Jul 072006

Subject- Pirates of the MOTHERFUCKIN Caribbean- Deadman’s AWESOME Chest

Feeling- Arrrggg!

Favorite Part- “Actually, you only need six people to crew the ship. Oh bugger.”

Least Favorite Part- Some gross bits in the beginning that never happen again. Makes me wonder what that bit was for.

Egotistical Observation Because I Fancy Myself a Writer- The black female pirate who gives Jack so much shit in the first movie isn’t around at all, which dissappoints me because I thought one female pirate cast member would have given his crew a more bohemian appearance.

Did I Want to Plunder and Swordfight afterwards- Aye!

Was There A Last Scene At The End Of The Credits- Yes, and it’s worth it.

Final Thought- Sea monsters, cannibals, witches, betrayal, returning characters, audacious stunts, a three man swordfight, superb exposition and equal parts humor and terror. Cripes, why can’t all movies be this full of goodness?

And Pirate Week has officially started here at Erotiterrorist!

  7 Responses to “Afterglow Movie Review- PoTC Deadman’s chest”

  1. Ooooh,..I just wanna see Johnny,….arrrr!

  2. There is plenty of Johnny to see in this time around.

  3. I might have to wait until next week to see it (blasted paychecks never come in often enough).

  4. Also, I hope that the crowd will have died down…

  5. The crowds were nasty yet well behaved. No plank walking at the midnight show we saw.

  6. Too bad Pirates don’t wear glasses.

  7. Oh man! I had to pee so bad I didn’t stay for the end of the credits. Ugh! Okay, it was okay. I just wanted it to end different, that’s all.

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