Jun 282006

Amaya awoke minutes before her alarm. She was lying on her stomach, and her thong was pulling tightly across her sex. The smell of sex was still in the air, and the feeling of Chris’s cock was still in her pussy. Without thinking about it much, she ground against the bed for a few moments and enjoyed the arousal that permeated her body.

Wesley’s promise came back to her as she awakened more, and she moaned. He’d promised to take her completely. He’d promised to bypass the phone and claim her in person. He’d promised it would be forever and ever. All she had to do was pass his tests.

She smiled. Test her all he wanted; she could take it. The games that used to scare her seemed trivial now, minor when compared to the possible rewards. In fact, Amaya wished she could go back and face those tests again, just to show how much better she could do. As frightening as some of them had been, she knew now how much more thrilling the sex was with the elements Wesley added. Especially now that Chris had reminded her how boring sex could be.

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Chris! She had almost forgotten about him. She didn’t miss him at all, but she was quite angry. He’d wanted to meet her because he’d seen her nearly naked at her window. He wanted her only for her tits and ass. Perhaps Wesley did, too, but at least he also wanted her for her bravery. He wanted to see how far she would go. Chris cared little for pushing her, just getting off and hoping Amaya was enjoying herself, too. It was such a waste. Chris wanted her because he had seen her playing an erotic game of nerve and exhibitionism, but he had no interest in those games himself.

She sat up and put on her glasses. The shades were still pulled, and she wondered whether her windows were still being watched. All she was wearing was her thong, but Amaya was feeling defiant. She walked over to her window and pulled up the shade. The warm sunlight felt good on her skin, so she brazenly put her arms behind her back and soaked it in. Already, early risers in several rooms had spotted her topless appearance, but she ignored them. They were there, and she was here. If Chris happened to see what he would never fuck again, so be it.

Amaya smiled as she pulled down the shade. Her heart was racing, but it had been fun. She doubted she would do it again, but with her anger at Chris still fresh in her mind, it had been easy. She wondered if she should tell Wesley about it. She wondered if he would find it exciting that she had reproduced one of his dares on her own. It was something to think about.

The rest of the day went fairly quickly. She ate in the cafeteria, went to classes and started reading a history book. It was a warm day, so Amaya kept the windows open in her dorm. She kept her clothes on, though, deciding that flashing the rest of the dorm might not be the best idea she’d ever had.

At times, she wondered why she wasn’t anticipating Wesley’s phone call as she had in days past. She was rested and not nearly as anxious as she used to be. For the first time in days, she didn’t watch the clock as the day went on. Now that she knew what she was playing for, shouldn’t she be more nervous? Yet she was calm all day long.

Maybe it was because she didn’t have any hesitation anymore. There was no longer any confusion about Chris. Although she still didn’t know who Wesley really was, it wasn’t important. All she knew was that she craved Wesley and that he craved her. It would all unfold when he was ready. Considering how long she had spent waiting for her financial aid, how much she had hoped for help from her ex-boyfriend and her parents and how much her roommate Helen had taken advantage of her, Amaya was happy to have some control in her life, even if was from the other side of a phone.

She was about to go to the cafeteria for dinner when the cell phone rang. Smiling, she picked it up and ignored the rumblings of her stomach. Food could wait; this was what she lived for. The phone still smelled like her pussy, and Amaya clenched as she thought about last night.

“Good evening, Amaya,” Wesley said. “Get dressed and put on your shoes.”

“I am dressed,” she said. “Shoes on and everything.”

He chuckled. “Good. I like an eager woman. Tonight, your task is simple. Leave your dorm and head toward the financial aid offices. From there, you should be able to see Wicker Street. Do you know the place I am talking about?”

“Yes,” Amaya said.

“Good. Head down Wicker Street until you see the Omega Epsilon Sigma fraternity. Ask for Mark, and tell him you are there to serve.”

“Serve?” she asked quietly. The fear came rushing back. A fraternity? What was she expected to do?

