then again down over his cock. His cock was so large she felt like he was trying to fuck her throat.

As she struggled with the large prick between her lips, the other man played with her breasts. He was much bolder, slapping her breasts from side to side while she was sucking cock. The slaps were gentle, but each sent a jolt straight down to her pussy. His slaps gradually grew harder, banging her breasts together with each stinging blow. Despite the increasing pain, Amaya made no effort to protect her breasts. In fact, she was fascinated to see how far they would go.

They traded her mouth back and forth like a toy. The first guy would fuck her mouth with steady strokes, and the other guy would fill her mouth slowly with his girth. Her jaw grew sore. They traded off on her breasts as well, pinching, slapping and groping them endlessly. Her tits were so sensitive, that even the slightest tap caused her to squirm and gasp.

Throughout it all, Amaya kept her hands behind her back and endured everything they gave her. She wondered who they were. She suspected they were from the fraternity, but perhaps these guys were other friends of Wesley, taking their turns with his toy. In the end, it didn’t matter. It was exciting just to be used. Amaya’s pussy was clenching constantly as she surrendered to the demands of the two strangers.

The smaller cock climaxed first. The man twisted her hair as he groaned. Amaya sucked down the splash of seed. When the salty semen was all gone, she settled for flicking the tip with her tongue.

The already-wilting cock pulled out to be replaced by the other. Aroused out of her mind, Amaya sucked down hard on the long cock. Her lips vibrated around it while her tongue stroked as fast as she could. Soon, his groans filled the van and more seed filled her mouth. Amaya’s sex clenched in frustration.

He pulled out, and she heard the sounds of pants being pulled up. A gentle push sent her back down to all fours. She stayed like that and swallowed all the cum that was in her mouth. Her body was overwhelmed with sensation but also eager for so much more.

She heard the van door slide open and then close after they jumped out. She stayed in her position with a smile on her face. Her jaw was sore, her tits were so sensitive that they felt twice as large as normal, and her knees were killing her, but it didn’t matter. All she cared about was that she had proven herself to Wesley once again. That gave her such a sense of pride that she felt like she was glowing from the inside out.

She was so horny at this point that she could barely think. At the same time, she was far past wanting to masturbate. It struck her how much she had missed these games. She had missed the excitement of not knowing what was to happen next. She had forgotten how exhilarating it was to be afraid. Most of all, she forgot how good it felt to be used purely for sex. There were no expectations, no judgments and no care in the world — nothing except being fucked.

Time flew by. Distantly, she heard the roar of the stadium and the P.A. speakers introduce the teams. Despite the start of the game, the tailgate party continued. The game itself was no reason to stop the party. The music continued, and the sound of drunken laughter never ended.

She was hungry, but it was a distant thought. Her body was too horny and sore to think about eating. She was getting thirsty, though. It was just another hardship for her to endure and she treasured her discomfort as more proof of her devotion.

The van opened and she moaned. Someone climbed in and slammed the door behind him. Her hips were swaying before she even noticed. God, she was horny.

She heard a bottle being opened and then the toolbox opening. Something was poured and then the new person walked around to Amaya’s front. Her body tensed and she swallowed. Was she going to suck this person, too?

“Are you thirsty?” Wesley asked.

Amaya started shaking. It was him! She struggled to control herself, and then she remembered his question.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Dip your head down right in front of you and drink then,” he said.

She did as he commanded. At first, she went slowly, expecting a straw or something to come to her mouth. Wesley’s hand came down on the back of her head and pushed her gently down past her elbows. Her chin hit the water first, and then she realized he had put down a bowl of water for her. Just like a dog.

“Drink,” he said. When she did, he moaned. It was a quiet sound, but it was enough to make Amaya clench very hard in response.

Knowing it turned him on, she drank deeply. It was humiliating to drink like a dog, but at the same time, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was his pet. She knew that if he wanted to collar her and tie her to a leash in his backyard, she would do it without a second thought. Compared to that, drinking out of a bowl was nothing, really.

