Jun 252006

Through my crystal ball, I watched brave Viona take the lead. She walked purposefully down the dark corridor, and she never showed doubt. Not for a moment. Her companions were less courageous, but they were bolstered by Viona’s confidence. Although they faced me, the dread wizard Zandark, they had complete faith that Viona would once again defeat me and save the poor enslaved villagers.

Those idiots had no idea.

I turned my focus from her followers to the warrior-heroine herself. I loved how her gold breastplate glowed. Even in the shadows, it caught all possible light and illuminated the curves of her bountiful breasts. Her thighs were bare, covered only by a leather skirt that allowed her to kick and leap with agility. She held her legendary Moon Sword with a solid grip that caused my cock to twitch as I remembered how tight that grip could be. Her long black hair was tied back and flew behind her as she moved. I was mesmerized by the streaks of white shimmering in the faint light.

The bards have an explanation for the new white streaks that always appear after brave Viona battles me. They say the white appears because of the fresh horrors she sees in my Dark Towers. They say it is because no man or woman can face me and emerge unchanged. The truth is much darker. If the bards knew the secret of Viona’s white streaks, it would change both of our legends forever.

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My desire for Viona grew as I watched her step carefully down the hall. Her perfect calves were encased in thigh-high leather boots. I have always had a weakness for those boots.

It was time to weed out her group for our “final” battle.

The floor gave out under the thief, Pibbons. He fell into my Mirror Maze where, for fun, three Dire Tigers began stalking him. Can the cunning thief survive this ultimate test of escape? I have faith in the sneaky bastard.

A cursed mirror sucked in the soul of her Elven companion, Galana. The Elven princess will remain a statue while her soul battles the will of a trapped Sphinx for supremacy in the mirror. The battle will be purely mental and most likely involve some riddles, but Galana is assured victory. She might even escape in under five hours.

A special fate awaited the chivalrous Macan of the Blue Shield. The ass. He had been courting Viona for five years, following her from one adventure to another, always treating her with kindness, deference and tenderness. The fool dreamed of marrying her. Didn’t he realize by now that Viona lived a life of adventure because she liked danger? What kind of excitement could a dull, safe man like him give her?

The Harpies captured Macan while he was crossing one of the chasms that fill my Dark Towers. Hopefully, after spending a few hours with those lewd “ladies,” he might learn something. If nothing else, they’ll smudge his armor.

Viona was now alone, but I had one more challenge for her before I allowed her into my sanctum. She had to cross the Chamber of Fire Elementals. These raging demons, composed entirely of flame, were no match for the Moon Sword; they weren’t meant to harm her. I just wanted her to sweat hard for a good ten minutes before she faced me: Viona always looked her best when she was covered in a sheen of perspiration.

With a heroic effort, she finally broke into my sanctum. She was breathing hard, and the flames raged behind her. Her breastplate was heaving from her exertions, and her black hair was free from its ponytail and lay wet against her head. Her blue eyes glared at me.

“What have you done to my friends?” she demanded, pointing her sword at me.

“Now, Viona, have I ever harmed your loyal companions?” I replied as I rose from my throne.

She didn’t answer. I liked to think the sight of my body held her in stunned silence as my robe fell from my broad shoulders to reveal my naked form. Muscles rippled along my arms and chest as I strode towards her. I stroked my black goatee as I approached, knowing her eyes were focused on my cruel yet sensuous lips. My manhood swung between my legs, and I discovered that I was wrong about her eyes. They weren’t looking at my face at all.

“You’re already naked?” she snorted. “Presuming a lot, aren’t we?”

I snapped my fingers. The tame Tentacle Beast responded instantly. Coils of iron-hard tentacles reached down and grabbed Viona’s wrists and ankles. She roared in anger as she was lifted from the ground. Suspended in the air before me, she struggled briefly, but it was no use. Even her mighty biceps couldn’t break that grip.

“Zandark!” she screamed. “Release me now!”

I grabbed the Moon Sword telekinetically, being careful not to touch the mystic edge even by thought. The sword dropped to the ground a safe distance away. Only then did I come close enough to touch Viona.

“It’s been a long time,” I said as ran my clawed fingers down her sweaty bicep.

“You said you’d be in Lansdale,” Viona accused.

“I wanted to have some time to enjoy myself before you came and destroyed another one of my Dark Towers,” I countered. My fingernails moved up her arm and to her face. Her lips trembled as I ran a claw over her bottom lip.