“Yes, serve,” Wesley said. “You are to do exactly as Mark says until he says you are done for the night. Understand?”

“What will I be doing?” Amaya asked.

“Serving,” Wesley said. “The fraternity is another project of mine. I teach the members things, and in return, they do favors for me. You are my favor tonight. I will check in after they let you go, and if one man there has a complaint, I will consider that you have failed the game. Am I clear?”

“I don’t know if I can do this,” Amaya said. “Am I going to have to fuck them?”

“Perhaps. Service takes many forms. The question is, can you do this for me?”

Those were the magic words. “I’ll try,” she said.

“You have 30 minutes to present yourself at their door. Remember, it’s the Omega Epsilon Sigma house. Don’t be late.”

He hung up, and Amaya was in a state of shock. A fraternity? She had just dumped Chris, and now Wesley wanted her to be in a house full of Chrises? No, he wanted her to “serve.” Was she a maid? A prostitute? What was she expected to do?

She locked up her room and followed Wesley’s directions to Wicker Street. Her empty stomach was forgotten as she wrestled with what he required of her. Like most freshmen, all she knew of fraternities was what she saw in movies. Visions of lewd jocks and drunk men ran through her mind. This wouldn’t be easy at all.

The Omega Epsilon Sigma house was smaller than she’d expected. It was only two stories tall and not nearly as majestic and fabulous as some of the sorority houses she passed by every day. It was well kept, though, unlike a lot of fraternities. The lawn was mowed, and there were no cans lying around.

The other thing she noticed was that there were heavy curtains on all the windows. In the past week, Amaya had begun to recognize when a place was protected against voyeurs.

As she walked up to the door, she noticed the Greek letters hanging on the side of the house. Her heart skipped a beat before she laughed out loud. The letters were W, E and S.

She was less afraid as she knocked on the door. A minute passed before it was answered by a tall, lanky man. He seemed to be all arms and legs topped by a pair of thin glasses. Amaya frowned in surprise. This looked like the kind of guy fraternities beat up on, not made one of their own.

“Hello,” she said. “I’m supposed to meet Mark.”

The man smiled. It was a hungry smile. His eyes took her in and his smile got bigger the longer he looked at her. It was as if he were he was imagining the possibilities of what to do with her and every idea was better than the last. At least, it was better for him. The almost feral way he smiled did not in the least promise that it would be good for Amaya.

“Hello, Amaya,” he said. “I’m Mark, and we’ve been expecting you. Please come in.” His polite tone did not match his greedy smile.

“Thank you,” she said.

Inside, the fraternity was not what she’d expected. It looked very spartan and didn’t have much in the way of decoration. The furniture was cheap but well taken care of. Amaya couldn’t help staring at it all. She’d thought fraternities were decadent houses supported by wealthy alumni. This place looked like just a larger version of a dorm.

“I know it doesn’t look like much, but we spend our money elsewhere,” Mark said.

Amaya blushed. She didn’t want to come across as rude, but already, this man could tell what she was thinking. Feeling nervous, she cracked a joke to cover her embarrassment.

“You spend it all on beer, right?” As soon as she said it, she realized how insulting it sounded.

Mark didn’t hesitate. His hand snapped out and slapped her ass. His large hand smacked her hard, knocking her forward a few steps. She squealed, more from the shock of being spanked than from the actual pain.

“Show a little more respect,” he said. The smile was gone now, replaced a neutral, almost dismissive tone.

“I’m sorry,” Amaya said. Had she already screwed up? Her stomach tightened, and she couldn’t believe she had been so flippant. “I am really sorry.”

He stared at her and then turned around to walk down a hall.

“Come,” he said.

She followed him down the hallway and into a huge room that took up half of the first floor. It was a kind of library. Bookshelves lined every wall. Comfortable chairs and desks filled the rest of the room, but it was the books that dominated the space. Amaya would have never guessed that a fraternity would have such a huge collection.

