Jun 052006

Hey there perverts! This is Skippy, Dungeon Master to Shon Richards’ Harem. I’m in charge of keeping all the slut toys he has in line. I’m an expert Lego-Bondage master from Sweden, so don’t give me any lip!

Shon told me to tell his readers that he is really busy today. Shon says he is banging a hot redhead and writing a small novella about a slut for seven brothers, but I think that’s bullshit. If you ask me, he’s most likely masturbating and eating a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies again. Don’t worry though, I’m sure he’ll find some way to make a story about it and you’ll be reading some lame cookie slut story tomorrow.

I’ll be minding the blog today so leave a comment if you need some hardcore action figure domination. In the meantime, I’m going to spank the shit out of Pirate Barbie.

  11 Responses to “Skippy, Dungeon Master”

  1. Skippy you tell shon that for some reason his comments are being bastards and it wouldn’t let me comment on his secret geek sunday post.

    Also, if he wants to prove he is banging that red head…I want pictures, full color prints. As for action figure domination I think I have a bondage teddy around here for you Skippy if I find her I’ll send her right over.


  2. Comments are a bitch today but Skippy will beat some asses and get it taken care of.

    Send me your bondage teddy slut, Vixxxen. I’ll have her sucking my six centimeters in no time.

    As for Shon sharing any of his x-rated pictures, don’t count on it. He takes a sacred vow to never share the pictures he takes of his lovers. He’s a pussy that way. If it were me, I’d have t-shirts printed.

  3. *snorts* and with that response I just got the best image of a t-shirt print. Skippy and my bondage bear printed up in an x-rated position on a tee.

    Oh and Skippy be sure to tell Shon when I was trying to commment on his other post that I loved his secret geek sunday post.


  4. Skippy here, hacking shon’s blogger identity or something. I don’t know, I’m a Dungeon Master, not a nerd.

    Vixxxen, Shon would be thrilled that you liked his Secret geek sunday post as he is a geek. At 84 pages, he doubts anyone is going to read Hero of Delightia in one sitting much less two. I think he’s planning to reads yours today in between cookie bakings.

  5. Hey Skippy you slut,

    Tell Shon to get off his ass and read my new post.

    And if he complains about my attitude, tell him to show up and fix it himself.

    Nyah nyah *waggles fingers in her ears*

  6. Choosy mothers choose Jif, Skippy. Could you ask Shon to pass the cookies, please? And don’t get peanut butter on Barbie. She’s allergic to nuts.

  7. Skippy here again. You bloggers know how to keep man busy.

    Wrygirl, Shon told me that he would read your post today but you’re too damn sexy and it would make his redhead jealous. I’m sure he’ll get to you tonight once the cookies are done baking.

    Oh, and he plans to fix your attitude himself. I saw him waving a spatula in what he considers a sexual manner, the cooking nerd.

    Damnation, that’s funny; Barbie didn’t seem allergic to my nuts. Oh, and choosy mothers pick Skippy if they don’t want their nipples twisted into a figure-four Swedish death knot.

    Oh, and Shon passes the cookies but if I was him, I’d demand BJ’s or spankings. God, he is such a dork.

  8. What’s up, Skippy? You’re doing a great job minding the place.

    Redhead and cookies? Wow, lucky Shon!

  9. Hey Green eyes. Thanks for the compliment, you will be spared the paddle. Or will you get extra? Ha! I am such a mind fucker.

    yeah, shon’s lucky but I am the one banging his Wonder Woman figure and hos three Betty Page figures. Go Skippy!

  10. Well Skippy you skank, seems Shon visited me after all. And he liked it.

    Bite me, he-whore.

  11. Skippy here, well yeah Shon visited you. The damn idiot doesn’t know how to tease and make a woman beg. He’s always checking out stuff and reading things. The little bitch should make women come to him. Damn it, I give up on him.

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