Jun 272006

Look at the disapproval on Zim’s face. He knows. Even an alien invader who wants to rain some doom down upon the heads of our doomed enemies knows that a writer has to read in order to write. That stack of books hasn’t budged in a few weeks. As Zim would say, ‘Filthy human worm-baby, you are PATHETIC! I shall rule you all with an iron fist. You! Obey the fist!”

Today I think I’m calling for a day of reading. Oh I still have work to do but when I get a break I’ll crack open a book instead of chatting with hot chicks about their hot lives. It’ll be hard but I need to soak in fiction for a little while. I need to read a good book to see how a story is done and I need to read a bad book to inspire me to do a better job. I need step away from the world of Blogs and true life fictional confessions and slow my mind down for the long enjoyable ride of a 450 page story.

  7 Responses to “And On Tuesday, He Read”

  1. Talking to hot chicks about their hot lives?

    Wait-have we spoken?


  2. I’ll miss you, Shonny, as you delve into the realm of fiction.

  3. Reading mental break days are good things.

    I need one myself, but life intervenes…

  4. Succeed yet?

  5. Madame X- You want to? :)

    Tess- Missed you too :)

    Janelle- I reccomend it big time. I feel much fresher now.

    Mandy- One book down, and working on another :)

  6. Yeah, whatever, there’s a NAKED BLOGGER POOL PARTY over at my place!

  7. Yes, everyone needs a little break. I’ll be taking one this weekend.

    P.S.–Art, where IS your place?

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