Jun 302006

Subject- Superman Reviews

Feeling- It Rocks.

Favorite Part- Superman being a man.

Least Favorite Part- That part the felt like a replay of the first movie. I’m looking at you Lex Luthor.

Egotistical Observation Because I Fancy Myself a Writer- I could have done a better ending. I don’t know what, but the end they had just sort of peters out. Hell, five minutes earlier would have made a better ending.

Did I get Choked Up?-Hell yeah.

Final thought- See it now and enjoy the theater experience.

  6 Responses to “Afterglow Movie Review- Superman Returns”

  1. As much as I’m not a supernam fan – that makes it sound worth seeing,..

    I am all about batman. There’s just something about a regular guy with all those toys. ;-)

  2. tragic- I like Batman a lot as well. He’s a much more emotionally complex character in my mind. As a friend put it- Clark Kent puts on a costume and becomes Superman. Batman puts on a costume and becomes Bruce Wayne.

    Shon- I’m going to try and arrange it to see it at an IMAX theater down towards NYC (but there’s an IMAX theater to the north of the City, so I can avoid NYC if I want to).

  3. There are few bigger Batman fans than me. I have always loved the tragedy and the willpower involved with Batman. It is funny though as I grow older I relate more to Clark. Here is a guy who could be so selfish and self-indulgent and people would excuse him, but instead he busts his ass to save as many people as he can. Not because of guilt or revenge, but because he has a Super-big heart.

  4. Shon- That’s not something I’ve ever thought of.

    If anything, his big heart comes from a combination of graditude (if it wasn’t for the factors that make Sol and Earth what they are, Clark/Kal-El couldn’t be Superman) and the “good old American values” & small farmer town Mid-Western values instilled in him by Johnathan and Martha Kent.

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  6. *shifty eyes*

    I didn’t do it….

    I just saw Superman today and I felt weird cause My boyfriend and I were like the only ones who laughed thru the whole movie. Did anyone else see the funny moments in this movie? I thought they were fucking hilarous. And I mean come on, Richard was fucking Scott Summers!

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