“I don’t think you appreciate exactly what kind of place this is,” Mark said. “Go look at the titles.”

Amaya did as he asked. She expected to find textbooks, but what she found instead made her catch her breath. They were erotica books. Stories about naughty maids and office discipline were on the first shelf she looked at. Further down was a shelf filled with sex-education books, and the next one held large coffee-table books filled with erotic bondage art and photographs.

“We have different priorities than other fraternities,” Mark said. “We also expect a certain level of behavior and discipline.”

Before Amaya could answer, another man walked into the room. He was barely five feet tall, and his eyes were focused and intense. When he looked at Amaya, it was as though he were getting ready to grade her on some test she had already failed. She looked down at him, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe she should be beneath him.

“Hello, Nick,” Mark said. “This is Wesley’s favor.”

Nick scratched the little bit of stubble under his chin, and the action seemed boyish and out of place on a man with such stern eyes. “Wesley does have a fondness for the busty girls, doesn’t he?”

“Nick,” Mark said in the same stern voice he had used with Amaya. “You know the rules. No discussing Wesley in front of the candidate.”

Amaya deflated. “That’s too bad. I was really hoping to learn more about him.”

“You won’t from us,” Mark said. “Omega Epsilon Sigma owes everything to Wesley, and we’re not going to mess up a good thing.”

Amaya nodded, but she didn’t give up hope. They were boys. Surely, they would tell her something if she asked nicely enough. Even now, Nick looked like he was debating it. When he started to speak, she felt a guilty bit of relief. These guys wouldn’t be so hard to deal with, after all.

“I’ll tell you a little story,” Nick said. “One time, Wesley was playing his game with a pretty black girl. We all had a crush on her. She was a genius in chemistry and already knew some of us from some labs we shared. One guy, David, decided that he would date her on the side. They dated for a while until Wesley found out. We all thought Wesley would throw David out of the fraternity, but he didn’t. He just stopped playing with the girl and wished David the best of luck.”

“That was nice of him,” Amaya said.

Nick smirked. “It was. But from then on, any project or special treat he gave us, it was always when David was doing something else. Sure, David could live with us and study with us, but Wesley didn’t trust him with anything after that. Wesley didn’t let him help with the games or invite him to the parties he holds. David was shut out, even though Wesley never said a bad thing about him.”

“It was perfectly clear to the rest of us,” Mark said. “Fuck with Wesley, and Wesley wouldn’t have anything to do with you any more. No one has dated a girl of Wesley’s again.”

Amaya nodded. That small bit of relief had been stepped on. Well, what did she expect? She’d known Wesley for less than two weeks. These boys had played by his rules all the time for who knows how long. Wesley’s style was all over them.

“May I?” Nick said. Amaya almost responded before she realized the question was directed at Mark. The taller boy nodded and Nick stepped up to Amaya. She took a step back reflexively. For that, Nick’s hand snapped forward and grabbed her hair. He twisted it in his fist and pulled back towards him.

“Don’t ever step away,” he snarled. His hand tightened in her hair.

“I won’t,” she said. Her heart was racing.

Nick snorted, clearly not believing her. With one hand still in her hair, he placed the other on her breast. His palm was over her nipple as the rest of his fingers closed around her breast. Amaya hissed through her teeth as he squeezed her breast painfully tighlyt. She didn’t resist, though. She wasn’t sure if it was because of her fear of these two or how terribly wet her pussy was.

Mark started to talk again. “We’re a non-national fraternity, which means we don’t have any national supervision or rules. We’re a private fraternity with an emphasis on intelligence over money or connections. It costs nothing to join, except the willpower it requires to follow Wesley’s rules.”

Amaya couldn’t get over the way he was just talking while Nick mauled her breast. It was very uncomfortable. One on one with Nick, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but having Mark watch every squeeze of her breast was just too much. It was so casual to them, but it was hard for her to stand there and get groped for an audience.

