Jun 212006

For the second day in a row, Amaya spent her time getting ready for sex. The déjà vu was hard to shake as she showered, fixed her hair and chose her clothes. Again, she kept her meals light. She couldn’t help remembering that when she’d done this yesterday, she had expected wonderful sex. Instead, she had sucked off three guys in a dirty restroom. Amaya wondered if tonight would be just as surprising.

At least, Amaya would be the one unleashing the surprise. Chris thought tonight was just another date, but Wesley had asked her to fuck him. It wasn’t part of the game, but it was something Wesley had asked. At this point, Amaya wasn’t sure if she could refuse him anything. God, the things she had done already! At least fucking Chris was something she wanted to do. In this case, Wesley was just giving her permission to do something she was craving anyway.

When she wasn’t getting ready for her date physically, Amaya was preparing herself mentally. This was only their second date. How would Chris react? Would he think she was a slut? Would he be like her old boyfriend and jump her at the first invitation? Amaya was deeply confused about which she preferred. If he was offended, then how would he react if he ever found out about the things she did for Wesley? But if he hopped right into bed with her, would that mean that’s all he wanted from her? Did he just think she was hot? Amaya found Chris sexy, too, but as the day wore on, she realized that she liked him because he wasn’t as overt as Wesley and his demands. In her mind, Chris was the saner choice between the two men, and when Wesley went too far and asked for something Amaya couldn’t give, she liked to think Chris would be there to have a normal relationship with. That might not be fair to Chris, but Amaya knew by now that she wasn’t strong enough to quit Wesley’s games.

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Of course, all of this speculation would be moot if Chris really were Wesley. Yesterday, when she’d asked for time for her date, Amaya had felt a chilling certainty that Wesley wasn’t Chris — and that he was pissed at her dating. Today, she was less sure. Since Chris was an acting student, it could have just been part of the act. In fact, if Chris were Wesley, this was a great way to get her to sleep with him without coming across as too forward. The more Amaya thought about it, the more she liked the idea: It would combine her two favorite men into a situation she could relish.

The idea of being fucked by Wesley/Chris dominated her thoughts and pushed out her insecurities. She thought about it while she sat in classes, oblivious to what her professors were saying. Sex would be rough; that was a given. A man who insisted on cages and paddles wouldn’t be gentle. He would spank her. He would pinch her nipples as cruelly as that evil tack bra had. Would he tie her up? Of course he would. He would keep her immobile while he fucked deep inside her. Every action would test her endurance. Every moment would make her question her judgment, and her body would betray her caution by being so terribly turned on.

Amaya cleaned her room the hour before her date. It wasn’t till then that she realized that she hadn’t thought about where she would fuck Chris. The room was tidy already, but Amaya’s perfectionism wouldn’t let it be. She swept, she made up her bed again, and she even gave the windows a good wiping. Amaya wondered if she should run down to the store and get some candles, but she decided not to. Somehow, neither Chris nor Wesley seemed like the candle type.

At ten to six, there was a knock at the door. Amaya jumped and tried to stay calm. She peeked out the door and was surprised to see Chris standing in the hallway. She had been expecting him to pick her up outside the dorm like he had last time. Why would he come to her room?

Amaya smiled. He came up because he knows.

“Hi,” she said as she opened the door. Chris started to respond, then paused as he got a good look at her. Amaya was pleased that she had rendered him speechless. It didn’t feel right to wear yesterday’s outfit, so she had chosen something fresh —a red dress with a very revealing neckline and quite a bit of leg exposed. Yesterday, she’d lacked the confidence to wear something so revealing, but today, she had little doubts of her beauty. Today, Amaya was going all out.

“Wow, you look great,” Chris said.

“Thanks.” On a whim, she added, “Would you like to come in?”

Chris beamed his wonderful smile. “Yes, I would.”

Amaya moved aside to let him come in. As he walked by, she smelled his cologne and breathed deeply. She wondered briefly what his cock smelled like. The lewdness of the thought shocked her, but she had little time to recover. Chris was giving her a box of chocolates.

“I got these for you,” he said.

“Thank you,” Amaya said. She was tempted to open the box and see if it held one of Wesley’s envelopes, but she restrained herself. The box was quite large, and Amaya saw that it was an expensive brand. Wow, just like a normal date.

