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Some of my first erotica that I wrote was when I was 14 or so. I wrote sexy stories where I imagined myself in endless situations where I got laid. being a fantasy and science fiction geek, I wasn’t content to just write stories about fucking my sexy neighbor. I really let my imagination loose and wrote stories about me leading armies of brave knights on behalf of a Queen who fucked me silly and as a reward, would often grant me slave girls that I would also fuck.

Welcome to the mind of a teenager.

Anyhoo, as I grew older, I lost interest in fantasy erotica. Once I started actually getting laid, I wanted to read and write stories I could relate to. I still wrote some fantasy and science fiction but they were rooted in the real world with a subtle twist. I could write about kinky ghosts in a modern house but I had no interest in writing of Elves, Demons or Mermaids.

Then I discovered pulp adventure from the 30’s and 40’s. Most fantasy fiction today is written to mimic Tolkien and in doing so, it spends way too much time trying to create a believable society and world. Tolkien’s gift was that he made you believe his world could possibly exist. The problem was he sucked a lot of imagination out of the genre.

The 30’s and 40’s pulp adventure tales had no such trouble. Unfettered by physics, evolution or common sense, these rousing tales cut loose and created stories that hit people in their base levels. John Carter, Civil War hero, goes to Mars and fight green four-armed Martians and wins a beautiful human-copulating-capable Princess. Conan teams up with a white Pirate Queen to lead a band of black savages against foul snake worshippers. Tarzan teaches himself to speak English just from reading a book! He then goes on to win a beautiful sophisticated English girl and becomes a proper Lord who can still speak to Gorillas. Logic has no place in these stories because the more important factor is to let the imagination and the libido run rampant.

That is why I wrote the quasi-epic ‘Hero of Delightia’. It was an attempt of a thirty year old writer to tell a tale that the fourteen year old writer would have gobbled up. It has adventure, it has endless sex and it pokes gentle fun at the fantasy cliches of youth. Most importantly, I really tried to cut my imagination lose and create a world closer to Willy Wonka’s factory than Tolkien’s meticulous mapping skill.

Hero of Delightia is too long to post here, so here’s the first bit and if you wish to continue the journey, go here Hero of Delightia

****EDIT- There are some weird formatting issues going on with a three year old Word file and Blogger, so I’ll not be posting the first pages here. You’ll have to sample it at Hero of Delightia for yourself. Hrrrrm. *****

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  1. I can’t wait to come back and read the whole story when I’m not at work :)

  2. Kristen- At 84 pages, that might be a good idea.

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