Jun 142006

Amaya awoke seconds before her alarm went off. Her heart was already racing. The weight of everything she needed to do pressed down on her, but she was smiling. Wesley had promised to let her handle his cock today, and she wanted everything to be perfect.

First she took an hour-long shower. Amaya literally washed everything twice. Her breasts were still tender from that evil bra yesterday, but the marks had almost faded. She shaved her legs and even trimmed her sex, making a dainty little bush. Amaya also took special care with the hair on her head, wanting the long brown locks to be shiny and vibrant today.

Yesterday, Wesley had ordered her to class despite the tack bra. Amaya took that lesson to heart and attended her classes today as well. Oddly, she was able to concentrate, and she took very good notes. Perhaps it was knowing the importance Wesley placed on education that caused Amaya to focus so well. This idea made her giggle during one of her classes. It was the promise of sex that made her a faithful student. She didn’t expect to see that on a campus brochure anytime soon.

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She ate small meals to keep her stomach from getting upset. It was easy to get nervous, and the last thing Amaya wanted was a stomachache. She spaced her meals out all day long so that if Wesley took her out to dinner afterward, she would have enough room to eat something. If all he wanted to do was fuck, well, Amaya figured she could lose a few pounds.

Amaya cleaned her glasses down to the nose pads. She took another shower in the afternoon because her room was hot and she was afraid she had picked up more sweat. She found a stray hair on her leg and spent a half-hour going over her legs with tweezers. She applied her analytical mind to the task of discovering and countering any possible blemish, fault or weakness her body might possess.

She chose her clothes just as carefully. The underwear was easy because Wesley had provided it all. Amaya choose a purple bra and a matching thong. They were the same color as the vibrator he had given her. The soft bra hugged her breasts, and it was such a gentle alternative to the bra she had worn yesterday. She briefly debated wearing the one with tacks but thought better of it. If Wesley needed more tests, Amaya was sure he would provide them.

Once again, her wardrobe felt lacking. Although she had bought quite a few clothes lately, Amaya still felt like the Asian-American girl who had had so much trouble getting dates in high school. Eventually, she just had to place her trust in the new clothes. A white blouse made her look feminine and classy, while a pretty black skirt hid her chubby legs. Amaya was glad she had picked up the earrings at the mall. The gold sparkled and made her look not quite as unsophisticated as she felt. She completed her outfit with a pair of brand-new black heels. Even as critical as she was of herself, Amaya had to admit she looked good.

At six o’clock, Amaya began the long walk to the Jackson building. It took her only twenty minutes to get there. That was OK. Amaya could wait. She sat outside on the steps and tried to look casual. She’d waited this long to meet Wesley; what was forty more minutes?

It was an eternity. Amaya checked her watch every minute, then every thirty seconds. Finally, she took off her watch and put it in her pocket. It was past six, so most of the students had gone home for the day or were in the library. She could see lights coming from two classrooms in the Jackson building, so there had to be a few night classes going on. Amaya watched the sun set and took slow breaths to relax. It didn’t help.

The phone rang, and Amaya nearly squealed with relief.

“Hello, Amaya. I trust you are at the Jackson building?”

“Yes,” Amaya answered. “I’m sitting on the steps.”

“That won’t do,” Wesley said. “Go through the main doors and take a right. Tell me when you are at the men’s restroom.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Amaya said to herself as she went inside. She had never been in the Jackson building before, and she was a little taken aback by how run-down it looked. Water stains marred the walls, and a musty smell pervaded everything. Amaya frowned as she went down the hall. Surely there were better places for her first encounter with Wesley?

“I’m outside the men’s room,” Amaya said.

“Look inside and tell me if anyone is there,” Wesley said.

Whoa. Amaya took a deep breath and opened the door. She was surprised by how difficult this was to do mentally. The men’s bathroom was a forbidden place, even more then the back entrance to a theater or the roof of her dorm. Years of conditioning weren’t so easily overcome, but Amaya did as she was told with only a second’s pause.

The bathroom was just as bad as the rest of the building. Dirty blue tiles on the floor and gray walls made the place look like a cell. Rust stains surrounded the sinks, and the three stand-up urinals were a dirty white. There were three stalls, all of them empty.