Nick released her breast and moved to her other one. This time his fingers just pinched the hard nipple that was poking against her clothes. Amaya bit her lip as he pinched and twisted.

Mark flashed his greedy smile and kept talking. “You might be wondering how we can afford the house without wealthy parents paying our way. I’ll bet Wesley could fund it, but he said we needed to learn to be self-sufficient. So far, we’ve stayed afloat through grants. Wesley is a wizard when it comes to finding funding. This semester, we’re taking soil samples around town for an environmentalist grant.”

“Yeah.” Nick snickered. “When you have a houseful of perverts, you need to keep them doing something.” He released Amaya’s nipple, but his hand was still tight in her hair. That made her terribly nervous. At least when he was groping her, she knew how she was being used.

“Perverts?” Amaya asked. “I mean, is the whole house like this room?”

Mark smiled. “I guess you can say this is a fraternity that turns geeks and nerds into people like Wesley.”

Both Nick and Mark smiled then, and Amaya felt a shiver run down her spine and settle between her thighs. An entire fraternity of Wesleys? Did they learn how to spank and drive women like her crazy? The idea was frightening, and yet if she had known about them when she started school, she would have been stalking this house from the first day!

“What are you going to do with me?”

Mark stepped closer to her and reached between her legs. She groaned as he cupped his hands over her pants right over her sex. He bent down till his mouth was by her ear. Nick released her hair, but Amaya wasn’t going anywhere. She closed her eyes and tried not to grind against Mark’s hand.

“Whatever the fuck we want, Amaya,” Mark said.

Nick laughed as Amaya’s eyes popped open in fear. Mark’s hand left her sex and grabbed her hair in much the same way Nick had. A shiver ran through Amaya as she realized that both of them had been taught this hair grab by Wesley.

“Come on, Amaya,” Mark said. “Let’s go upstairs.”

“Oh, God,” Amaya moaned. Neither boy answered. Still holding her by the hair, Mark dragged her as though he was pulling a pet or a reluctant child. Nick followed. His scowling and general disapproval had been replaced with a stern neutral face. Amaya felt trapped between the two men, although she knew deep down it was Wesley who had trapped her. The house and the men were just his instruments for the next challenge he had designed.

They passed a woman washing the floor. Amaya stared at her with disbelief. The woman was completely nude except for a thick leather collar. Long blond hair covered her face as she scrubbed the floor with a sponge. The woman’s ass was glowing from red paddle strikes, and Amaya knew from her limited experience that the woman had been spanked within the hour.

The woman looked up at them and smiled. Amaya couldn’t believe how mature the woman was. She looked like she was in her thirties. What was she doing here?

Mark dragged Amaya past the woman. Nick stopped for a moment and did something Amaya couldn’t see. She did hear the woman moan, though. A flash of jealousy surged through her, stronger than any fear she was feeling right now.

“Was that another of Wesley’s favors?” Amaya couldn’t believe how bitter her voice sounded.

Mark tightened his grip in Amaya’s hair. “Oh, no. That slut is our little project. We can’t live on Wesley’s tossed scraps alone.”

They climbed the stairs to the second floor and passed many small bedrooms before they reached their destination. Mark took out some keys and unlocked the door. He let Amaya go first, and she tried to appear brave as she entered the room. She just knew it would be a dungeon or some sort of kinky parlor where who knows what would happen. No matter what perverse playground this was going to be, Amaya wasn’t going to chicken out and give these men reason to complain to Wesley.

For what seemed like the thousandth time today, she was surprised by what she saw. Instead of a dungeon filled with cages and chains, it was a rather empty room devoid of any furniture. It was the walls that held her attention — and her fear. Panties and bras had been nailed to the walls in a multi-colored tribute to the women who had been here before. Amaya couldn’t count how many of the panties were thongs. How many sets of clothes were there? Fifty? A hundred?

“Strip, Amaya,” Mark said. The tone of his voice that made he jump. It was just like Wesley’s when he told her to do something.

