Jun 182006

***Note- This was posted a few years back but I think you will like it*****

“Maybe we should stop.”

“Your ass is too tight for me to stop.”

A laugh. “Maybe your cock is too big.”

“It’s too late to stop now. It was too late when I first pulled your underwear down.”

“God, I just feel so wrong. What if Carl finds out?”

“That’s nothing. Imagine Denise’s reaction. She already hates having a stepmother who’s only fifteen years older than she is.”

“She hates me?”

“Don’t all daddy’s girls feel that way?”

“Oh! Do that again.”

“This twisting thing?”

“Oh! Yes! That!”

A chuckle. “I can’t believe Carl has never taken your ass. I remember looking at your behind at the wedding and wondering if he knew what to do with it.”

A laugh. “He hates you, you know.”

“He hates me? I thought he liked me. He was so nice to me last Thanksgiving. Why would he hate me?”

“Don’t all men hate the guy who fucks their daughter?”

A smile. “True, but I’ll bet he hates the son-in-law who fucks his wife even more.”

“Then let’s really give him something to hate.”

“Is that your way of saying I should go faster?”

A gasp. “Yes.”

“Like this?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Can Carl go this fast?”

“Never! Oh, God, I wish he would!”

“I’m glad he doesn’t, or else I wouldn’t be here to do this.”

A whimper. “Fuck! Does Denise like that, too?”

A grunt. “Denise refuses to try.”

A moan.

A climax.

Another climax.

And yet another climax.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have done this.”

“Well, at least not on Father’s Day.”

  10 Responses to “Fiction: Maybe”

  1. Took me awhile to figure out who was fucking who.

    Teehee…. I liked it

  2. Haha…that is so naughty. Nice post.


  3. Oh you are baaaaad.

    But so am I since it made me hot.

  4. Mandy- Thanks :)

    Vixxxen- Very naughty. Thanks :)

    Wrygirl- lol, glad to hear :)

  5. Well, there’s a way to celebrate Father’s Day! lol

  6. I can’t figure out who the fuck is who…I Sucked at it on the SAT’s too.
    You know…your mother’s uncle’s son’s brother is your sister’s…?

  7. Green eyes- some holidays I like less than others :)

    Madame x- Your Mother’s uncle’s son’s brother is your sister’s uncle. :)

  8. This turned me on sooo much.

  9. Your Mother’s Uncle’s Brother’s Son could also be your sister’s second cousin.

  10. mr. Gently- Thanks :)

    Mandy- That anwser would also be accepted :)

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