“It’s empty,” Amaya said. Oh God, she didn’t want to fuck Wesley in such a dismal place, but making her do it here was just another test, wasn’t it? What other girl would go through with it here? In a way, Amaya welcomed the dirt and the smell of piss. They just proved how dedicated she really was.

“Go to the stall on the end, the one up against the wall,” Wesley said. “Lock the door and sit on the toilet. Hurry now.”

Amaya did as she was told. The toilet was just as dirty as the rest of the bathroom, but thankfully, the bowl was empty. She closed the door and was disturbed to see that the lock was just a tiny metal bar that pushed out an inch onto bare wood. There were grooves in the door where other people had obviously opened the door with the lock on. She sat down gingerly on the toilet seat and wasn’t surprised to find that it wobbled.

“I’m in,” Amaya said.

“Excellent. Now look to your left. See that hole beside the toilet paper?”

Actually, there was no toilet paper, but Amaya saw the hole he was referring to. From where she was sitting, it was just below eye level. The hole was large, easily two inches in diameter. She wrinkled her nose as she thought about how easy it would be to spy on someone while they were taking a dump. Why would guys want to do that in their own restroom?

“Now I shall explain the rules for the next hour, my dear Amaya,” Wesley said. “Someone will walk into the stall next to you. He will take out his cock, and he will slip his cock through that hole. You will suck that cock until it climaxes. Then that person will leave, and another will come in, until you’ve sucked three cocks in all. Fail to get all three of them off before the hour is up, and you lose the game. If you win, you will remain in your stall till I call you. Understand?”

No, she didn’t understand at all. “You — you said yesterday that I would handle your cock.”

Wesley chuckled, and his deep laugh made Amaya tingle despite the squalid conditions of her environment.

“I intend to keep my word, Amaya,” Wesley said. “One of those cocks will be mine.”

Amaya felt her cheeks heat up. “Which one?”

“That would be telling,” Wesley said and then he hung up.

“Oh, my God,” Amaya whispered. Could she possibly go through with this? So far he had only asked her to masturbate herself or others. Once, he might have masturbated her. Now Wesley expected her to give blow jobs to strangers? This was insane! How could he expect her to blow three guys, one right after the other, like some sort of slut?

Amaya closed her eyes. She should leave. She should go right now and forget about Wesley. It was too much. If she did this, what more would he expect from her?

The door to the restroom opened, and Amaya opened her eyes. She heard footsteps, and someone came into the next stall. Despite her fear, she looked through the hole. It wasn’t big enough to let her look at the guy’s face, but she could see him unzip his pants and take out a very hard penis.

She jumped back from the hole as the penis slid through. It was so surreal. She was in a dirty men’s restroom with a cock pointed right at her! Amaya knew she should leave, but the strangeness of the situation transfixed her.

The cock itself kept her from leaving. It was so hard and rigid. It wasn’t particularly large or anything, but it seemed so pure sticking out of the wall like that. Instead of being threatened, Amaya felt almost sorry for the stiff flesh. It was there to be sucked, nothing more.

Plus, it might be Wesley’s cock.

Amaya leaned forward on the toilet seat and took the cock into her mouth. A low groan came from the other side. Amaya smiled with the cock still between her lips. The rational part of her mind hadn’t worked out the details yet, but Amaya was going ahead anyway. She would suck this cock and decide later about the other cocks.

Sucking it wasn’t as easy as she’d first thought. The hard wall of the stall bumped her nose when she slid forward on the cock. Amaya found herself wanting to grip the cock as she sucked, but the limited amount of cock that poked through the wall prevented this. If she was to get any of it into her mouth, she would have to go hands-free.

Back and forth she slid on the cock. Amaya appreciated the salty taste of the man’s skin; it helped block out the other, less pleasant smells of the restroom. Amaya closed her eyes and worked her tongue all along the man’s shaft, tasting every bit of him. After so many days of being teased and tested, she enjoyed the simplicity of having a cock in her mouth. This was a test she knew she could pass.