She didn’t say anything. With the door still open and Nick openly leering at her, Amaya did as she was told. Her heart was racing while she peeled off her blouse and shimmied out of her jeans. When Mark whistled at her tight pink thong and pink bra there was a brief flash of wanting to cover herself back up but she fought it. She popped off her bra and then slid off her thong. She stood before these two strangers naked and waited for their next command.

They said nothing as they walked around her. Around and around they circled, neither of them saying a thing. Amaya stared straight ahead and tried to calm her racing heart. What were they thinking, she wondered. Were they deciding how to spank her? Were they debating who would fuck her first? Would she have a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy?

“Look at that,” Nick said. “She’s already dripping down her leg.”

Amaya’s face blushed deep red.

“Good, she’ll make for an excellent demonstration,” Mark said.

Demonstration? Amaya thought.

Again, it was as though they had read her mind. “Yes, Amaya,” Mark said. “You’re here for a demonstration. This is a learning fraternity, and we teach our members a lot about how to treat women like you.”

“Oh, my God,” she said without thinking.

Nick laughed. “Yes. Sure, we have our own slut, but the demonstration is more effective with a woman we haven’t all fucked.”

He went over to the cabinet and opened it. He brought out a huge and very plush blindfold . He fit it over her face, and she was plunged into darkness.

“Since what we teach is for us, there’s no need for you to listen,” Mark said. Something pressed against her ear and slid into her canal. It expanded, and the world faded away. She heard a voice, but the ear plugs kept her from understanding what was said.

Hands went to her shoulders and forced her down. She went to her knees, and her mouth watered at the obvious implications of such a position. She tried to relax, But it was impossible. All she could think of was how many men would see her naked and what they might do to her.

A loud pounding echoed in the room and penetrated even her earplugs. It sounded like a hammer. They were nailing her underwear to the wall. She was already another conquest to them. Even though it was Wesley who’d sent her here and Wesley she was doing this for, she couldn’t shake the feeling that Omega Epsilon Sigma owned a piece of her today and forever.

Time passed. There was nothing to do but kneel in darkness and silence. Then she heard voices, lots of them. She strained to hear, but she couldn’t make anything out. All she could tell was that the room was full of people. She could hear the chatter and feel the heat from their bodies in the small room.

A hand grabbed her right breast and squeezed. Someone talked as her breast was pulled and then given a little shake. She tried to be quiet, almost clinical, but when a thumb rolled over her nipple, a moan escaped her lips. The chatter in the room dropped to silence, and all she could hear was the pounding of her own heart.

The hand continued to grope her breast, sometimes moving to the other breast. Amaya imagined that it was Mark giving a little lecture. He was telling them her bra size or maybe explaining how sensitive her nipple was. He was educating a new generation of Wesleys to tease, fondle and grope women like her. Amaya shuddered as she realized that a whole group of men was being told how to control her.

The hand moved away from her breasts and up her neck. A large hand encircled her throat. A surge of panic rose within her, and she almost rose to her feet with it. Other hands pushed down on her shoulders. There was the sound of talking, and Amaya strained to hear what was being said. The hand stayed around her neck, not tightening or choking her but oh so terribly capable of doing so.

The hand mercifully moved away from her throat and to her face. A finger coaxed her lips and then slipped in. Amaya sucked on the finger out of reflex. She could hear laughter but she didn’t care. Sucking a finger was far easier to deal with than that hand on her throat.

A second finger joined the first, and she sucked on it as well. The fingers were thrusting now, fucking her mouth while the entire crowd watched. A hand went to her hair and tipped her head back. The fingers dived down her mouth, pumping up and down for everyone to see.

A third finger forced her lips apart, and Amaya almost choked. The thrusting kept going. The fingers spread, and her lips struggled to contain them. What could they possibly be demonstrating? And was she doing it right? Even though she was kneeling naked in a room filled with young perverts while her mouth was being vigorously fucked, Amaya couldn’t stop worrying over whether she was doing it right.