“Nice room,” Chris said. He stood next to Helen’s old bed and looked around. Amaya watched him and wondered how in the world she was going to initiate sex. It was fine to fantasize, masturbate and daydream about fucking a guy, but it was another thing to actually start it.

Fuck it. She had crawled naked into a cage on the top of the building. She had put on a bra full of tacks. She had masturbated in front of a camera and stripped next to that very window. Now was not the time to get cold feet.

Amaya walked right up to Chris and reached for his head. His expression was one of surprise, but he said nothing as she pulled his face down for a kiss. She kissed him hard, perhaps too hard, but she couldn’t help it. She needed to feel some sort of approval other than a warm chuckle on the phone. Her lips pressed against him and her tongue opened his mouth as she sought that approval from Chris.

His lips and his tongue approved. So did his hands as they slipped down her back and cupped her ass. They squeezed her ass gently, and Amaya moaned at his touch. She couldn’t stand to let her dress be in the way, so she hiked her skirt up and placed Chris’s hand right on her ass. The thong let him feel every curve of her buttock.

The kiss lasted until Amaya was out of breath. She pushed Chris away to gasp and was pleased to see that he was gasping, too. He wasn’t stopping, though. He kissed down her neck and nibbled his way down her chest until his mouth was on her exposed cleavage. Amaya moaned and wrapped her fingers in his short hair. Oh, God, this was exactly what she had been dreaming of, and it took only a kiss to start!

Chris nibbled gently as he kissed along the neckline of her dress. His hands kept squeezing her ass, and Amaya wondered when he was going to spank it. She could imagine his broad hands slapping her cheeks while his mouth kept kissing. Instead, they just kept teasing her by staying where they were. The potential was maddening, and Amaya squirmed as she pressed back into those strong hands.

Chris’s mouth hesitated on her breast, just inches away from where her hard nipple was poking against the dress. She hadn’t needed a bra with this dress, so all it would take would be a simple pulling of cloth to expose her nipple to his tongue. Chris didn’t do it. He just stayed where he was, nibbling and sucking on her skin till she was about to go nuts.

Amaya couldn’t hold back. She pulled her top down so that her breast popped out of her dress. She barely had time to realize how brazen she was being before Chris banished any such self-analysis with his mouth. His lips encircled her sensitive nipple while his tongue flicked over it rapidly. The sensation was overwhelming, and Amaya relished each lick of the tongue.

“Yes,” she growled. Chris paused but then resumed his licking. A few moments later, he was pulling at her dress to get to her other breast. Amaya hissed through her teeth as he sucked hard on the new tit. His teeth grazed her nipple before his tongue lavished her nipple with lengthy licks. She pressed her chest against him, wanting to get his mouth as far as possible around her large tits. She wanted to be consumed, and judging from his enthusiasm, Chris had no problem trying.

After a deliciously long time of nipple sucking, Chris had to stop for air. Amaya smiled and knew exactly what she wanted to do next. She placed her hands on the bulge that was pressing against his tight pants and ran her zingers along his zipper. Chris groaned with pleasure until she unbuttoned him and started to unzip him.

“No, no, wait,” Chris said.

A moment of panic seized her. Had she done something wrong? Was she supposed to let him take the lead now? A thousand doubts filled her mind, and tears formed in her eyes when he got up and walked away.

“Just want to pull these shades down,” Chris said. Relief replaced her doubt as he did just that. Amaya realized she was tightly wound and tried hard to blink back those tears. Wow, she had it bad. She reminded herself that the hard part was over; all she had to do now was fuck this handsome guy and enjoy herself.

Chris returned to her once the shades were down. Amaya stayed on her knees and reached out for his pants again. She unzipped him and pulled his pants down to reveal tight white briefs. His bulge strained against the material until Amaya pulled his underwear down. She smiled as his cock flopped out, and she took a moment to admire it. It was a decent size, and thinking back to the restroom yesterday, Amaya felt it could have been the first cock she saw.

Amaya took his cock into her mouth, relishing being able to take him down all the way down to his balls. She gently touched them while her mouth encased his cock. Chris groaned loudly and his hands went to her shoulders. Amaya hoped he would clamp his hands down on her shoulders and fuck her mouth, but instead, they just used her shoulders for support. That was OK; Amaya could fuck her own mouth for him. She bobbed back and forth on his cock with delight. Her jaw was still tender from yesterday, but she pushed through the pain. She’d sucked three men yesterday; she could suck just one today.