It was also turning her on. Heat flooded the area between her thighs, and the thong pulled and tugged in intimate places. She didn’t know if it was the perversity of the moment that was turning her on or the simple fact that she had a cock in her mouth. The groans coming from the other side weren’t hurting either. Each groan reminded her there was a person on the other side of the wall, someone who appreciated the licking of her tongue and the suction of her lips.

The breathing on the other side began to turn into panting, and Amaya knew he would come soon. Was she really going to take a stranger’s cum into her mouth? The idea was shocking to her, but she found herself sucking harder. The tingling of her clitoris demanded it.

There was no sound on the other side to warn her, just a sudden flood of cum that sprayed the inside of her mouth. Amaya paused as she savored the flavor. It had been far too long. There was something about the flavor of cum that just made her feel special and loved. It was an affirmation that maybe she wasn’t nearly as unattractive as she sometimes felt.

The cock pulled away and disappeared into the other stall. Amaya sat back, stunned. She had done it. The cum was hot in her mouth, and she swallowed it. Her sex was so warm and ready to be fucked. Amaya still didn’t understand why she was doing it, but that was OK. She knew that now that she had started, she had to see this game through to the end.

The man she’d just sucked left the restroom, and a minute later, someone else walked in. One of the cocks was Wesley’s, but Amaya wondered who the others were attached to: Friends? Employees? She had a strange thought of guys playing her game, receiving instructions via cell phone and being told to stick their cocks through a hole in the wall.

She heard the man enter the stall next door, but this time, she didn’t watch him undress. Amaya could hear him, though, from the zipper being pulled down to the sound of his pants hitting the floor. He slid his cock in, and Amaya smiled when she saw how much bigger this one was. No bumping her nose on the wall this time!

Amaya licked the tip of the cock and was disappointed not to hear a groan. Feeling a little challenged, she ran her tongue across the length of the cock sideways. The cock throbbed, and Amaya smiled. Just a little reaction was all she wanted.

She put the tip of the cock into her lips and tried to get as much of it as she could into her mouth. It was just too long. She tried to go deeper, but it was impossible. Not that the guy seemed to mind; his cock was throbbing endlessly as she tried. It disappointed her that she couldn’t deepthroat him, but she accepted that she had limits.

This cock was long enough to hold, and Amaya was glad to have something to do with her hand. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the cock and rubbed gently as she sucked. Even though she knew the cock wouldn’t go anywhere, it was reassuring to have a grip on it.

Someone walked into the restroom, and Amaya stopped mid-suck. The cock throbbed in her mouth as she heard someone unzip and start pissing into a urinal. Amaya’s heart was pounding as she debated stopping. What if the new person heard her? What if it was a teacher? How would she explain to her parents getting expelled for giving blow jobs in a men’s bathroom?

The cock throbbed again in Amaya’s mouth. The guy in the other stall groaned in frustration, and Amaya was sure the new stranger had to have heard it. She did nothing, and the guy groaned again. It was clear that he was upset over her stopping. What could she do? Amaya resumed sucking him as the sounds of the new stranger pissing continued. She sucked the cock slowly so as not to make any noise, but that only made the cock’s owner more frustrated. Amaya had to appease him and do it quickly before the pisser figured out what was going on.

After a moment’s thought, she pulled back until just the tip of the cock was in her mouth. Her tongue flicked quickly over the head, lapping against it with rapid strokes. He got very quiet and Amaya exhaled a sigh of relief. That was when she noticed the pissing had stopped.

Footsteps echoed in the restroom while Amaya continued flicking her tongue over the guy’s cock. Her mouth was fixed on the cock as she clenched her eyes tight. He was walking right to her; she knew it!

She was wrong. The faucet was turned on, and Amaya could hear the guy wash his hands. Relieved, she stopped flicking her tongue for a moment. The cock tensed, and Amaya quickly rubbed her tongue over the cock tip to cut off any complaining. Instead of a frustrated groan, she heard a near-silent hiss of pleasure. She decided she could live with that and kept rubbing the flat of her tongue against his cockhead. Small drops of pre-cum coated her tongue, and she almost moaned out loud before catching herself.

The water stopped running. Amaya licked and listened as she heard the sound of paper towels being pulled and used. She kept licking hard on the cock with the strongest strokes she could manage to keep her guy satisfied. After what seemed like forever, she heard the restroom door slam as the bystander left.

