Jun 022006

There are compromises in any relationship, even the ones that involve collars, paddles and screams. There is give and take on both sides or there is resentment followed by breaking up in the future. Gina and Eric were no exceptions. Jut because Gina wore a silver necklace with a lock that she didn’t own the key to, didn’t mean she had certain needs that had to be met. Eric was the same, and just because he could weave a Japanese arm wrap harness was no excuse for being completely selfish. They were dom and sub but they were also two human beings.

Television was their battle ground. Eric worked all day crunching numbers for a firm too boring to describe here. His mind was filled with statistics and algorithms and quotas. He was good at what he did but after a day at the office he desperately needed to get those numbers out. For that he turned to television. He emptied his mind of numbers and filled it with doctors, lawyers and cops looking for missing kids. Dramas, comedies and especially the police shows were his favorites. At the end of the night he felt refreshed and ready to endure his job once more.

Gina stayed at home all day. She shopped, cleaned and did all those things that made other husbands jealous of Eric but by the end of the day she craved human company. Oh, she had her friends that she talked with during the day, but Eric was the only one she wanted to ravish her and make her feel as horny as she was when she was sixteen. To have him come home and sit in front of the television felt like a nightly rejection. She tried sucking his cock or stripping during his shows but that only angered him. He needed to fill his mind with fiction as much as she needed him to fill her with cock.

This is how they compromised.

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Most couples keep their sex toys by their bed but Gina and Eric have moved to the end table by the couch. After dinner they sit on the couch and Eric disrobes Gina down to what ever level her is feeling tonight. Sometimes he makes her completely nude, some nights she is only missing her pants and panties and on very rare nights, he keeps her completely clothed. When he has her just the way he wants, he hooks her leash to her collar and the other end to his hand. This keeps them connected even if he isn’t looking at her during the show.

The first show comes on and Gina looks through her toys and picks those that can be used in her state of dress. If she is topless, out come the clamps and clothespins. She’ll fasten them to her nipples or around the curve of her brown breasts in a suitable presentation. If she has access to her pussy, she’ll break out the deeper toys and maybe a butt plug for extra distraction if it’s a night with lawyer shows. if she is clothed than she breaks out her wand and plugs it in, for the vibrations of the wand are the only thing that can penetrate through her clothes and bring her to climax.

Not that she’s allowed to climax.

Gina gets her toys out and ready but other than the clamps, or other painful items, she doesn’t masturbate yet. No, that would be too distracting and Eric would never be able to focus enough to escape into whatever medical mystery needs to be solved this week. Instead she waits like a good sub allowing herself to play lightly with the leash that connects them.

But when a commercial comes on, then all bets are off. Inward plunges the vibrator as Gina fucks herself as hard as she can. Hips buck and eyes clench as she lewdly masturbates in the living room. her breasts bounce from the exertions she inflicts on herself, causing the clamps and clothespins to pull with their weight and send delicious pain through her body. And even if she is completely clothed, Gina will hump her large vibrator with a savage need to surrender to her lust.

During commercial breaks, Eric will sometimes help but not always. He might grab a breast and pull, or he might roll her onto her side and deliver a quick barrage of blistering slaps to her very round bottom. Other times he might simply ignore her and take a sip of his drink or watch a car commercial with too much attention. It’s his choice and Gina finds even being ignored a turn on in these situations.

When the commercial break is over, so is the frantic masturbating. Gina stops cold and bites her lip to keep from moaning out in frustration. Her sex almost vibrates on its own with frustration but Gina stops. Slowly she brings her focus away from her highly aroused near climax body. She squirms a little and cleans her fingers or toy with her mouth as she desperately waits for the next commercial.

When the next commercial starts, she goes right back to masturbating. Start and stop, start and stop all night long. It drove her crazy but it also made her feel so alive and decadent. She was her husband’s slut, giving him a show to watch between shows and that made her so wet.

It also did strange things to her libido. Her cunt became accustomed to two minutes of fucking and then a pause. Three minutes or more minutes of fucking made her feel like she was in a gangbang; in a very good way.

She also found the strangest things turned her on now. One time a network hyped a season premiere of a show for three weeks. During the day if she saw that commercial it instantly made her wet. Gina also found herself getting aroused at anything that had heavy commercial rotation at night. Even insurance companies make her pussy ache now.

As the night wears on, Gina’s self control would falter. She had a ball gag she wore to keep her whimpering down to an acceptable level when police were closing in on a suspect. The back of the couch had her claw marks where she had thrown her hands behind her keep from masturbating when she was so close. On really bad nights, Gina had to stop masturbating all together and just spread her legs wide to avoid any sensation. The fact that this always inspired Eric to masturbate her during the commercial only compounded her desire.

All of it was worth it when 11 o’clock rolled around. As soon as the credits rolled on the last show of the night, Eric was already shedding his clothes. Leash in hand, he would drag her to the bedroom where he would fuck her mouth, her pussy or her ass to his heart’s desire. No matter how cool and detached he tried to appear during his shows, he betrayed his real desire when he ravished in the bedroom. Some nights he couldn’t wait for the bedroom. He’d just bend her over the arm of the couch and fuck her slick ready pussy. As the late night news would begin, Gina and Eric would both reach climax in a tangle of semen, leashes and sweat.

Compromise is so important in a relationship.

  19 Responses to “Fiction: Compromise”

  1. I win! I win!! First reader!! Yay!! =D *happy dance* TV is a wonderful thing… =)

  2. I love this blog

  3. Kitkat- TV ranks right up there with Money and Sex as a cause for divorce. Use it with care!

    Kristen- Thanks :)

  4. Nice turn of events. I have to admit to getting more than a little frustrated with Eric’s lack of interest in Gina.

    I was going to suggest that she get a cop show DVD and play that for him. No commercial breaks then. :)

    Very teasing piece.

  5. A very creative solution, I must say. What about those tv shows that feature all the crazy commercials and bloopers?


  6. As an old songwriter once wrote, blow up your TV!

  7. Suze- Thank you. I am the TV-less person in my relationship but I have come to recognize that some people need the pure escape that fiction can create.

    Wrygirl- lol, I don’t think Eric goes for anything that light.

    Bollocks- It always makes me smile when one artist such as a songwriter, advocates the destruction of another art form.

  8. Thank you Shon a very enjoyable read!

  9. Nicely written Shon and a very interesting concept I must say, particularly interesting to me for reasons best kept secret. Great stuff.

  10. I was wondering when the payoff would come. But it did! Good for you, Gina!

    “. . . and maybe a butt plug for extra distraction if it’s a night with lawyer shows.” Yikes! Those turn me off more than drug ads! I’d need a lot more than a hunk of latex shoved up my ass to get aroused under those conditions . . .

  11. Madame X- You are very welcome :)

    Art- The secret reasons are always the best :)

    Cherrie- lol, I would need two mouths to keep me entertained during a lawyer show :)

  12. Alas, those of us who tivo would have to really work quickly! Nice story and thanks for the link.

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