His cock smelled great. Sweaty. Masculine. It smelled like something that was meant to be sucked by an adoring mouth.

Amaya lost herself in sucking him. Every groan he made was like a caress of her libido. She wanted to reach down and stroke herself but she held off. She wanted to wait. She wanted to hold off her own pleasure until Chris forced it from her. No matter how much she loved filling her mouth with his cock, she kept her hands on his balls and away from her very wet pussy.

“OK, stop,” Chris groaned, and Amaya did so instantly. “Get on the bed,” he said next, and Amaya squeezed her thighs together tightly. Finally! He was giving her commands!

She rose from her knees and climbed onto her bed. He didn’t tell her to strip or remove her panties, so she didn’t. Chris pushed her gently to lie down on her bed, and she did so. Then he lifted her dress until her bright red thong was exposed. Amaya watched Chris’s face as he pulled her thong off and looked at her sex. She watched for any signs of dislike or disapproval, but Chris showed none. When he dipped down and placed his mouth on her sex, Amaya let go of any more worries and surrendered to the pleasure.

How long had it been since she’d had her pussy licked? Too long, Amaya decided. Chris treated her pussy so very gently, paying attention to every fold of her skin and every drop of her moisture. He lapped her sex, and it felt wonderful. He buried his mouth in her pubic bush, and Amaya gripped her sheets as a spasm of pleasure shot through her. This was nothing like her ex-boyfriend’s attempts at oral sex. There was no hesitation or half-hearted eating. This was full mouth-on-sex contact, and Amaya couldn’t keep her hips from bucking in joy.

Chris rode with her hips, never complaining as Amaya clenched, shivered or pushed her hips up. In the back of her mind, she was a little disappointed. She wanted him to clamp down on her hips with his hands and keep her pinned while he relentlessly ravished her. Instead, he moved with her, keeping his mouth on her no matter where she moved. It almost felt like he was trying too hard to please her as opposed to eating her for his own enjoyment.

When it came to her clitoris, though, Chris was merciless. He attacked her clit with his tongue. Amaya turned her head and bit down on her pillow as he slapped her sensitive nub over and over and over again. It was too intense, and Amaya whimpered happily at the way he pushed her farther than she thought she could endure.

“Like it?” Chris asked.

Amaya couldn’t answer. She could only gasp and nod her head. When he went back down, she braced herself for another assault on her clit, but he kissed her thighs instead. Chris kissed her thighs and flirted briefly with a few licks of his tongue on her pussy lips, but he didn’t resume his oral ravishing of her. Amaya clenched her sheets and waited; she was at his mercy and would wait forever for him to eat her again.

Her clenching was in vain. Chris kissed up her body, and his mouth returned to her sensitive nipples. She nearly growled in frustration. If this was part of the teasing, then so be it. No matter how badly she wanted that mouth back between her thighs, she would submit and be happy with him sucking her tits again.

Chris was rougher with her breasts this time, and that was some consolation. Her skin was still a little sore from the tacks, but that soreness was just extra spice on top of the rough way he squeezed and nibbled her tits. He never bit down too hard, though; his teeth just pricked and subtly grazed her full breasts. Amaya squirmed and shut her eyes, praying that Chris would take a vicious bite that would prove how much she could endure. He never did.

He was on top of her, though, and that Amaya relished. Yesterday’s restroom-stall walls had reminded her of how long it had been since she’d really felt human contact. She loved the weight of his body on top of hers. It pressed her down and pinned her to her bed. His cock throbbed against her thigh, just inches away from her pussy. Amaya thrust her hips against him, her body asking him to fill her because she didn’t dare voice her own desires. To her frustration and delight, he ignored what her body was saying and just kept sucking and kissing her breasts. There was so much to suckle that Amaya feared he would never finish and fuck her.

Without a word, Chris stopped and rolled off of her. Amaya opened her eyes and watched him. She kept perfectly still, just as she had the night someone came to her room to spank her. For some reason, she didn’t feel the need to even ask what he was doing. He knew she wanted him, and she had faith that he was going to fuck her tonight.