Her hair was released, and the fingers left her mouth. Drool had slid down her chin, but Amaya couldn’t bring herself to wipe it. She was afraid to move. Even though she knew the spit glistening on her chin made her look like some wanton slut, Amaya wasn’t going to do a damn thing she hadn’t been told to do.

For a few minutes, nothing happened, and she was worried that maybe the display was over. She realized she was hoping for far more. What kind of a girl was she turning into?

Then hands grabbed her by the shoulders and stodd her up. Other hands went to her ankles and spread her legs very wide. The fingers stroked her thighs up towards her sex. Amaya wanted to close her thighs and shield herself, but instead she balled her fingers into fists and fought off the urge. She clenched her eyes shut under the blindfold and tried to slip into meaningless drone of the muffled voices.

The fingers stroked her pubic hair and then pulled aside her pubic lips, opening her sex for all the strangers in the room to see. Amaya felt the heat of her blush spread from her face down her chest. Her most private area was being discussed, examined and prodded. Worse, she knew that there was no hiding her arousal from the group as the fingers wiped off a sample of her moisture for everyone to see.

Just when she thought she could keep still and quiet no longer, the fingers slowly stroked her sex. She moaned out loud at the unexpected stimulation. Oh, God, she was being masturbated! One finger rubbed her clitoris while another penetrated her. It was done gently, but the fact that it was being done to her while a crowd of strangers looked on made the whole act so dirty. Amaya didn’t know if she was expected to climax or not, and she wasn’t sure if she could, but she did know that she would have no choice in the matter.

On and on the fingers stroked. Amaya was breathing hard, and she wondered if everyone was watching her heaving breasts. It was amazing to her that there were no cuffs, no cage and no restraints, and yet here she was. She was just standing here being masturbated for the education of boys she might never meet. It made her feel like an easy slut to be so willing to surrender herself, and at the same time it made her feel like the most beautiful girl in the school to have who knows how many boys staring between her legs.

The fingers stroked faster, and Amaya knew that she was expected to climax. She was surprised by how eager she was to do so. Let these boys see how a woman has pleasure. Let them learn how to bring her off. Let them watch her bite her lip and cry out as the fingers fucked her.

Let Wesley know that this, too, she does for him.

Amaya had planned to be quiet, but her arousal was too great. When the pleasure burst within her, she doubled over. As the bliss bounced around her body, she thrashed, and her knees gave out but the hands held her up till she could regain her strength. Her desire to be subtle and quiet was forgotten in the inferno of her orgasm.

The fingers moved away, and she just breathed. She stood there while incomprehensible chatter continued around her. Again, she worried that it was over. What had begun as an exercise that she didn’t think she could go through with had turned into something she couldn’t imagine ever ending. It was strange how every task Wesley gave her was like that. How did he know that she would enjoy everything? Or did he not know, and this was his way of finding out?

She was still wrestling with this problem when she felt warm fingers stroke her nipple. The two sets of hands around her shoulders let go but they were replaced by other hands. A lot more hands! They were all over her, and Amaya froze as she realized that now all of the boys were touching her.

The hands explored her, and there were so many of them, Amaya couldn’t focus on any one. Someone grabbed a nipple and flicked it gently. Someone cupped her ass and squeezed. Someone pulled her hair harshly, while someone else pinched the lip of her sex.

Her breasts were the focus of most of the attention. Hands cupped her breasts and squeezed. Other hands played with her nipples, and Amaya would hiss as they pinched and pulled. Someone bit her breast and she cried out. The biter moved away, but someone bit her other breast. She cried out again, and this time laughter filled the room. If she had been hoping for mercy, she knew without a doubt that there was going to be none here.