He pulled the bowl away. Some water was dripping from Amaya’s chin, but what could she do? She stayed where she was and let the water drip.

“I’ve received a lot of compliments about you today,” Wesley said. They say you suck cock like no one else, but then, I knew that.”

Amaya moaned. She wanted nothing more than to have his cock back in her mouth. Was he going to do anything with her or was he just going to tease her?

“I’ve also heard that you take a good spanking, but then, I knew that.”

She moaned again.

“I’ve heard you didn’t complain at all. You take and take and take are hungry for more I knew that, too.”

He moved around her and slapped her ass. Amaya jumped forward, but she retained her position. It was a light slap, but on her sensitive ass it might as well have been a hard paddle blow. She clenched her ass while the burning spread through her cheeks. Her heart raced as she wondered if she could survive another spanking.

A zipper was pulled down, and Amaya bit her lip to keep from moaning. Pants fell, and the toolbox was opened. Something slippery squeaked, and she spread her thighs in anticipation. Wesley was going to fuck her; she just knew it!

He chuckled. “I like a woman who knows when to spread them,” Wesley said. “But I think you misunderstand what I intend to do.”

She stayed quiet and soon felt his hands on her hips. His cock slid along her right buttock, and she recognized the touch of lubricant. Her cheeks were pulled apart by large hands, and she felt lubricant being placed onto her anus. He put more and more on till she felt like her ass was soaked in the slippery fluid. Then she felt the tip of his cock rub against her anus.

“Oh, God,” Amaya said before she could stop herself.

Wesley only chuckled again and then he pushed. Amaya shuddered as his cock opened her anus. He was so much bigger than that tiny toy she had played with! She groaned, stopping just short of protesting as he filled her tiny hole with his girth. Her ass was being stretched much further than she’d thought was possible, yet he just kept pushing.

When he was completely inside her, Wesley paused and grabbed her hips. Amaya could feel his cock throbbing deep within her. It was sending little shock waves through her body; from the tips of her sore nipples all the way down to her constantly clenching pussy. Wesley was finally inside her, and Amaya couldn’t think of anything else.

He pulled slowly out. She felt every inch leave her body, and she mourned for its loss. When he was nearly out, Wesley paused again. Amaya was trembling. She knew what was to come, but she was helpless to do anything. He was going to fuck her ass, and it was going to be like nothing she had ever felt before. She couldn’t wait.

She screamed as he rammed his cock back into her ass. He was fast, so much faster than she was with her little toy. Before her first scream was even out, he was pulling back out to fuck her again. She screamed again as he violated her ass, but by the sixth thrust her screams were softening into moans. It hurt to be penetrated so deeply, but it was also sending waves of pleasure through her body. Even the slapping of his balls against her sex was arousing to her to the point of near orgasm.

“Clench for me,” Wesley growled. She had never heard his voice so low and primal before. It took her a second to understand what he meant, and she groaned once she knew. Amaya clenched her ass around his thrusting cock, and fresh tears sprung from her eyes as the penetration intensified.

“Good,” he growled.

Her pussy clenched at the sound of his compliment.

He reached for her ponytail and pulled hard. She had thought that the earlier guy had pulled hard, but now she knew that he had been gentle in comparison. Wesley pulled just as hard as he fucked. It was as if he was trying to pull her harder back onto his cock. Amaya began to rise from her kneeling position, but Wesley slapped the side of her ass as soon as she started. He wanted her just like this, on all fours with her head back and her ass being pummeled.

The ass fucking continued, and Amaya lost all sense of identity or time. She doubted she could remember her own name at that point. The cock constantly rammed into her anus. The tension on her hair never relaxed or relented in its constant tug on her scalp. All the exhaustion that she was enduring was paved over by the relentless invasion of her ass. The sounds of the tailgating and the game were replaced by the sounds of her ass banging against Wesley. She stopped thinking about Wesley. She stopped thinking about herself. All she was aware of was being fucked. It must be what heaven was like.

