May 132006

I am playing around with what can be done with the format. I am not used to a speaking story, so I went with something short and concise. I hope it entertains and arouses.

this is an audio post - click to play

  4 Responses to “Untitled Audio Story #1”

  1. I got it to work!
    So are you almost here yet?… the air is a verrrrrry poor substitute for your cock. ;-)

  2. Ropegirl- I’m so glad it works for you :)

    Traffic is a real pain in the ass today. I’m already 12 hours late :)

  3. Wonderful audioblog and very sexy little chat up. I like it because I could almost imagine actually getting that call. ^^


  4. Vixxxen- Thanks. I am thinking most audio stories will resemble one sided conversations and messages. I think they have a more vivid quality.

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