Jul 242006

I do the laundry in the house. Yes ladies, I write sex and I do laundry. You can see why I’m already married.

The thing is I may not be married for much longer. My wife bought this shirt that she couldn’t find in stores so she had to order it online. It’s beautiful. It looks great on her. It’s also hand wash and I put it in the washer. It’s just as pretty, but now it’s half the size.

So, is there some domestic Goddess secret to curing shrinkage? Can I restore this shirt to it’s glorious original size? Do you have a couch I can sleep on for the six to eight weeks it’ll take to order a new one?

  10 Responses to “Cure For Shrinkage”

  1. Hun there is no way out of this. Order another shirt, run like hell & come have my couch. :)

  2. Whatever you do, DON’T tell her that it’s the same size it’s always been and that she must have put on a bit of weight.

    If you do that, you’ll need more than a couch.


  3. What’s shrunk can’t be unshrunk.

  4. I once threw one (and not the other!) of SexyWife’s hand-knit (from her hand-spun yarn) socks into the wash.

    We had a full sized adult sock and a bootie. Thankfully she didn’t kill me, but now she is a lot more careful about what gets thrown into a laundry pile.

  5. Send the shirt to me then RUN!

  6. Madame X, I already had dibs on the shirt!

  7. Oooh ooooh does this mean Shon gets spanked?

    Dramatic shrinkage like that can’t be fixed, but it may be worth a trip to the dry cleaner, just to see if they can try anything.

  8. I suggest you order another one. That’s the only way out of this predicament. Flowers wouldn’t hurt either…


  9. Order it in every color it comes in. :)

  10. Order another one, or two, if possible. In any case… Fess Up.

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