Wesley leaned forward, bending over on top of her body. Amaya’s arms shook as the extra weight pressed down on her. The glorious fucking of her ass had stopped, although she could feel him throbbing still deep inside her.

“Fall down,” Wesley commanded, his voice still a deep growl.

She did as he commanded. Her weary arms gave out, and she collapsed face down onto the van floor. Wesley fell down right on top of her, covering her with his warm body. Hitting the floor caused the cock in her ass to jolt. When she moaned, Wesley’s mouth bit down on her shoulder, the teeth pinching a large grip of flesh. She writhed as the wonderful shudders ran through her.

He resumed fucking her ass. Amaya moaned as he drilled her into the ground. Her breasts were crushed against the harsh carpet, but she didn’t care. His hands were planted on her elbows, pinning her to the ground as he supported his weight. She couldn’t move an inch, but there was no other place she would rather be.

Trapped between the cold van floor and the heat of Wesley’s body, Amaya felt her orgasm swell. The ass fucking alternated between painful and pleasurable, but that wasn’t what was driving her sex. What was turning her on was the proximity of Wesley’s mouth, breathing hot and fast on her neck. She could hear his desire, his excitement and all of his cravings in the short desperate gasps. It was the closest she had ever come to hearing him lose control, and it was gratifying to know he was about to lose control in her.

Wesley growled and then roared as he ejaculated. Amaya groaned while this new sensation flooded her ass. It was unbearably hot but also unbelievably sexy. It triggered her own orgasm, making her thrash against the floor. Wesley stayed on top of her and bit new places on her neck and shoulders while she lost herself in her pleasure.

When they could both breathe again, Wesley pulled out of her and crawled off her body. Amaya cried out when his thick cock left her ass, but she moaned at the loss of it all the same. Every nerve in her body was exhausted, but she didn’t want it to end just yet. She had been ridden like an animal. She had been fucked harder than ever before. She had been scared, hurt and horny all at the same time. It couldn’t end now.

Amaya didn’t know what Wesley was doing, but she did remember what he had commanded all those years ago this morning. Her knees and elbows ached as she rose back to all fours. It took all her strength to support herself on her arms. She could feel Wesley’s cum shift inside her ass, and a trickle was staring to fall down her leg. Amaya concentrated on that trickle to anchor herself back to reality.

The van started, and she cried out in surprise. She said nothing, though, as the van moved and the sounds of the tailgate were left far behind. The vibrations of the van constantly shook her, hastening the dribble of cum out of her ass. Some of the turns threatened to make her lose her balance, but Amaya took it as a point of pride to stay in position. She wasn’t going to blow an awesome day like this by screwing up in the end.

Questions ran through her mind during the drive. Where was he taking her? Was he setting up her for another, even harder challenge? Perhaps he was going to drop her butt-naked on some deserted road? Or was he going to take her to another group of guys who would do whatever they wanted? The worse idea that occurred to her was that maybe he was just taking her home and that her adventure was over for the day.

The van stopped. Amaya heard the driver’s door open and close. She waited and tried to calm her rapidly beating heart. This was it. What would happen now?

The phone rang. It rang a second time before she realized it was her phone. She took off her blindfold and crawled towards the ringing phone. It was much darker than before, and a quick glance out the front window told her she was in some sort of garage.

She answered the phone.

“You did very well, Amaya,” Wesley said.

“Thank you,” she said. Those two words couldn’t begin to express how much his approval meant to her.

“You have a choice today,” he said. “Your first option is to put your clothes back on, get out of the van and go to the street. You can wait there while I call a cab for you to take you back to your dorm.”

Amaya whimpered and said nothing.

“Or you can get out of the van, as naked as you are right now. You will walk to the door that connects to my house. You will walk in and come to the sound of my voice. You will do this if you desire to live with me.”

She couldn’t say anything at first. It was as if the wind had been stolen from her. Luckily, Wesley kept talking.

