Jun 082006

This was supposed to be a picture about me writing at my desk but it was close to bedtime and my cat Emma came by to let me know she was tired. So let’s talk about Emma instead.

Years ago my wife wanted a cat. She went to the cat lady’s place and brought back two kittens, which was one more than I wanted. One of the cats was a brave orange male and the other was a timid runt female. The timid runt female went under a table and stay there, hiding her head and shaking.

I took some food and placed it on the floor and sat there by the food. I then babbled for about two hours to the little runt. She eventually overcame her fear and slowly came over to the food. I reached out to pet her and she ran back under the table.

We did this back and forth for another two hours till her starving kitten body came back to the food and tolerated my petting while she ate. For the next two weeks we played this game of me making her come to me for food and me never chasing her when she ran away.

Now close to ten years later, Emma is the most loving pet I have ever had. She is still skittish and doesn’t like people as a whole, but she comes to bed every night for half an hour to say good night, and she’ll wait outside the bathroom door every morning when I wake up. She’ll jump in my lap, she’ll headbutt me if my face is close enough and she will lick my arm clean if she thinks I have gotten dirty. Emma will brave a room full of strangers just to get two stroking pets from me and then she’ll run back to under the bed.

In some way, I have taken the same approach to girlfriends and submissives. I don’t chase. I don’t push and I don’t aggressively pursue people when I am interested in them. I let them know that I care and when they come to me, I do my best to show my affection but when they duck back under the bed, I don’t go after them. I understand that other people have fears and I just wait for them to trust me enough to come back. Considering that I am currently sub-less, this strategy might not be working.

Oh well. I still have Emma. I can be cranky, sarcastic and short tempered and Emma will still come by to rub against my leg. She’s unconditional that way, and I treat people the same way. People have bad moods and sometimes outright hostile moods. If I love them, I still love them no matter what they did just now. I learned that from Emma.

  26 Responses to “Half Nekked Thursday Unconditional Love Edition”

  1. That is sweet. I like the pic.

    Happy HNT!

  2. Happy HNT to Emma.

  3. Awwww…this was a grat post! :) ANd great legs..hehe

    HHNT :)

  4. Happy HNT!!!!!

  5. Hmmm, I am begining to understand that being a submissive is all about free will, isn’t it?
    Thanks for the insight and that’s a nice pussy you’ve got there!

  6. I think I have a crush on your cat love.

  7. Lovely image, I love scardey cats.

    Happy HNT both of you ;)

  8. Emma sounds perfect for my Sylvie (he’s not into people that much, except for us that is).

    I tried to do a ‘writing on the bed’ hnt, but that didn’t work (my cat decided to sprawl on the bed).

    Nice leg!

  9. Great HNT shot, Shon!

  10. Pud- Thanks :)

    Andre- lol, she’s sleeping but I am sure she would appreciate it.

    Chelle- I actually have color so I have to agree about the legs.

    Kristen- Happy HNT to you too.

    Madame X- it’s all about getting your arm licked whenever the sub thinks you need it :)

    Wrygirl- That is the definition of cute

    Suze- I think what I like about scaredy cats is when they spend time with you, you know it’s a very concious choice.

    Anastacia- lol, Yeah, readin in bed is impossible. That’s just a headbutt invitation

    Green Eyes- Thanks :)

  11. Very sweet story. Nice HNT too! HHNT ;)

  12. What a sweet little face and a great post…you’re so right, chasing love is futile, it comes to you in its own time. Happy HNT Shon and Ms. Emma!

  13. If I were close enough, I’d volunteer to be your submissive kitty.

    Nice pic and great legs.

  14. Cute kitty – beautiful stories/thoughts. I hope Emma and you havea great day:)

  15. AAG volunteering to be submissive, omg!

    Just me you, baby, that’s good enough for me (with a tad of manscaping, ha).

    I do love to tease you.

    And Emma is so damn sweet.

  16. Crimson- Thanks :)

    Ceeci- Sadly love seems to walk off and go across the treet sometimes and not come back :)

    AAG- awwww. I’d let you have your own water bowl too. Thanks :)

    Marylindrew- Thanks :) I will if Blogger quits acting up

    Tess- Emma is sweet, unless you forget to feed her. Then it’s gentle bites to the back of the knee.

  17. Shon,

    Awww…nice post and pic…I miss having an indoor kitty.

    Happy HNT!!


  18. I like this photo, despite the cat. can’t stand em. But the arm and leg were enjoyable to look at! :P


  19. Aww. Sweet kitty. No pussy jokes here.

  20. awww..how sweet. cute too

    HHNT!a day late:)

  21. What a lovely post…almost missed the words zooming through to catch up on the pictures…glad I took a few minutes to read the story behind it…

    HHNT to you AND emma :D

  22. What a lucky cat Emma is to have you. Happy HNT!!

  23. The fact that anyone made a comment yesterday while Blogger was acting up impresses me. You are my heroes!

    Rey- Cats are the reason for living indoors, get one today!

    Polt- Thanks :)Two out of three ain’t bad.

    Damnations- lol and I thank you for that.

    Blackgirl-Thanks, it wouldn’t have let you posted yesterday anyway :)

    Becca- Thanks for reading. My idea of a caption is a 3 part series.

    Leigh- Thank you very much :)

  24. This is my first visit and first comment. Like Emma I’ll just slide around your leg and then scurry away. I’ll be back when I have more courage.

  25. Pets and unconditional love is such a heart warming thing.
    They lay next to you when you don’t feel well, either physically or emotionally.
    They always want to play.
    They just want to be loved and petted, don’t we all?

    Great post.

  26. whoami929- Come back any time :)

    Partygirl- Best of all, they never care what time of day it is when you wake them up to play with.

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