“What did they give you when you defeated me last time?” I asked.

She took a moment to answer because she was enjoying the feel of my claw on her cheek. “I was given a thousand pieces of gold by the King, and Macan was granted a new device for his heraldry.”

My fingers went to her hair and clenched. “Don’t mention his name when we are together,” I warned her.

She winced as I pulled her hair, then smiled. “Jealous again?”

“Always,” I said, and then I kissed her.

Kissing a warrior is never simple. Her tongue battled mine. Her lips devoured my mouth as much mine devoured hers. We warred to taste each other, and when our mouths finally broke free, she was as breathless as I.

“The things you make me do,” I whispered. I snagged a finger under the collar of her breastplate and uttered a single Word of Power. With a simple motion, my finger tore through the gold steel, slitting her breastplate down to her belly. Her undershirt I disintegrated with another Word until her naked breasts were hanging free in all their glory.

“You bastard!” Viona growled, true anger on her face. “These breastplates cost a fortune!”

I chuckled and grabbed one of her hanging tits. She moaned as my claws sunk into her soft flesh. My hand kneaded her breast as her nipple became flushed and hard. A white-streaked hank of hair fell on her face and stuck to her wet check.

I was reaching for her other breast when I noticed a tiny mark by her nipple. My magic sight peered at the strange blemish and I realized it was a White Ward! My claws grasped the nipple I was groping, and I pinched her harshly till she cried out.

“A White Ward?” I accused her. “If I had touched it, I would have burst into flames!”

Viona smiled. “Thus ending your reign of evil forever.”

The bitch always had to fight it. That might be why I love her. Using an arcane gesture, I banished the White Ward from her breast. Once she was purified, I claimed my reward, leaning down to suck her nipple into my mouth. The sweat of her flesh tasted wonderful, and the moans that accompanied the actions of my tongue made me forget the treachery of the Ward. I bit her breasts gently with my fangs until she was writhing against the tentacles in lust.

“Any other surprises I should know about?” I asked her.

“No,” she gasped. Her breasts were glowing red from my attentions.

I walked behind her and snapped my fingers. Another tentacle reached down and wrapped around Viona’s waist. It pulled her so that her ass was level with her head. The Tentacle Beast also pulled her legs apart. He was a well-trained monster.

Removing Viona’s leather skirt, I was amused to see her wearing another chastity belt. A simple spell turned the metal into mist. Her buttocks clenched as the cold mist settled on her skin. I was delighted to see that she had shaved so that her sex was as bare and smooth as her thighs. That’s my heroine slut.

I kissed her ass. Some heroes might be surprised to discover that I, Zandark, had kissed the ass of Viona but I didn’t mind. She had a delightful ass. And how many of those heroes had kissed her ass metaphorically and would give their soul to do it literally?

“Turn her over,” I commanded, and the Tentacle Beast obeyed. Viona growled with rage as the tentacles manipulated her suspended body. She was more enraged by her new position. The warrior was facing me now. Her arms were held straight up, and her legs were spread wide and lewdly for my enjoyment. Worse, she was now facing me.

“This is much better,” I sneered. I ran my claws up her belly and groped a sore breast. Her blue eyes flashed at mine. She was deliberately trying to ignore my cock although it was just inches away from her sex.

“I want to see the love on your face when I fuck you,” I told her.

She spit at me. “I have no love for you,” she said defiantly.

I wiped the spit from my chest and rubbed it on my cock. “That’s true,” I admitted. “You have much less noble reasons for letting me do this.”

My claws went to her cleft and parted her lips. She hissed as my claws ran up and down the inside of her sex. Her powerful thighs clenched and pulled against the tentacles but it was useless. I kissed her lovely boots as my fingers toyed with her.

“Zandark,” Viona moaned. My claws found her clitoris, and I began gently rolling it. She had seen these claws slit stone, but she knew how careful I would be with her. Her face flushed with excitement.

“You’re already soaking my claws,” I told her. I raised one finger to my lips and sucked her desire. “You’ve been teased enough, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” she said huskily.

“Want me to quit taunting you and just fuck you?” I asked. I laid my cheek against her boot-covered calf. The smell of her sweat mixed with leather enflamed me.

“Please,” Viona asked.

“Say it,” I demanded.