“I forgot my condom,” Chris said. His face colored as he blushed, and Amaya smiled. He was actually embarrassed to be getting a condom! Amaya smiled, but she was a bit embarrassed herself. She had totally forgotten about condoms, and what about yesterday when she’d swallowed three strangers’ cum? She chided herself for being irresponsible, but she didn’t let it spoil the moment. Chris was being smart, and all Amaya could do was learn from it.

The sight of him putting on the condom was quite erotic. He tore open the package and rolled it over his cock. When her ex-boyfriend had made her roll the condom on, She’d hated how slippery it was in her hands and how difficult it was to put on. It was different watching Chris do it. It was like he was decorating his cock for her, adorning it with a silver sheen for her appreciation.

Chris smiled as he walked back to her, and Amaya returned his smile by parting her legs. He leered briefly before regaining his composure and returning to a friendly smile. Amaya didn’t care. She liked the leer. It reflected what she felt between her thighs.

He crawled between her thighs and slid easily into her wet sex. Now she did cry out. His girth filled her, and she clenched down hard on what he gave her. Finally! She had warm flesh inside her and not that wonderful but cold vibrator. Chris looked down on her and kissed her briefly.

Then he fucked her. Slow, steady thrusts pushed into her pussy. Amaya wrapped her legs around him and rode his hips. His hands were on either side of her, and Amaya toyed with the idea of placing them on her tits. No, that was his choice to make. She contented herself with wrapping her arms around his back, feeling the muscles move as he fucked her.

Chris grunted as he fucked her, soft little sounds that were almost cute. Amaya watched his face, looking for what she wasn’t sure. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open with pleasure. Amaya was delighted to have him inside her, but she wondered if she was there inside his head. She said nothing, content to be used as a grip for his cock if that’s all he wanted.

“Roll over,” he commanded. Amaya clenched in response. He had given her an order! Shivers ran through her body as his words washed over her.

“Please,” Chris said with a smile as he pulled out.

Please? Amaya felt her stomach sink. Please? Did Wesley ever say please? It just seemed so wrong. Didn’t Chris realize how badly she wanted to be told what to do? How badly she wanted to surrender control?


Amaya did as he asked. She tossed off her dress before rolling over to her stomach and then rising to her hands and knees. She had guessed correctly. Chris pushed the tip of his cock against her slit and pushed right in. Her pussy took him in while her mind debated who he really was. She moaned when he filled her, and she clenched despite the confusion of her emotions.

Chris held her hips tightly as he pounded her. Amaya thrust back into him, meeting him with each fuck. She felt him smack against her buttocks, and the sound made her think of the spanking she’d been given in this very room. Images flooded her mind while his cock invaded her pussy. Expectations turned into tests as she imagined one act after another that would prove that Chris was her lover on the phone.

“Grab my hair,” she whispered under her breath. She wanted him to grab it and pull her head back as he rode her. If he did that, it would mean Chris was Wesley.

He didn’t.

“Slap my ass,” she whispered. If only he would spank her with his open hand and make her buttocks sting. Make her scream from the pain. If he did that, it would mean Chris was Wesley.

He didn’t.

“Make me ask to cum,” Amaya whispered. Why didn’t he make her ask for her own pleasure out loud and then grant it to her? Insist that she hold off until he was good and ready? If he did that, it would mean Chris was Wesley.

He didn’t.

Perversely, she no longer was willing to be submissive. If anything, she wanted to test how far she could push Chris. The more she thought about it, the more she needed to know: Would he surrender to her?

“Lie down,” Amaya said as she crawled away from him. His cock popped out of her, and she didn’t mourn its loss.

Chris laid on the bed with a satisfied grin. Amaya crawled over him and took a firm hold of his cock. He moaned and gripped the same sheets she had clenched when he first entered her. How could she have ever thought he was Wesley? Or was this the greatest acting job in the world?

She mounted him, filling her sex with him once more. Instead of being self-conscious about her weight, Amaya dropped her full weight onto his hips. She ground into him and clenched her thighs around his hips. Chris moaned as her hips moved back and forth, pinning him and fucking him so terribly slowly.

He reached up to grab her breasts, but Amaya intercepted his hands with her own. She folded his hands on his belly and held them there as she continued to ride him. Chris moaned but he didn’t argue. He watched her as she fucked him, and his face was full of adoration.

