Jun 152006

Have I mentioned that this week sucks? I’m sure I have. In fact, I bet I have mentioned it every post, e-mail and IM chat this week. If you have talked with me, I am really sorry for being an utter killjoy. Being a week behind, rebuilding a computer and staying on top of new work has turned fun loving erotiterrorist Shon Richards into total Whiney-Bitch Shon.

One of things I decided to sacrifice was Half-Nekkid Thursday. I just didn’t have time. I didn’t have an idea, or the software set up for that matter. I was actually giddy about the idea of skipping a day of blogging just for the wild crazy free time I would have. All of what, ten minutes?

So yesterday I was working hard and building the worse headache. I was working on a remote server when I was alerted by the server owner that they were going down for thirty minutes. Fuckers. I have work to do! I don’t have time for a break.

Hey wait, a break.

I had a killer headache so I got a warm cloth and went into the bedroom. The curtains were closed, the room was dark and I laid down and tried to relax. The cloth is over my eyes because if I don’t, I’ll start looking around the room and will find a book to read.

I thought soothing thoughts.

I got horny.

Sigh. It is a Richards family secret that orgasms cure headaches in my family. I shit you not, I got it from my sister who was told by mom who was told by grandma. My sister told me this and we had our first adult moment of Too-Much-Information but the theory is sound and true. So I decided to tend to myself.

For headache purposes mind you.

I left the washcloth on because damn it, I have a headache. I was doing my thing when it occurred to me, that I had a fucking HNT picture.


So here is my weekly contribution. I am biting my lip right before my orgasm and I have to say it’s my favorite. I like to think that if the government ever came looking for me and I go into the great Erotic Underground to hide, that this will be the mug picture they use for me.

  30 Responses to “Half-Nekkid Thursday Mug Shot”

  1. Oohps! that was supposed to say “relieve”. :)

  2. You’re under arrest!

    Happy HNT.

  3. Love this idea :) HHNT!

  4. OMG … take that washcloth off and that is one view I’d love! Me on top :)


  5. That’s a sexy pic! I’ll have to test that theory out, too!

  6. Suze-Not sure about the wanking, but the climax helped :)

    Horny couple- Ack! :)

    Crimson- Thanks :)

    Bellarosa- I think I’d like that too :)

    Green Eyes- Test it out for Science!

  7. Oh hell YES they do!! They cure headaches, cramps, stress, fatigue, depression, and even minor acne…

    (Ok, so maybe *not*, but DAMN they feel good!)

    That picture…well let’s just say it’s a part of the cure as well ;)


  8. The lip biting… wow. Megasexy.

    Excellent headache prevention method, too ;)

  9. Oh damn…that’s hot.


  10. Did you want any help? Wink wink…Happy HNT

  11. as a migraine sufferer i can vouch for this only thing is i have to be able to lay back and receive and do no work at all. just relax into it. oh well. and yeah, that lip bite is delicious. happy HNT

  12. Wanking was the cause of my scariest headache to date.

    Need me to apply that cold compress?

    Happy HNT, Shonny.

  13. Damn that is one very sexy picture. Nice stubble too.


    I’m not avoiding you, really. My computer has been dead all week. It sucks.

  14. Becca- If that was true, I’d never have a pimple in high school lol

    Robynb-Thanks :)

    Madame X- I love sighs :)

    Sassy- All help is greatly appreciated :)

    Lime- Next time I want to recieve and not return, i am so blaming a migraine :)

    Tess- Apply babe, apply :)

    AAG- Thanks :) I haven’t felt avoided nearly as much as I have felt like a downer to those who do grab a hold of me.

  15. Ooooh Mr. Shon do you need more ice chips? Let’s fluff those pillows there. Nurse sees you’re all dirty — you need a sponge bath!

  16. Oh now that is a great HNT….. sometimes what you don’t see… but is hinted at…. Mmmm yes very nice Shon xxx

  17. God that is Sexy.

    Wish those teeth were bitting something else ;)

  18. as a migraine sufferer…I say thank God for orgasms…. I hope it gets better for you

  19. I will have to try this theory out next time instead of reaching for the Panadol. Happy HNT!

  20. it IS the best best best cure for a headache…some days i even look forward to headaches ;0

  21. rrrrrr….that’s hot


  22. AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!
    Happy HNT!

  23. wrygirl- cough, cough. sponge bath please :)

    Scarlet- Thank you. I shoot for that most of the time so its nice when I actually succeed.

    Mandy- I bite what is available :)

    caronfire- Thanks, today was pretty headache free :)

    sexy duet- test it for the good of us all :)

    Sunny delight- More testimonials :)

    Black girl- Thanks :)

    lee ann- Thanks :)

  24. Biting the lip is hot.


  25. Crazy boy :) Hope your head is better, orgasm helps almost everything although I have actually given myself slight headaches from very powerful climaxes. It’s a great photo.


  26. Very nice. Very nice, indeed.

    Orgasms also cure, backaches, stress, and neck pain.

    Although, one has to be careful not to throw out their neck when having mutiple orgasms.

  27. MG- Thanks, I thought so too :)

    Ell- Behold the power of orgasms :)

    Party Girl- lol, no threat of a multiple here :)

  28. Headache…I’ve got to remember that one the next time I get busted masturbating. :)

    HHNT!!! (a little late)


  29. Hey! That’s what I do when I can’t get rid of a headache too!
    Also, when I really need a nap but can’t settle down. ^_~

    Happy (b-lated) HNT!

  30. Rey – It also cures boredom :)

    Shay- I so use it as a nap aid :)

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