“You have to understand that if you join me, I still expect you to go to school. Everyone needs an education. However, every waking moment of your free time is mine. You will wear what I tell you to wear, endure what I tell you to suffer and fuck whomever I command you to fuck.

“You’ve graduated, Amaya, the first out of dozens of girls to come this far. Thousands of dollars I have spent on so many girls, but you are the only one that I find worthy of owning. All the college connections I have made, all of the arrangements I have made, have come to this. I have nothing left to test you with. If you want to be mine, then come to me.”

He hung up.

She put down the phone and sat there in the van. This was it. There could be no turning back now. Wesley wanted her, and if his tests were any indication, living with him would be a constant trial of her limits. She also remembered the test of neglect and how it was very possible that she would go through weeks of being ignored. What would it be like to be fucked by him and then put aside again? Could she endure that?

She also thought about all the arrangements he hadn’t even mentioned. What was she expected to tell her parents? Would Wesley give her a room to live in, or was she going to be chained to his bed all night? For that matter, was he even single? What if he were married? There was so much they hadn’t talked about and yet she was expected to make a life-changing decision right here in the van.

Amaya stood up. She reached for her glasses and put them on. Her knees had rug burns, but she ignored them. It took her a couple of deep breaths to come to a decision. In the end, she realized what she was doing. She was stalling.

She thought about how much she had changed. She couldn’t go back to being a normal girl. She wanted to be a slut. She wanted to be owned and controlled. She knew that now that she had started, she would never be able to stop. But was she ready for a life that would never be simple again?

The van door was harder to slide from the inside. Amaya climbed out of the van, and her bare feet hit the cold pavement. She shivered as she walked to the door, but soon, she was shaking out of sheer fear and excitement. Her hand wrapped around the doorknob, and she put on her best smile.

She walked into the house and began her service to her first dom.

The end.

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    Thank you for one of the most erotic stories/series/quests that I have ever read, and I read fast and I read a lot. In some ways, it reminded me of my days at college.

    I’m hoping in the future we’ll receive an epilogue to follow up with Amaya and Wesley.

  2. Thank you.
    I found this ao arousing and interesting.

  3. Matt- I am not sure about an epilogue though I am giving serious thought to a story about Wesley’s fraternity.

    Madame X- Thank you for reading :)

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  6. M- To me that line signifies that Amaya’s life has taken a turning point. if she stays with Wesley forever and ever, great. If he dies, she’ll move on. If he’s a dick, she’ll move on. To me it was important to show that at the end of this long story, Amaya had made the decision that no matter what happens next, she’ll be a submissive.

    Larosa- Pride is something a lot of people have been hammering into me of late :) I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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    I was, however, very worried about it having gone terrible when the fraternity was introduced… it removed some of what made her special, by stating that there are so many others.
    But the rest of it… certainly very nicely done.

  10. red velvet- Thanks :)

    Secret Dom- I have to say I feel a loss too. I feel a little like I’ve had a breakup.

    Jaenelle- :)

    Ueuecotyl- There are others, but none had succeeded. I see Wesley as a terribly demanding man who tosses his failed subs to the fraternity. maybe :)

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    Good work Shon.
    So sorry it is over.

    proofreader me:
    What exactly does this mean?
    “she was forced to sit on her knees”

  18. Olive- Thank you very much. As for what Wesley and Amaya do now, I am often conflicted. Depending on the day of the week, I see him testing her constantly while on other days I wonder if they live in quiet domestic bliss now that the challenges are over.

    “she was forced to sit on her knees” sit back with her ankles under ass? At least I think that’s what I meant :)

  19. Shon, I’ve been reading this marvellous story over the past few weeks, and have just now gotten to the end of it.

    I loved Amaya’s journey, and the identified with many of the trials she went through. Not to mention got off on them!

    Fantastic writing, and an excellent final chapter – just perfect.

    xx Dee

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    By all means, continue writing such fanciful stories, as I am sure I am not the only one that has enjoyed them so vastly.

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