“Yes,” she heard from the other stall. Amaya agreed. As she relaxed a little, she realized how wet and molten her sex was. Amaya’s pussy was alive with sensations, and she debated again lifting her skirt and masturbating. Yes, it would be lewd and slutty, but she could barely think with the thong rubbing constantly against her.

“Yeah!” the man next door cried out in the quiet restroom. Amaya jumped at the sudden noise and then she felt the shooting semen against her tongue. Her hand clenched around his cock as she took more of him into her mouth. The guy said nothing else as he emptied all he had, and Amaya was relieved there were no further outbursts.

When the cock retreated back to the other side of the wall, Amaya sat back, stunned. She had done it. Two cocks had entered that hole, and she had sucked both of them off. The taste of cum was overpowering in her mouth. Her jaw was a little sore, but Amaya was struck by how much she was enjoying this. Yes, it was humiliating to be used for her mouth like this, but she couldn’t deny how exciting it was. This was Wesley’s challenge, and she was winning. That was all she needed to know.

The guy left, and Amaya could hear the footsteps of a new guy almost immediately. He walked very slowly and took his time getting to the stall. The waiting was too much. Amaya lifted her skirt above her knees and rubbed her thong. A single stroke made her whimper. She was so damn hot, and this guy was taking so damn long. She wanted to cum, but she was going to wait till she had a cock in her mouth. Wesley would prefer it that way, she thought.

The door to the stall next door closed. Pants were unzipped, and Amaya watched as a cock emerged through the wall. It was smaller than the last cock, but larger than the first. There was a tiny drop of pre-cum glistening on the cock, and Amaya was quick to lick it off. The cock shuddered, and Amaya smiled. She’d never felt more desirable in her life.

Amaya took the cock into her mouth and sucked it down to the hole in the wall. She could smell the man’s cologne through the hole, and it smelled great. She sucked hard on the cock and was rewarded with another shudder. It was so nice to be appreciated.

It was impossible to hold off on stroking herself now. She was too wet, too horny and too ready. Her hand pushed aside the flimsy bra, and Amaya regretted that none of the men had had a chance to see her panties. Oh, well. Amaya sank her fingers into her pussy without another thought. The bliss of touching herself caused her to moan, something the cock in her mouth seemed to enjoy as well.

Amaya chuckled and kept stroking herself. She didn’t know how much of the hour was left, and she didn’t care. Her body was in a state of heightened arousal. She just wanted to cum. There was no room in her mind for doubt or fear. She was just sucking and masturbating.

She didn’t know if it was Wesley’s cock or not but she treated it like it was. Her lips sealed around the cock, while her tongue lavished it with licks and gentle strokes. Amaya stroked a sweet spot on her pussy and moaned freely, letting her lips vibrate around the cock. When her jaw became too sore, she took the cock out of her mouth and kissed up and down the length of it. The cock was shiny from her spit and swollen red with desire.

The cock slid back slightly and then thrust forward, the man’s body slamming against the flimsy stall wall. Amaya smiled as she saw the guy needed to fuck as badly as she did. For a moment, she wondered if she could stand up, bend over and get that cock in her pussy, but she decided against it. Wesley had told her to suck, and she wasn’t about to disobey now.

Despite the pain in her jaw, Amaya took the cock back between her lips. The man groaned and kept thrusting. She let her jaw go slack as he fucked her mouth. Amaya longed to feel the man’s hands on her head or maybe grabbing one of her sensitive nipples. She needed more human contact, but she had to settle for his cock pumping between her lips.

Amaya climaxed first. It was a glorious orgasm, making her nipples feel on fire underneath her tight bra and her eyes roll in her head. She moaned around the cock that never stopped thrusting into her. Her fingers didn’t stop either, stroking constantly as she brought herself to another climax in the bathroom stall.

The thrusting stopped suddenly and then there was a hot splash of cum in her mouth. Then the thrusting resumed. Amaya choked for a second since she was caught off guard, but she quickly recovered. Between the two of them, they drained the cock of all of its semen, and Amaya faithfully swallowed every drop.

