Jun 222006

That’s no bed, that’s my couch.

When my wife and I moved to Atlanta, we left a lot of our furniture behind. It was too expensive to pack it all and we had planned to buy all new cool furniture once we got here. The problem is that getting here cost us a fortune and we went into debt doing it. Factor in a car wreck, a blown knee and other setbacks and you end up an apartment that looks a lot like a college freshman’s room.

We had two beds because being poly people, you need two beds. We turned the queen size into the living room couch. It works pretty well. Throw in two bean bags and you get into almost any position to watch television. Well, and do other things.

What fascinates me most about having a bed for a couch is how our guests use it. Some of the most wild carefree people in Atlanta will sit on it like it actually is a couch. They will sit up straight and you can see their toes point down as they try to touch the ground. On the other hand, the most judgmental stuffy person I met in Atlanta sprawled out on the couch and kept dangling her shoes from her foot. Every time she shifted it was some new sexy pose. Something about a bed just relaxes certain people.

That’s my other cat, Sam. To him the couch is just another kingdom in his domain.

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  1. Nothing like a pretty pussy next to you on the couch!

  2. that’s a really interesting observation about people’s reactions. you do look comfy. i’d be sprawling. HHNT

  3. Liking the backside pose! Plenty of room on your ‘couch,’ isn’t there?

  4. I’m sure I’d be a kick-backer– it just looks so comfy & relaxing.

    Happy HNT!

  5. Very interesting..I like this idea ;) HHNT!

  6. Shit are you wearing glasses? Yum yum yum.

  7. A bed as a couch, oh yeah, it’s automatic relaxation. I’d be instantly relaxed. Here where I am, well..within the Greek community (relatives, friends) I’d often do the family ‘visit’ thing and well, it’s embarrassing to say but it’s true anyway, families would have two living rooms, a formal one (with lounge suites that were way too pristine for comfort) and the ordinary living room for non VIP’s (the usual family lol) and it would still be uncomfortable. What made me laugh was the VIP thing, like they’d be entertaining a President/Queen/Oil Sheikh or someone.

    Nice shorts!!!!


  8. Oh yeah, I’d be horizontal in about 30 seconds. And keep the glasses on….I like them.

  9. Sweet!!!

    I had a boyfriend once who said screw the living room couch all together and simply put a couch in his bedroom, right behind the mattress on the floor. His only tv was on top of his dresser. Everyone just came in and hung out in the bedroom until he kicked us out.

    Oh, and btw, men in glasses are hot. :)

    Happy HNT!!!

  10. Lovely snuggly image and I love the gratuitous pussy shot.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  11. Reminds me of my best friends and their “entertainment center”

    Whereas most people have a tv/vcr/dvd/stereo set up across from their couch/loveseat, they had a day bed.

    It was extra seating for roleplaying (Ars Magica at the time), crash space for random friends and people who needed a place to stay for a few weeks…

    And sometimes the “entertainment center” description wasn’t a joke.


    The things people sometimes end up doing after a roleplaying game session.

  12. AAG-Very comfy :)

    Madame X- The couch invites all pussies to join it.

    Lime- Sprawl away :)

    Green Eyes- Lots and lots of room. Got four people on it once.

    Cinders-Kick back, we;re very relaxed :)

    Crimson- Thanks :)

    Wrygirl- why yes, yes I am.

    Anastacia- I know! That’s very common here too. Who are these very important people that need to sit on a couch that’s been covered in plastic? And thanks for the shorts comment :)

    Tess- The glasses stay on :)

    Rey- lol, get the couch out of the living room. I like the idea. And thanks for the glasses=hot :)

    Suze- Pussy shot was just for you :)

    Jaenelle- Yep, our couch doubles as a rpg center too. Beds are better gaming places I have found.

  13. A couch that doubles as a bed? Way to cut out the middleman!!! Impressive!!!


  14. you look comfortable on the couch/bed. the cat on it…nah, never liked pussy myself. :P


  15. I plan to someday have one of those big bunk beds in my living room (double bed underneath, single on top). And a trampoline!

  16. Full Body Shot

    Ow Ow!


  17. *sigh* I guess that’s all for today from you

  18. Becca- Thanks We’re always thinking here. :)

    Polt- Comfort is what we do :)

    M- Trampolines are next year :)

    Mandy- Thought you might like that :)

    Wrygirl- Yep, work has slowed down my comment managing. Bastards.

  19. Ok Shon, how do you do the “Whole Post” link? I’ve been looking around the help files, and they *aren’t* helping. I just posted my own story that is a bit long.

  20. It looks so cozy & nice! HHNT!

  21. Jaenelle- I found out how at http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=898
    I’d suggest saving your template before doing any mucking around. Keep in mind that I am pretty html ignorant and I was able to do it after a few tries. Good luck :)

    Tragic- Thanks, happy HNT to you too :)

  22. Very cozy indeed… do you have room for another pussy in there…hee hee
    Happy HNT!!!
    Take a peek at my HNT

  23. Scooch over, make room for me, ok?
    Happy HNT!

  24. Great blog. :) Happy HNT. nice photo..

  25. Naughty K- We always have room for more pussies. We just really love cats :)

    Lee Ann- Making room now :)

    Padme- Thanks, happy HNT to you too :)

  26. Haha!
    Your picture matches mine!!
    You and Sam looks like you’re having a good time relaxing there on the couch/bed. ^_~

    Happy (B-lated) HNT!

  27. Shay- Dirty minds are certainly thinking alike here :)

    Girlfriend- Thanks :)

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