In time, they shifted from her tits to her sex. Fingers slid into her wet sex and thrust a few times, only to be pulled out and away. Not that her sex was neglected for long. There was always a new hand willing to explore. Finger after finger touched her sex. Each of them touched her in their own way, and each of them satisfied some personal question. Some played with her clitoris, rolling and playing with it as though it were a nipple. Others plunged deep inside her, fucking so hard that she went to her tiptoes from the force of the thrust. In no time, Amaya was dripping down her leg, and even those trails of her juice were touched and examined.

The first smack on her ass took her by surprise, although deep down she had known it was coming. A second blow struck her, followed by a third; another hand that gave her the fourth slap. Like everything else, the spanking was random and completely out of her control. Large hands, small hands, fast hands, slow hands, strong hands and weak all struck her bottom. Some would squeeze her ass afterwards, while others would pinch or drag fingernails across her skin. There was no warmup or rhythm to these blows. It was just the eager slaps of men taking as much or as little as they wanted from her.

The hands moved all over her. Her ears were tugged, and spots of her neck were viciously pinched. Hands gripped her thighs while others casually stroked her elbows. Fingers would enter her mouth while other fingers scratched down her back. Every inch of her was groped, stroked, pinched and touched. She was explored and transformed from a woman into something that was here purely for their hands. She was their toy, and she knew it.

Someone took her hand and placed it on a cock. Despite all the hands and sensations that she was experiencing, the feeling of a warm cock was what made her knees shake. Her fingers closed around the cock. She didn’t have to ask, and the hand that brought her to the cock didn’t need to encourage her. Amaya stroked the cock, realizing that this too was her role here.

Her other hand was guided to another cock. She masturbated that one, too. Other hands kept touching her, but they became secondary to the cocks in her hands. This was something she could focus on. The groping, the pinching, the spanking and the wonderful fingers that kept touching her sex became background sensations. Amaya’s mind was focused on the two cocks that wanted her touch. She stroked them, her hands adjusting for their individual sizes. Each cock pulsed in her hands and although she couldn’t see or hear the men the cocks belonged to, she could feel how much they needed her. It didn’t take Amaya long to realize how much she needed those cocks. After being mauled and aroused, it was such a release to act.

The second cock she had grasped was the first one to climax. A hand grabbed her bicep and squeezed painfully tightly as the cock in her hand surged and shook. Warm seed fell on her hand, reminding her of how Rick’s semen had coated her fingers. The hand released her arm and moved away, taking the cock with it. A towel was pressed into her hand and cleaned her fingers. Amaya had only a second to flex her fingers before another cock was placed in her grip. She smiled. Yes, this is how it would be.

Amaya stood there and stroked off the fraternity. Blind and deaf, she stood there while they continued to explore her body. This was no demonstration. There were no lessons here. She knew now that they had lied, and that was OK. The men of Omega Epsilon Sigma were just going to use her for their own enjoyment. She wondered if the difference between men like Wesley and these young guys was the ability to just admit what they wanted and take it?

How long did it take her to jack them all off two at a time? Amaya had no idea. Her hands began to ache after the first twelve. She kept stroking. Her fingers curled around all different sizes of cocks. She kept stroking. The other hands didn’t stop, although there were fewer hands as she brought more men to orgasm. She kept stroking. Her nipples were still pinched, her ass was still spanked, her skin was still scratched, her mouth was still opened by insistent fingers, and her pussy was never left alone for a second. Amaya kept stroking.

Eventually, no more cocks came forward. Only then did she realized that for the first time in what felt like years, there were no hands on her. She stood there and somehow felt more naked. Without the constant sensation of being touched, Amaya became painfully aware of how much her own desire had grown. Her last orgasm seemed so long ago, and now her pussy was wet, throbbing and craving the same release she had brought to these boys.

Hands touched her hands and guided them to her sex. Amaya dropped to her knees again, and this time nothing stopped her. Yes, this was only natural. She was blindfolded and being looked at by so many strangers, but bringing herself to orgasm seemed like the only logical thing that could happen next. After being touched by so many strangers, feeling her own fingers on her sex felt strange. It was comforting and so damn welcome.

