May 022006

1) I work from home at a real stop and go job. Some days I spend hours working where I have one minute of free time followed by three minutes of work followed by one minute of free time. I can’t really write in those conditions but I can’t just sit there either. Because I am always multi-tasking, I am constantly hitting web pages and some mindless boring work days, I will hit the same blog twelve times a day. In an hour.

So if you see me commenting on a blog you read six times within an afternoon, I’m not really stalking anyone. If you are looking at your web stats and wondering why a guy in Atlanta visits your site five times in an hour, I’m not stalking you either. I’m just clicking through my favorites like a zombie praying for work to get over and distracting myself with sexy blogs.

2) My first girlfriend in high school wouldn’t let me touch her below the waist but she would call me up late at night and ask me to tell her an erotic story that she could masturbate to. Yeah, no wonder I have the hobbies that I do.

3) I like vanilla as a flavor. I know, I’m kinky so I should like chocolate or something far more exotic. I am a shame to the BDSM community.

4) I don’t like to write sad stories because that means for way too long I am going to be thinking depressing thoughts and trying to understand how badly characters are feeling.

5) I take a shower every morning not because I really need to as much as I just love the feel of hot water all over my body.

6) The most painful ass-switching toy I have ever used was the plastic rod that are on every plastic window blinds. When I go to other people’s houses, I like to think that blinds are a sure sign of kinkiness.

  4 Responses to “Six things You Have Never Asked”

  1. The reason some kinky folks think vanilla is the best flavor is that you can top it any and every way you want. Some toppings just don’t go on Rocky Road.

  2. I hadn’t thought about the topping options. I am now less of a shame to the BDSM community. Thanks Cricket :)

  3. Whoa. I’ve got blinds like that, and I assure you that my husband would NEVER IN A BILLION YEARS swat me with them.

    It’s crossed my mind to swat HIM with them, but not in a sexy way.


  4. AAG- Those blind handles are perfect for non-sexy swatting too. Well, let’s just say that whatever point you are tying to make will be gotten.

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