Jun 012006

This may surprise you but I am awful with rope. As much as I love BDSM, I am much more into the mental aspects than I am into the actual bondage. I like to make the submissive hold a position, or I give them a task like holding something up while I do terrible things to them.

My last submissive spoiled me though. She had a bag of shackles, chains and all sorts of things I had thought I didn’t need. I was so wrong. Once you actually have a person’s hands tied behind their back, you really start to get the imagination flowing. Every time I restrained her, I found something new to do.

That submissive is with other people now and she took all her toys with her. I have started to build my own collection but it can get expensive. Rope however is not. Cost wasn’t the only factor. There is a little bit of machismo involved. I mean, if I tell a stranger that I have been interested in BDSM since I was a teenager, that person expects me to be able to hogtie a cheerleader and have her ready for punishment in five minutes. And you know, I don’t think that is too much to ask.

The first thing I discovered is how hard it is to find good tutorials for knots. I often find pictures of the end knot, but that is like looking at one of those spaghetti mazes where you are supposed to follow a line to the lost puppy. If any body knows of a website that does, please tell me.

The second thing I discovered was that I really needed some idea of what to do with the knots once I could do them. For that I found Erotic Bondage Handbook. Over half the book is safety tips and other basic things you should know about BDSM. A lot of that was second nature to me but the safety details for rope were invaluable. He teaches how to buy rope, which knots to use and several ways to tie your lover that I sadly have not gotten a chance to try yet.

He recommends starting with your thigh so here we go. I doubt I will be using this rope in actual play but I do love the purple. I’m not sure what someone would do to me with my thigh secured but I’m sure some of you can think of a few ideas.

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. thinking thinking thinking.

    Seems we had the same idea this week.

    What a pair.

  2. interesting. the purple is nice. happy HNT

  3. you and I may have to get together and compare notes ;)

    Happy HNT!

  4. Oooh, sounds fun! HHNT ;)

  5. Maybe not one thigh secured but two. Well, then you’re talking.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  6. OooOOOooOO Pretty!
    And the rope’s nice too!

  7. Midori. You can’t go wrong with the rope goddess herself. Really.

  8. I do love purple…I do, I do…

    Have you tried a good boy scout website? Aren’t they famous for their knots? I used to date a boy scout…he was good at so *many* things…*sigh*

  9. Happy HNT!!!!

  10. I’d be tempted to truss up both your thighs like then, and then pull them far far apart.


  11. Wrygirl- We reaally need to collaborate sometime :)

    Lime- Thanks :)

    Lily- Anytime Lily, Rope is such a mystery to me.

    Crimson- It is :)

    Suze- two thighs is next week :)

    Madame X- lol, thanks.

    Mad- Links, girl, links. I am not nearly as experienced as you :)

    Becca- You are a freaking genuis, I think I will.

    Kristen- Happy HNT to you :)

    AAG- Like you need rope to part my thighs :)

  12. I am terrible at tying knots…..and unable to do it with ropes either…


  13. HHNT from “the” MG!

  14. There are videos on knot-tying as well.

  15. Happy HNT!!

  16. BKS- Nice to know there are fellow non-knot tyers :)

    Dazed- What’s funny is I guessed you as the MG when they said crafts and before lasso of truth :)

    Leesa- You are my new favorite stranger in the whole wide world. Thank you bunches :)

    Mike- Thanks :)

  17. That’s an interesting picture. Lots of fun could be had with that rope!

  18. tying, oh my….the places my mind is going…..mmmmm…..HHNT!

  19. I was going to suggest the Boy Scouts, but Becca beat me to it!

    Love that purple rope!

  20. Oooh,..purple is my fave colour! HHN!

  21. Kick ass! HHNT!

  22. Horny Couple-Thanks, I’m still trying to work out the fun part.

    Sunny Delight- Mmm, thanks :)

    Green Eyes- Thanks, when I buy rope to use, I’m bringing that rope with me to compare. Love that color.

    Tragic- lol, Thanks, you too.

  23. hmmm,

    been awhile since I’ve had fun with rope.

    Happy HNT

  24. You’ve probably already visited this site, but just in case…Twisted Monk.

    There are also some Shibari tutorials on-line that are kinda fun! Just for grins, we did a corset we found on one.

    Great picture, really knotty. No one else said it so I had too! Happy HNT!

  25. Me again…here’s the tutorial I wrote of in my last comment. Enjoy!

  26. Miss Lissa- Happy HNT to you too :)

    Ceeci- Thank you so much for the links. Shibari intimidates me but I have to say the tutorial makes it look worth trying. Thanks :)

  27. Well, yes, I have a few ideas in mind of what I could do with the purple rope.

    …Purple is my favorite color

  28. You kinky people! At least that rope appears to be nylon and not that scratchy yellow stuff they used to use. Yeah, I know, it’s supposed to be painful . . .

  29. Party Girl- Purple has been a lifetime favorite color. It just means sex to me :)

    Cherrie- lol, egads, I want the paddle to hurt, not the rope burns :)

  30. hmm another interesting info to try…HHNT!
    thanks for the comment. i’ll go for the real one ;)

  31. I LOVE ROPE!!!


  32. Rain Maiden- We are all about the learning here :)

    Bellarosa- I did my first wristcuff today, so I’m starting to love it too.

  33. Love the purple.

    Belated HHNT!

  34. Mexcianchickonline- Thanks :)

  35. Love the purple and my mind is racing with things that could be done with that rope. Happy late HNT!

  36. Purple is sure different,but why not..it’s great. http://www.bdsmlibrary.com may have some links in there, they have pretty much everything.

    happy belated hnt..I’m like a late little mouse, but better late than never I reckon :)

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  40. Here is a great site for learning rope bondage/shibari. great demos of HOW TO TIE

    Juliet Heart, Rope^Goddess

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