Jun 292006

It was the week before the 4th grade started. As far as I was concerned, the most horrible thing that ever happened to me was happening now. I was getting glasses. Even as a small child I knew that glasses meant I was a nerd and something to be picked on. I loved going to school but for the first time I was dreading it. I was a semi popular kid. I had friends. My young mind knew that I could not have these things with glasses.

The 4th grade started and most of my predictions were right. I was always a smart kid, but now I was the smart kid with glasses, which made me Encyclopedia Brown now. I didn’t really like sports except dodge ball and freeze tag but now I was the kid with glasses who sucked at sports. Teachers treated me differently which was really weird. They treated me as fragile and smart which just fucked with me more.

The only thing that saved me was Kimberly. She was a plucky tomboy just as smart as me and a wee bit tougher but man, she adored me and I adored her. She picked me and stuck by me all school year long. We were as much a couple as fourth graders can be and though we never kissed, we didn’t have to. Sharing her ice cream was more than enough.

So that’s why I never looked at my glasses as a drawback. I got my first girlfriend AFTER I got glasses. Yeah I know I was only 10 but these things matter to a guy. Glasses are just a part of me now and quite frankly, I think they still make me look a smidge smart than I am.

In a weird way, glasses have become my fetish. I relate to people with glasses and make the false assumption that they are smarter than they are too. Glasses on any woman make them look better in mind. I have had submissives who on glasses only for reading and when they really want me to ravish them, they know to wear their glasses. I am that easy when it comes to glasses.

So here’s a picture of my glasses. They help me read. They help me do just about anything cause I am blind without them. They also make me look sexier and for that alone, they get their own HNT.

  20 Responses to “Half Nekked Thursday Glasses”

  1. i wear contacts but occaisionally my glasses. my son has had glasses from kindergarten. he surprised me one day when he saw me in mine…mommy, you look so pretty in glasses. wear them more often. sweet kid.

    i like your specs. i’d like to see them on you even more. great story. HHNT

  2. We all need to do a Specs HNT!

  3. This is cool ;) HHNT!

  4. And here I’ve lost my glasses and haven’t had the time to get a new pair…

    I should get a new pair. I mainly had them for computer work and that’s what I do all day.

    Also for women, wearing glasses can hint at that repressed school marm/librarian that most men just have to muss up.

  5. oh and HHNT ;)

  6. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever have the pleasure of being spanked by you.

  7. I already told you men in glasses are hot. I wear glasses, but only when I’m driving. I’m entirely too shy to let anyone else see me with them on.

    Happy HNT!!!


  8. Now I really know that I am a geek. I used to wear fake glsases in elementary school cause I thought they were cool.

  9. Hmmmm…and I wear glasses……hehe

    That is a great story. I think it is true…some people do assume that you are smarter when you wear glasses. Though my husband does like to do the librarian thing when I wear mine….lol

    Great post….HHNT :)

  10. Glasses add that air of mystery … hiding and revealing at once.

    I got mine in third grade. They didn’t help my love life, sadly. But you could say they help now, as I have to wear them to cyber!

  11. Lime- Thanks :) We’ll have to see about having them on :)

    madame X- lol, I would not be able to climax again for a week.

    Crimson- Thanks :)

    Jaenelle- A gal without glasses is like a vibrator without glasses. Get some soon :)

    AAG- Yes you should :)

    Rey- Release your glasses wearing spirit. At least long enough for one picture :)

    Mandy- Geek :)

    Chelle- I can just see you as the librarian type now :)

    M- lol glasses are the lube of cyber

  12. Shon, you got me there for a moment. I clicked the image and no picture of you. :(

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  13. If I call you four-eyes do I get to be punished?

    I was the loserest of the losers. Any wonder we misfits are the hottest writers now?

  14. Suze- Sorry about that. It’s all glasses today

    Wrygirl- Only if you really want to :)

  15. Some have told me that glasses are hot,..when I was a kid I got hell about’em too but if not for them – I’d walk into walls & have panic attacks everywhere. Geekness is cool now babe – rejoice & enjoy it! HHNT!

  16. I always hated glasses too. That’s why I got Lasik eye surgery. It rocks!

    Happy HNT!

  17. Glasses are sexy Shon. ;) That is a whole part of being a kinky geek you know. Great idea and wonderful post.


  18. I got my glasses in high school. I hated wearing them and could get by without them. Now I really need them but still wont wear them. Maybe if I wore them for you, you could change my mind! Happy HNT
    Ms SD

  19. Tragic- It does blow my mind how now Geeks get all the action. Maybe it’s because we really appreciate it.

    Pud- Good grief, you let them shoot lasers into your eyes? You can still wear sunglasses, right? :)

    Vixxxen- Kinky geeks unite!

    Ms. SD- If you have any love for a total stranger who writes a blog, you’d wear your glasses for me. You’d wear them and be really really hot.

  20. I love my glasses too, I feel like they make me look smarter and more comfortable. ^_^

    Happy (b-lated) HNT!

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