Jun 192006

I have notebooks. I can’t help it. I haven’t been in school in years but I still have little spiral notebooks cluttering up the place. I have four sitting by my computer right now.

Some of them are for role-playing games. I need to plot my adventures in advance before I scare/kill/amuse my friends with adventures. And since I end up making 50% of it up anyway when my players don’t follow the damn script, I need the notebooks to write down the shit I’m making up on the fly.

One notebook is for writing. It’s where I jot down outlines for my longer stories. I also write down brilliant ideas as they occur to me. Sadly, a lot of these brilliant ideas are too brilliant to be contained by my laconic note taking system. For example, I have written down-

“BDSM Boot camp held for one week for newbie subs.”

Okay, that’s a good note. A year later I’m going to know what that means. However, what the fuck does this mean?

“Boobs as books”

Umm, I don’t know either.

Lastly I have a special kind of notebook I haven’t actually had in far too long. That’s my little purple notebook I keep for a submissive that I am dominating. I start a new notebook for each sub. I keep track of all the things they respond to, all the things they hate and other notes. Yes, I keep a notebook for my love life.

What fascinates me about these little purple notebooks is that I have never seen a BDSM advice book recommend one. They always tell the submissive to keep a journal so that the dom can read their private thoughts at any moment but somehow the dom gets out of the paperwork. That’s just silly. The submissive can act as a secretary but I need to keep track of stuff she’ll never know. Like the fact that she always scratches her nose when she is lying. Or the fact that she keeps looking at the Barnes and Noble guy like she is going to eat him one day. This is stuff I need to know and use, and I’m not going to remember it a week later because frequent spankings and blowjobs kill the long term memory.

The other big reason I keep one is that I sometimes go mad with dom power. I might rattle off a dozen demands and expect them done by the end of the day. Then at the end of that day I have this nagging feeling I asked for stuff, but I am not 100% sure what it is. At least with a notebook, I can jot those down and check them off when they are done. Yay, record keeping!

I am the nerdiest dom ever.

  18 Responses to “Little Purple Book”

  1. You are the Martha of doms, you crafty bastard.

  2. Lmao…that’s actually a wonderful idea. So many people make it out as the submissive doing all the work but in actuality, I think the dom tends to work much more than the sub. It makes perfect sense to keep a notebook to keep track of everything.


  3. Some readers might wonder if you currently have a purple notebook next to your computer …

  4. Mandy- keep snickering :)

    Wrygirl- Next time I’ll show you how to color coordinate your canes.

    Rey- Thank you Rey, I am glad someone understands my notebook fetish.

    Editor- Actually, I need to go buy some, all I have are red notebooks.

  5. Agree to stencil my ass and we’ve got a deal.

  6. Hey! Bow before Zod gets me 100 points! Superman’s coming out soon. Sheesh. You keep a D&D notebook and I loose points, go figure! :)

  7. Shon,

    Believe me, I know – Geeks make the best freaks.


  8. Damn I’m supposed to have a journal?

    Please don’t tell anyone else that! I’m NOT a journal writer!

  9. Geeks rock!

    also – I need notes for just about everything,..I never thought of a sexual notebook before but now you mention it – its a fab idea!

  10. Girls like a man with skills, you know.

  11. wrygirl- Deal :)

    Art- What’s sad is I remember now that the line is KNEEL before Zod. I think I am the bigger nerd lol You get your points back.

    Bonnie- I think I am adding that line to my signature :)

    Lara- That’s not true, you do a thousand words every other day :P

    Tragic- Just remember, sexual aid notebook= Hot. Sexual Aid Spreadsheet= Scary.

    Damnation= Thanks :) I have mad skillz.

  12. However, what the fuck does this mean? “Boobs as books.” Umm, I don’t know either.

    *raising hand excitedly*

    I do! I do!



  13. Have you been watching me in Barnes and Noble again? How’d you know I have the hots for that dude?


  14. Ok… I so have to tell my fiance about this one…

  15. OMG I love this post, you don’t know just how much, as a prolific note maker, scribbler, writer of “brilliant” ideas I can relate to your notebook keeping. Sometimes I think what will people think when I’m dead and gone and they need to clear my stuff… :)

    Thanks for the giggle,


  16. DC- I should let you read my notes more often :)

    AAG- I think it was the way you scream his name out during normal non-sex conversations.

    Jaenelle- Go one better and buy him a notebook.

    Ell- Just imagine the fighting over who gets to keep your erotic notebooks.

  17. Seems like Franklin Covey is missing a market! I can see it on the web site now–“Planners for Geeky Doms”! How about “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Spankers”?

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