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Today I want to talk about that special relationship that amateur/sometime get paid Writers have with a certain special someone. That someone is their volunteer Editor who never gets paid. These special creatures agree to pour over stories and root out all the typos, the commas and really bad sentences. They do the nitty gritty nasty part of writing and for the life of me, I can’t ever figure out why they do it.

I have been writing since I was a teenager. I have picked up a lifetime of bad habits and language idiosyncrasies that are just part of my voice. I also have a deep love of commas that has to be pruned daily or else all my, sentences, looks something, like this. I think I am a creative writer and a good storyteller but in the technical side of writing I need constant improvement. Hey, constant improvement is my feeling about domination, bondage, Buddhism and cooking. What a coincidence.

Now as a writer of erotica, I have had my fair share of volunteer editors. People offer to edit my stories and since I am fully aware of my flaws, I appreciate the offer. What always strikes me is their enthusiasm. They are so damn tickled to do what to me is mind-numbing work. To me Editors are the real masochists and I love them for it.

I think people like to participate in the making of erotica and editing gives them a way to help. It lets them join the orgy and provide a vital function similar to giving out hand jobs in between penetrations. I also have to hope they know how essential their task is. Their elimination of weak sentences helps everyone climax smoother. I’d rather you were blown away by the hot sex scene and not smirking because someone shoved their cock into someone’s ‘pissy’. A writer comes up with the plot, the story, the characters and all those special little things people love, but the editor is the one who does quality control to make sure those things get to you, the reader.

What has been weird for me is that I am dominant person writing a lot of domination stories. Editors come to me because they like the domination but they often fear that I and my raging dominant ego will object to every change they offer. They are surprised when I very rarely argue with them. They see editing sometimes as a dominant act: Editor makes corrections and Writer obeys. What they don’t get is that to my mind, editors are serving me. They are doing me, and you the readers, an awesome service.

Of course, once they realize that, some of the editors I have dealt with start becoming romantically interested in me. You have no idea how conflicted this makes me. Having someone serve me is an incredible turn-on. I fall in love with every good waitress I have ever had. Serve me and my writing and you’ve just about sent a thousand roses to my libido. So by the time they start flirting with me, I’m already fantasizing about them a thousand times over.

The problem is that professional relationships last so much longer than romantic ones. Once romance enters it, every takes on another subtext. I write a story about a bitchy submissive who is a brat, and the editor wonders if she pissed me off last night. If I become fascinated with a certain body type that is NOT the editor’s, there are questions of jealousy. If I really do have an issue with my editor on a romantic level, then her little editing comments might come across as snippier than they really are. And man oh man, when there are relationship problems, then the story is the last thing to get fix.

The solution obviously is to be professional and not enter into a romantic relationship with an editor. It is smarter to behave. It is wiser to keep things technical. Funny how wisdom and actions rarely meet in certain situations.

Say hello to M. She volunteered a little while ago to edit my stories. She started with Cell Phone Slave chapter nine and when we have time, she’ll chop away at earlier chapters. She has professional experience with editing which has been a big help already. She and I are hard at work on chapter 11 which has gone from sucking, to sucking less and will soon be fabulous. Go over to her site and thank her for making things better around here.

  8 Responses to “A Special Kind of Service”

  1. I can totally see your point and it makes a lot of sense. But I ran into a different problem when I started writing. I had to ask people to edit my story and most of them were my friends. The only reponses I could get from them were like, OMG It’s amazing! Your a great writer. It’s flattering but I spent most the day just getting a wrong feelin from it. The best editor I have is my boyfriend. He gives me the critisism that nobody else is willing to.

  2. I think I need an editor too, but since I’ve only started posting/blog publishing, I’ve not gotten any offers. I’ve been thinking about cross posting to a.s.s.m, but haven’t had the time at home to get the procedure for that yet.

  3. Hope it works out. I like her site, witnessing the beginning of it reminds me of my own evolution in blogging.

  4. mandy- Thats what boyfriends are for :) Though with my anxiety, I find it nearly impossible to take any criticism on my writing from my wife.

    Jaenelle- Email me if you have any ASSM questions. It can be fussy.

    Wrygirl- Thanks :) It is funny how starting blogs follow a similar evolution.

  5. What a lovely tribute! (But Shon, dear, it’s “pore over.”)

    WryGirl, thank you.

  6. I love my “editor” but he is much more than just that. He is someone I have come to count on in many ways. Story-wise, he helped me a lot with “Second Place”. He was kind enough to take my phone call and lend an ear when the story had me so hot that I was cumming every 30 seconds! We eventually made it through that though. :)

  7. I need to get off my ass so to speak & write something so an editor can shred me! lol,…I’m sure she doesn’t do too many cuts on your work though – you’re grand!

  8. M- lol, it never ends.

    Terri- We should have editor appreciation day sometime :)

    Tragic- Thanks :) and yes, you need to write more :)

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