Jun 062006

It was a great platonic date. Heidi had come over to my house and we had a nice dinner with great conversation as bookends. Other than a hug when she appeared at my door, I had been the perfect gentlemen. Well, the topics of conversation hadn’t been exactly chaste. In the hours that we talked, I had told her about my experiences at a dungeon in Virginia, and she had explained to me that CIM stood for ‘come in mouth’.

Now some people, and Heidi for that matter, must have wondered why our date was so devoid of sex. After all, we had cybered like robot bunnies for about a month and this past Saturday we had our first phone sex. When we are not face to face, we indulge in outlandish sexual encounters that just happen to be non-physical. She is used to me calling her a slut and a slave, while I am used to hearing her call me a sadist and a dom. Why wouldn’t we just continue those affairs when we are face to face?

The answer is pretty simple. As much as a couple may let go of their inhibitions when they are not looking at one another, it takes a much larger degree of trust to let go and allow someone to spank or fuck you. This was only our second encounter in person and I didn’t think we as a couple were at that stage yet. I think it was driving Heidi nuts, but I have learned to stick with my gut.

But I did have a relationship appetizer in mind.

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“Would you like some cookies?” I asked her. “I’ll have to bake them, but it’ll only take eleven minutes.”

“Sure,” Heidi said. “Need any help?”

“Actually, I do.”

We went into the kitchen. I got out the baking pan while Heidi opened the package and started separating the dough. It was quite the domestic scene until I slid the pan into the oven and set the timer. Heidi turned to leave the kitchen but I tapped her on the arm.

“Place your hands on the cabinets above the stove and bend forward.”

Heidi’s face went through an interesting series of events. First came shock, followed by comprehension and melting into excitement. She stood up straighter and did as I asked. Her hands held onto the cabinet knobs as she lowered her torso over the oven. Long red hair fell in a crimson sheet around her face.

I stepped behind her and reached around her waist. Heidi groaned as I pulled her towards me; her buttocks pressed against the bulge within my pants. I unbuttoned her pants and let them slide down to her knees. Between her legs I could see the cookies baking through the oven window. Yummy.

Even more yummy was the panties Heidi had decided to wear. It was a purple thong, something she knew I had a weakness for. She had worn panties for sex on our platonic date. That made me smile. I decided to leave them on her.

I ran my hand over her ass and squeezed. My other hand picked up a plastic spatula with very wickedly wide slots. The cold spatula touched her ass lightly but Heidi jumped all the same.

“It’s freezing,” she said.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll heat up fast.”

I started with a dozen light taps, just enough to get her attention. The heat radiated off the oven but Heidi was more concerned with the heat I would be adding to her ass. I gave her another light dozen smacks evenly on both buttocks before picking up the pace to a slightly less light dozen and ramping up to a serious half dozen smacks of a punishing quality.

Heidi was squirming so I had to steady her. I placed my hand on her hip whenever she swayed too much. I’d much rather hold her hair in a tight fist or maybe reach under and grab a tit and keep her place with painful squeezes of her breast, but I resisted. This was a platonic date after all.

The timer ticked off the seconds till the cookies were done and I kept my own sort of time as I spanked Heidi with the spatula. The slots left interesting marks on her bottom and I tried to decorate as much of her ass as I could. I’m afraid this might have been pretty painful for the bent over Heidi but she never asked me to stop. She did moan, squeal and whimper a little but I like to think she was keeping time in her own little way too.

Whack, whack,whack went the spatula.

Tick, tock, tick, tock went the clock.

“Ow, mmm, aaaah!” went Heidi.


“Cookies are done,” I said.

“Please,” Heidi moaned.


“Fuck me, make me suck you, do whatever you want,” she said.

I thought about it.

“Cookies are done,” I repeated.

  12 Responses to “Fiction: Cookies”

  1. Cookies over sex?


    You are a cruel cruel man, Mr. Richards.

  2. Shon, you tease. Why not have both and you can provide the milk. ;)

  3. I’m with AAD! So not nice!

  4. AAG- A cruel cruel man who also gives people freshly baked cookies. I’m so evil.

    Suze- Because then it wouldn’t be teasing :)

    Green Eyes- Thank you ;)

  5. I’d like to see you hold out for 11 minutes, Shon. If you can.

  6. Damn it!
    I’d never be able to make that choice if ever given to me…fuck, suck or freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

  7. Tess- I’ll bring the timer :)

    Madame X- chocolate chip cookies that melt when you pull them apart. I’m geting vapors just thinking about it.

  8. Cookies? COOKIES? Only worth it if you eat them from her twat.

  9. Wrygirl- Tollhouse cookies. Checkmate.

    Though if I was offered an ass to spank or cookies, even tollhouse cookies, I would pick the ass.


  10. Although this is labelled as fiction, so I wonder if the real Shon could hold out for cookies?

  11. Art- Real Shon will always pick control over cookies :)

  12. So wicked Shon, I love it. *insert devil face here*


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