She couldn’t bring herself to return it. Chris was supposed to be her backup lover, the simple, normal guy she could turn to. Now, he was getting off on being told what to do! He was thrusting harder, enjoying the dominance Amaya craved for herself. It was so unfair! Amaya ground harder, fucking him with a vengeance, shifting and twisting her hips without any regard for what his poor cock could handle.

“Oh, God!” Chris cried out as he climaxed. He shook all over as Amaya continued to ride him. She gave him no time to enjoy his orgasm but fucked him even faster. It was only when he started to curl up and tried to slide out of her that she let him go. Amaya fell to the side and watched as Chris’s chest rose up and down rapidly.

“Oh, God,” he repeated. “Did you cum, too?”

“Yes,” she lied.

“Oh, God,” Chris said again. “Wow, I could really go for dinner now!”

He laughed, and Amaya faked a laugh with him. A cold pit developed in her stomach at the idea of eating with him though. How could she have gone from liking him so much to how she felt now so quickly? He disappointed her, and she hated him for not even noticing.

“No food for me, thanks,” Amaya said. Chris looked genuinely hurt, so she added: “I’m really tired and knew I couldn’t last through a whole dinner somewhere. That’s why I, umm, jumped the gun here.”

Chris laughed. “Jump the gun any time you want, Amaya.”

She smiled and nodded. “I don’t mean to throw you out, but I’m really exhausted, and the sex wore me out.”

“Oh, no, of course,” Chris said. He moaned as he sat up. She watched impatiently as he grabbed his pants and slipped his shoes back on. She rose from her bed and threw her dress back on. Chris pulled off his condom and looked helpless. Amaya told him to use her trash can and not to worry about it.

At the door, he turned to kiss her. “I didn’t, you know, plan to do this,” he said.

“I know,” she said in what she thought was a helpful way.

It must have worked, because he smiled and kissed her again before leaving.

Amaya sat down. What the fuck was that? She tried to piece it together, tried to retrace her steps and understand what had just happened, but it was beyond her. Her emotions were in such a state of flux that she didn’t know how she felt anymore.

The cell phone rang. Amaya swallowed and picked it up gingerly. He’d said she had the day off; was he changing his mind?

“Hello, Amaya. That didn’t go as you expected, did it?”

“No,” she said. “Wait, how did you know that?”

Wesley sighed. “Because I know you, Amaya. You would never be content just to have sex with someone. You want to be used; you want to be hurt, because that proves you are not in control. A horny college kid can’t do those things without being told to, and even then he’d just be doing it for you. You don’t want a boyfriend, Amaya. You want to be owned.”

She wanted to deny him, but there was no way she could argue. Chris had left her feeling unfulfilled. She had spent the day fantasizing about Chris but when he was here she wished he were Wesley. Wesley had a bigger grip on her heart than she realized.

“What are you suggesting?” she asked.

“I’m suggesting that you might be the woman I’ve been looking for, and I want to upgrade our little game.”

“Upgrade?” she said.

“I am doing away with the one-hour rule. From now on, when I call you, you’ll obey me until the task is completed. You will still be paid, but the games will become more involved. Is that agreeable to you, or would you like to quit now?”

“Yes,” she responded quietly.

“Excellent,” Wesley said. “Go to your window and peek out through the shades. Look directly across from you, and then look a floor down and two windows to your right.”

She did as he asked. She recognized the room right away: It was the same room where a group of guys had watched her when she posed topless by her window. There was a large group of guys there, and they were in a boisterous mood. It took her a minute to realize that Chris was one of them.

“Oh, my God,” she whispered. He was shaking hands and getting slapped on the back as though he had just won a prize. Amaya’s stomach sank as she realized what that prize must have been!

“I looked him up in the school computer when you gave me his name,” Wesley said. “When I discovered that he lived across from you in the same building, I did a little more research. Apparently, he saw you at your window and decided you were easy. My sources tell me that he also saw you the other day when you wore your punishment bra. I don’t know what his feelings for you are, but I do know he approached you because of your body and your willingness to show it off.”

“Asshole,” she said, and she wasn’t sure if she meant Wesley or Chris. It did explain a lot about Chris. It explained more than she wanted to think about. The worst part was that he wanted to use her for sex, but he was so bad at it.