The cock withdrew, and Amaya could hear the man zip back up. She sat back and let her skirt fall over her legs. Her jaw was sore and her tongue was exhausted, but she was smiling. She had done it. Not to mention one hell of an orgasm or two for herself. ??

She waited for the phone to ring. Her fingers were sticky from her desire, but there was no toilet tissue. Amaya wanted to get up and wash her hands, but she stayed where she was. No sense fucking up the game now.

The phone rang, and Amaya croaked out a hello. She was taken aback by how hard it was to talk. Oh, well, what did she expect after three blow jobs?

“Very, very good,” Wesley said. He was chuckling, and he sounded giddy. Amaya smiled. She had caused that.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“You’re progressing very well, Amaya,” Wesley said. “You’ve gotten further than many have before. At this point, I am doubtful you can lose.”

“Good,” she said. “I don’t plan on losing.”

Wesley chuckled. “That sounded like a challenge. I’ll need to do some thinking. Right now, I can barely walk, much less anything else.”

“Was I that good?” Amaya teased. She was delighted. It was nice to know she could affect him so.

“You were excellent,” Wesley said.

“Oh, I had a question,” Amaya said. She hated to ask and possibly ruin the moment, but she never knew when he might hang up. “Will you be needing me tomorrow afternoon? I had something planned.”

Wesley got quiet. “Really? Is this a date you have planned?”

Amaya’s heart raced. “Yes.”

Wesley was quiet. “Is that a problem?” she asked. Oh, God, he must not be Chris after all!

Wesley chuckled. “Your mouth has been fucked by three cocks, and yet you’re asking permission for a date. Tell me about the boy. Is he a classmate?”

“No,” she said. “I met him in the cafeteria.”

“I see,” Wesley said. “What’s the young man’s name?”

Amaya told him, and Wesley said nothing for a few seconds. She thought she had been afraid when the first cock slid into the hole. That was nothing. Wesley’s silence was far more terrifying. Amaya felt tears spring into her eyes as she wondered if this would the mistake that lost her Wesley. The tears stunned her, but she didn’t let herself think about it. She had to know what Wesley thought.

“Amaya, listen very carefully to me,” Wesley said his tone was very serious. “I will not call on you tomorrow. You’ve certainly earned a reprieve. But when you go on your date, you’re going to let Chris fuck you. If he doesn’t make a move, you will fuck him.”

“Is this my task for tomorrow?” Amaya asked. She was wet again. Wesley was telling her to fuck Chris! She desperately wanted to do this for him, to prove herself all over again.

“No,” Wesley said, and Amaya’s heart sank. “No, there will be no reward for that task. You will do it because you know it’s what I want. Or am I wrong?”

“No, I’ll do it,” Amaya said.

“Excellent. Your reward for today’s task is in the stall next door. Enjoy your time tomorrow.”

He hung up before Amaya could say anything. She closed the phone and took a deep breath. The disappointment of not seeing Wesley’s face, the terror of sucking three strangers and the strange way Wesley had acted when he found out about Chris had left Amaya exhausted and emotionally unsure. She didn’t know up from down anymore. Had she done well, or was she in some sort of trouble?

Amaya shook her head and stood up. Bolts of pain shot through her legs, and she realized they must have fallen asleep on the toilet seat. She wanted to let them recover slowly, but her money was in the next stall. There could be no waiting. What if another guy came in and used that stall? Amaya gritted her teeth and willed her legs to move. She had earned that money!

The stall was just as dirty as the one she’d just left. The hole seemed larger on this side, and when she peeked through, she was disturbed by how much she could see. Her money was taped together in a large bundle on top of the toilet paper dispenser. She stuffed the money into her pocket and hurried out of the restroom. Thankfully, no one saw her exit.

She counted the money on her way home. It was a thousand dollars in hundred-dollar bills. Amaya whistled to herself. That was roughly three hundred and thirty dollars for each blow job. Oddly enough, the thought didn’t bother her. The young woman felt she should be experiencing some sort of shame from getting paid to give blow jobs, but instead, she was actually proud. It was a tough thing to do, and Amaya had managed to get through it. Besides, it was hard to feel shame when her pussy was still so wet.

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