May 122006

Compliments are funny things.

Today I took someone’s Half Nekkid Thursday picture and put it up as my wallpaper on my computer. I did it because the image was exactly what I want to see and it got me thinking dirty thoughts. Dirty thoughts are nice because when I sit down to my computer, I want my wallpaper to spark dirty thoughts and get my writing going right there.

Now I would like to tell this person that I put up their picture up as wallpaper but that strikes me as semi-stalkerish. Sure they put that image out there for the world to see, but do they really want to know that I have that image super-sized across my screen and that when company comes over, they’ll be seeing her too? Do they want to know that my wife will be checking it out and will make some comment about my weakness for ______? Do they want to know their body will be contributing to my output for the week? Heck, if I write a really violent story that just happens to be percolating inside me, will they freak out and re-examine their picture wondering how in the world it inspired a story about junkyard orgies?

On a stranger note, it feels like I am picking favorites. I love half Nekkid Thursday because it makes me look at my body in a way I am not used to doing. I approach myself as a sexual object worthy of photographing. I see that same approach in my favorite image posters and I love each and every one of them. If I say, hey, so-and-so’s image today is now plastered across 19 inches of monitor I feel like I am somehow saying the other lovely images just weren’t sexy enough. They were, they just didn’t coincide with what I was thinking right now. Half nekkid Thursday is one of the most sex positive things I have seen. I don’t ever want to fuck it up for someone.

So here’s to you, unknowing contributor to my erotic state of mind. Today you struck gold with me and I wasn’t willing to let you go just yet. I’ll be looking at your image for a nice long time and who knows what stories may come. You did great today and I really appreciate it.

  15 Responses to “The Line Between Flattery and Creepy”

  1. I’d be flattered.

  2. Well I think we all find one or two HNT pics that really do soemthing for us. I dunno….it’s happened to me anyway….lol I thnk it’s normal….whether or not you say anything to that person or not. I have never…..just the way it goes I guess.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment on my site today. I started to read your stories and I’m hooked. I will be back when I have more time to read.

  4. Flattered, definitely.

    Hell, I’m in lust with my photo this week; shouldn’t everyone else?

  5. AAG- Looks like it’s time to make a Flattered List then :)

    Chelle-When I was younger and first started writing I used to compliment other writers all the time. Then the group I was in went through a weird phase where they complimented each other on the technical merits but never really liked to talk about the arousal. I think I have some hold over issues :)

    Thru My Eyes- Welcome along :) Take your time and enjoy yourself :)

    Wrygirl- lol, yes you should be in lust with yours :) You’re on the Flattered List :)

  6. I actively encourage readers to use my image as their desktop. We have several set up in the Back Room at our blog.

    It’s rather flattering to think that someone may want to have your image on their screen.

  7. suze- You’re on the Flatter List :) I like how you went ahead and made wallpapers. That’s a giving personality right there.

  8. Yeah, I’m with the other girls. I think I’d kinda like it…until you showed up at my office and followed me home, but up until then, yeah, it would be okay…maybe you could just ask first, then do what you want anyway. ;-)

  9. Vic- Okay, you’re on the Flattery List and the Stop Following You to Work list. Sigh.

  10. Add one more “I’d be flattered.” to the list.


  11. Rey- The Flattered List you go :)

  12. And another. :-)

  13. Ropegirl- And the Flattered List is far far bigger than I would have expected.

  14. It sure is different. I never thought about it that way before, but do admit saving a male image one time.

  15. Anastacia- Somehow I think a male would have much better reactions to being wallpaper material. Heck, he might even appreciatea stalking or two :)

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