Jun 262006

Every couple hundred weeks or so, the stars align and cosmic forces work together to give me a mind blowing weekend that makes me wonder if it even happened. It would take me a week to blog it all and another month to process how it has inspired me or changed how I view things. The hardest part is that I am not terribly sure it happened at all. Some of it just seems too outlandish.

I mean, did Confederate soldiers really get together at Stone Mountain to defend a water park from Union forces?

Did I really sit in hot Georgia weather onboard a train to listen to a group of plucky college kids lip sync every freaking song that ever had the word train in it?

Did I really see a giant carving of Confederate generals on the side of a granite mountain?

Hmm, at least I have a photograph for that.

Did I really kick my wife’s ass in miniature Stone Mountain golf? Why does a Civil War site have miniature golf?

Did my wife really give me a blowjob while I watched ‘Seven Samurai’?

And could the blowjob be half as awesome as I remember it?

Did the restaurant we went to with Possible Spanking Friend really have nude paintings of aliens? That seems too bohemian even for Atlanta.

Was those Rice Balls the best damn rice balls I had ever have?

Was Possible Spanking Friend telling the truth when she said she had never been to a sex store before? And did we go to two to break that virginity and shop for a butt plug for her?

And did we really spend over two hours at one store talking to a vampire professional Domme about spanking, identity issues, parallel universes and H.P. Lovecraft?

Did I really say, ‘I love you’ to the Domme when she mentioned H.P. Lovecraft?

Was the rain Saturday Night as apocalyptic and violent as I remember it?

Did I really spend an hour or two trying out different knots on Possible Spanking Friend’s wrists?

Did Sam really destroy my brand new silk rope within three minutes of opening it? Freaking cat claws.

Did I really grab Possible Spanking Friend by the hair and hand spank her ass? Does this mean she needs a new alias? I like Sara.

Did eat spelt bread and actually enjoy it?

Did we really watch that many episodes of ‘While You Were Out’?

Did my wife really ask me in the grocery store why I never grab her ass in public?

Have I never done that before?

Did I re-write chapter 11 of Cell Phone slave in one three hour sitting?

Was it half as good as I think it was.

Did I really manage to get the soundtracks to both ‘Kung-Fu Hustle’ and ‘Shaolin Soccer’?

See, I’m still not sure all that really happened.

  13 Responses to “Weekend Hallucinations”

  1. Wow… sounds like a great and screwball weekend, if even half of it did happen.

  2. make that even if only half of it did happen.

  3. re: trips to adult stores. My first one was due to a friend finding out that I had never gone “shoppies” and I found out she had never seen a porno movie. So we had to go and fix each other’s problems… :)

    And Lovecraft rocks… ever read Dunnsany?

  4. I liked Dunnsany a lot. My wife actually is the bigger fan.

    I’m still in shock over the weekend.

  5. I wish I could have weekends that involved spanking and knot tieing and porno stores

    *sigh* Maybe someday

  6. Did I really just read through the entire lame ass post?

    Did I believe any of it was true?

    Am I thinking that I might have actually eaten at that naked alien place once? Sounds very familiar.

    Will I ever know the answers to these questions?

  7. Mandy- Shoot for next weekend :)

    Art- I consulted the Errotiterrorist 8-ball and sources say ‘Yes’.

  8. What’s that white stuff that looks like it was spilled and is running down the side of that big rock?

    *Looks at Shon suspisciously*


  9. DC- I like to think the white stuff is the shame of an entire state that the best they coould come up with when they had an entire mountain as a canvas was beating the dead horse of Civil War glory.

  10. I got nuttin’

  11. That does sound like a fun weekend. Sorry to hear about your rope though.

  12. Madame X- That’s true, you got A-cups :)

    Rope girl-It was devastating to me, but you know, Cat vs Rope, cat will always win.

  13. The obvious answer is to make cat INTO rope. Spin moulted fluff into yarn, twist yarn into twine, twine into rope. It may take awhile, but the cat will probably be too amused to tear it apart. And what a conversation piece…

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