And what did that say about Wesley? He’d known about Chris but waited till after she fucked the liar to tell her? How could he let her do that? Perhaps he enjoyed being mentally cruel? Perhaps he’d wanted her to fuck Chris so she could get over him and then tell her the truth to finish off any lingering feelings? Either way, she just felt hurt right now.

“You didn’t orgasm, did you?”

“No,” she said. Despite her hurt feelings, she felt herself get wet at that simple question.

“Get the paddle I sent you, and bend over your bed, ass out.”

The suddenness of his command shocked her, but Amaya felt her cheeks flush and her heart race. Yes, this was much easier. Easier to obey and get fucked than think about the manipulations of men. She scrambled for her purse and fished out the paddle. Yanking her dress back off, she got into position exactly as Wesley had commanded.

“This is not a game, Amaya. This is just something you need, and today, I am willing to give it to you. Understand?”

“Yes!” she said, and there was a tremble to her voice.

“Then spank yourself six times, hard.”

The angle was awkward, but she did it. She slapped her ass with the paddle while holding the phone in the crook of her neck. Despite the bad angle, Amaya managed to hit her ass pretty hard, and she was proud of the loud whacks.

“Harder than that, Amaya,” Wesley said, and his tone was harsh. “Six more.”

She did them, biting her lip as her ass burned.

“Six more, harder!”

She obeyed.

“Now, five as fast as you can.”

Her ass burned, but she obeyed. The rapid blows were worse than the hard hits. She tried to spread the paddle hits around her ass, but it was hard to do, bent over as she was. The heat just continued to build and build on her sensitive skin.

“Faster than that, girl. Five more!”

She did them faster.

“Five more, faster!”

She cried out as she spanked her own ass faster.

“Tell me you want to climax,” Wesley commanded.

“Yes! I want to climax!”

“Five more hits, hard this time.”

Amaya hit her ass as hard as she whimpered from each hit.

“Do you want to climax?” Wesley asked.

“Yes, please!”

“Five more hits, fast as you can.”

She obeyed, and despite the pain, it felt good to obey.

“Tell me you want to climax.”

“Please, please, please let me cum!” Amaya begged.

“Stay bent over, and finger yourself,” he commanded. “Finger-fuck yourself like I would if I were there.”

She dropped the paddle and immediately obeyed. Her fingers sunk into her warm pussy, a pussy that had only minutes before been filled with Chris’s cock. She clenched just thinking about it, and she was stunned to realize that her fingers felt ten times better than his thrusting cock. It was all in the context.

“Pull your fingers out,” he commanded. “Press the star key to lock the keypad. Put the phone against your pussy. Rub yourself with the phone, my horny girl.”

Amaya didn’t hesitate. She steadied herself with one hand and placed the phone where he commanded with the other. Her pubic hairs snagged and the plastic felt odd against her pussy, but she was so damn turned on. The heat from the spankings was still burning her ass, but it only encouraged her to fuck faster. She ground against the phone, fucking herself with a passion she hadn’t felt with Chris.

The orgasms came upon her quickly and shot through her entire body. She collapsed onto the bed and clenched her thighs tightly around the phone. Thoughts of Chris and Wesley were obliterated with pure pleasure. This is what her body craved. This is how she wanted to be fucked. Everything else was just distraction.

“I came,” she reported. The phone smelled like her pussy. It didn’t bother her at all.

“I heard,” Wesley said. “Tomorrow, the game continues. Will you be prepared emotionally?”

“Yes,” Amaya lied. “Will I ever see you in person?”

Wesley chuckled, and it was such a warm sound coming from him. “My dear Amaya. Haven’t you realized what the grand prize is yet? When you have passed all my games and proven your worth to me, then you will join me full time, forever and ever, in games you can’t even imagine.”

After a night of shocks, this one was by far the most stunning. She was speechless, exhilarated, happy, suspicious and turned on. It was what she had hoped for, but after the betrayals she had just gone through, she couldn’t let herself believe it. Join Wesley full time? Unbelievable.

“Sleep tight, Amaya,” Wesley said. “Prepare yourself not only for the games, but for what you may eventually win.”

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  18. the last wesley phone sex scene reminded me of a personal experience ;D

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    grat story so far. just came across tis when i found a scene from the hautned house story. great read.

  20. i was right. there are atleast 3 difernt iphone apps, ONE of wich is FREE> XD

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