She climaxed within a minute. She screamed when she came, and she didn’t care what they thought. The orgasm was so strong that she bent forward slowly till her head touched the floor. She stayed like that, in exhausted submission to whatever came next. It just seemed right.

“Thank you,” she said. Thanks had not been asked for, but again, it just seemed right.

Hands came for her again. This time they brought clothes. Her shirt was put over her. Hands held her steady as her legs were guided into her pants. Amaya briefly wondered why there was no underwear, but then she remembered. Her thong and bra had been nailed to the walls of the room, staying here as a memorial to what she’d experienced. Amaya knew that her thoughts and sexual fantasies would be staying here, too, perhaps never to leave.

She was taken downstairs. Still blindfolded, she was guided through the fraternity. A breeze struck her face and the sounds of cars filtered through her earplugs. Amaya was outside, and she felt the slamming of her door behind her. She had been dismissed.

She took the blindfold off and couldn’t believe it was dark outside. The earplugs came out, and she winced from the sudden flood of noise that greeted her. Was day-to-day life always this nosy?

Amaya stumbled off the porch and looked back at the fraternity. Inside, a group of sated men were discussing her. Inside was a room where her underwear hung as a tribute. Inside was a woman who served horny college guys in every way possible. Amaya felt a pang of regret at the thought that she might never go back there again.

Her phone rang. Her fingers kept trying to curl into the grip she had used to stroke the guys off. She answered it and waited for Wesley’s judgment.

“Hello, Amaya,” Wesley said. “I heard from Mark. He said you did very well.”

“Good,” she said. “I did my best.”

“Yes, I believe you did. I want you to understand something, Amaya. If you are mine, I will use you as I wish. It may amuse me to send you back to them. It may amuse me to send you to any of my friends and have them do what they wish with you. After what you have experienced today, do you think you could accept a life of being given to whomever I decide?”

Amaya looked back at the fraternity house. “Yes,” she said, and there was no hesitation.

“Good,” Wesley said. “And just so you know, Mark’s cock was one of the ones you sucked off the other day.”

He chuckled when she gasped. “Your money will be under your door. I’ll call you tomorrow, Amaya.”

He hung up, and Amaya walked home in a daze. Even after all she had experienced today, the thought that she had sucked Mark off kept coming back to her. She had spent a day with a man she had sucked off and didn’t even know it. What other man was walking around, knowing what she had done but unknown to her? It could be anyone.

As soon as she realized that, her sex got wet all over again. Amaya smiled. That’s why he’d told her.

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    Tease. Now I want to know who the third guy was… and I bet you/Wes don’t plan on ever telling us/Amaya.

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  3. I think the third guy was Shon, but he doesn’t want to blur the line between fact and fiction by saying so.

  4. Janelle- I can say that I know for certain who that third person is :)

    Madame X- You are very welcome :)

    M- lol, I like to think of myself as all three :)

  5. But does that mean you’re going to tell us?

    Not necessarily. ;)

    As for what M said about you being the third and your response… so, this a way for more of your aspects to play?

  6. *chuckles* Hmmm…another wonderful post. Think those boys would let a Domme play in their dungeon? ;)

    …where do they get all these wonderful toys.


  7. Jaenelle- It’s hard as a writer to know when a character begins and ends from the writer writing them. Amaya is based on a lot of subs I know but she’s also a big part of where me and those subs have in common.

    Vixxx- I think Wesley would insist on a Domme being part of their learning routine. He’s very pro-education

  8. Man, I think there needs to be those kind of frats on my campus.
    Or maybe I am just not looking hard enough.

    Loved the Chapter. Can’t wait for the next one ;)

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  10. Mandy- Look harder :) Check out the ones with closed curtains

    Wrygirl- You have no idea how bad it was two drafts ago. :)

  11. Excellent….and so worth the wait. Thanks for making me drip, squirm and moan again.

  12. Civilization is just a slow process of learning to be kind. “Charles C. Lucas”

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