May 232006

1. Check Work Schedule to see what is expected to be done today.
1a. Scream at Heavens and Boss for cramming two days of work into 8 hours.

2. Find time to write story for Secret Geek Sunday

3. Find time to come up with an adventure for Role-playing Game on Saturday

4. Find time to gaze longingly at ‘Three Musketeers’ DVD with Oliver Reed that I don’t have time to watch today.

5. Figure out what’s for dinner tonight.

6. Scrub shower wall because I saw a tiny black dot of mildew this morning. Ick

7. Brainstorm for another Masturbation Month story.

8. Masturbate.

9. Get Part 6 of Cell Phone Slave ready to post.

10. Figure out what the Hell I am doing for HNT.

11. Pet Cats

12. Stomach crunches.
12a. Check weight
12b. Scream at Heavens that i didn’t lose any weight after twenty minutes of work

13. Meditate.

14. More stomach crunches.

15. Come up with a better post for Tuesday than a to-do list.

  17 Responses to “To Do”

  1. Fabulous list! My day dulls by comparison,…

  2. I am right with you on the; masturbation, brain storming for story ideas and the HNT except mine is a TNF.

  3. Oh I don’t know…. I’m a list queen… I like being organised, and your day seems far more interesting than mine which was to be honest
    1. wake up
    2. get dressed
    3. go to work
    see… just not as much fun

  4. Hey..nothing wrong with lists once in awhile. It’s not ALL about sex yanno!! ;)

  5. Tragic- Thank you for making my overwhelming list seem great :)

    Party Girl- do you mean total naked friday? Looks like I’ll be visiting someone on Friday

    Scarlet- lol. I knew I forgot to get dressed but hey, I work from home.

  6. Chelle- It’s not? Next you’ll be telling me that there is this place called ‘outside’.

  7. I think you should do this… #6 , to prepare for #8, then of course finish #8 which you can write about ~ eliminating #7 and if you multi-task well take pictures eliminating #10. There that should take care of a few of them :D. Hope your day eases up!

  8. What are you talking about! There is no place known as outside Shon…as for clothing…who needs them. ;)

    Interesting day planned it seems. Good luck on the list. :P


  9. To Do Lists help keep me sane! I’m such a procrasinator!

  10. Oh come on! You point me all the way to your blog, get me all excited for a Tuesday post that’s NOT a to-do list, and then you don’t deliver! Tease!


  11. Well, did you accomplish everything?

    And by the way, I am dying to know how you do the WHOLE POST thing. Is it a top-secret blogger function?

  12. Naughty Girl- lol. Excellent ideas but I would need four hands :)

    Green Eyes- I list everything. I have a notebook filled with lists. It’s an addiction.

    Mad- Dayum Eriye, I never expected you here :) Keep to blogging, stat.

    AAG- For the record, I did 1,1a,4,5,6,8,10,11,12,12a,12b,13 and 14. I’ll e-mail you the whole post trick :)

  13. Yeah….go figure…’s not all about sex…and OMG there IS a place called outside…lol sorry to burst your bubble…lol

  14. well I’d offer to lend you a couple but I’d have to ask Daddy and he’d probably want to watch.

  15. 1. Read list.
    2. Refer to number 1.

  16. Vixxxen- Thanks, and you are so right about clothes.

    Chelle-My bubble has been burst. Next you’re going to tell me that butter really is better than margarine.

    Naughty girl- lol that is a bit too much of an audience but thanks :)

    Nick- That list sounds like my Monday :)

  17. Yessir Mr Even-Nerdier-Than-I-Am Kinky Writer, Sir!!!

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