The proud warrior-heroine swallowed and frowned, but her hard nipples betrayed her vanity. It’s hard to look indignant when your lips are quivering with need. She knew the rules, and she always came back to play. If I ever relented, I knew she might kill me.

“Fuck me, please,” Viona the Brave said.

“Again,” I snarled as I stroked my cock.

“Fuck me with your cock,” Viona the Fearless asked me.

I slapped my cock against her lips hard enough to sting us both. “Again!”

“Fuck me like I’m your bitch!” she snarled. “Fuck me like a slut! Fuck me like your whore! Just fuck me hard, asshole!”

I pushed into her, and we moaned in unison. Her sex was a Fire Elemental unto itself. My cock slipped into her lips and sunk down to my balls.

It made losing another Dark Tower seem a small price to pay.

“Finally!” she growled with satisfaction. She tossed her head back and hung loosely in the tentacles as I fucked her. The mighty warrior was just a woman as I pumped her sex. Only in my power could she let go of herself enough to be pleasured.

My arm wrapped around a leather calf as I fucked her. With my other arm, I grabbed a bouncing breast and squeezed. Her nipple was trapped between my closing fingers, and she screamed with pleasure as my claws gently raked her bosom. My cock rammed her hanging sex, and I watched the sweat fly from her body. She was as beautiful in surrender as she was in battle.

Her leather boot began to unravel as my claws sank into it. With a growl, I tore her boot off and turned to bite her bulging calf. Viona cried out as my mouth clamped onto her sweaty skin. I continued to fuck her, and I could feel the muscle of her leg tense under my teeth with each thrust.

“Harder, Zandark!” the shameless heroine begged. “Claim me!”

I claimed her. With unrelenting thrusts, I claimed my prize. My cock made her mine. Her begging screams were my title of ownership. As she hung from the ceiling impaled on my manhood, Viona climaxed with a glorious wail of release.

The wails rose and fell as she rode her other climaxes. Sometimes she would pull against her bonds as her orgasm became too powerful to handle, and other times she would hang limply as the orgasm stripped her of strength. Regardless, I continued to fuck her with my superhuman endurance until the warrior-heroine begged me to stop.

“Zandark, I can’t take any more,” she moaned.

“You can finish me in other ways,” I chuckled. I pulled my cock free and marveled at how slick and shiny it was. A snap of my fingers moved her into her final position. She squealed like a fresh bride as the tentacles turned back over onto her stomach and brought her head down to my cock.

“Yes!” she said lustily before my cock entered her mouth. My hands grabbed her white-streaked black hair and pulled her head down to my crotch. Viona moaned, and her lips and throat vibrated around my cock.

Up and down I pulled her head over my cock, and she faithfully kept her lips wrapped tight around me. The tongue that had commanded armies licked the veins of my masculinity. She grunted as I roughly fucked her mouth, and her gasps only increased my passion.

My cock exploded between her lips and filled her mouth with my seed. I quickly pulled her head off me and stroked myself. Viona clenched her eyes and smiled as pumped my seed onto her face. Flying streams of white coated her face and hair as I roared with pleasure.

Few people know that the seed of a wizard marks whatever it touches.

“Dark Gods of Helkos!” I whispered when I was finally done.

“Bright Gods of Paratin,” Viona agreed.

“I could take you with me,” I offered as the tentacles dropped her lightly to the ground. “There are lands we could go to that have never heard of Viona the White or Zandark the Cruel.”

Viona laughed as she slowly crawled over to the Moon Sword. “And be your wench forever at your beck and call in another Dark Tower? I don’t think so.”

“Would it be so bad?” I asked. “I could summon plenty of nasty things for you to fight.”

She was almost to her sword. “There’s more to life than just killing things. There’s helping people. There’s also the thrill of adventure.”

I waved it off. “We could rule the world together. Isn’t that enough adventure for you?”

Viona picked up her sword. “I might have fallen for you,” she said a little sadly. “But I haven’t fallen that far.”

That was when she spun around and threw the Moon Sword. The deadly blessed touch of that mystic weapon could slay me with a nick. Fortunately, I was already beginning to fade into the Ether.

“Yet,” I said before my dimensional shift was complete.

I didn’t hear her answer.

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  2. Oh wow…. my games didn’t/don’t end up like that either!

  3. Mandy and Jaenelle- My games don’t end like this either, but I think they should :)

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