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Rite of Manhood. It means different things to different people. To the Knights of Qwin, it means going into the Bad Lands and slaying one of the dread monsters that lives there. To the Thieves of Stoneport, it means bringing back your first treasure all on your own from some fat merchant’s well guarded house. No matter what profession a man chooses, we all have our tests and rites that tell the world we are ready to be counted as equals in the great battles that define our legends.

Since I was a Spirit-Mage, my test was to summon and bind one of the true great spirits that haunt our world. Bonding with these ancient spirits allows us to cast the great spells that change the world and everyone around us. While wizards toiled over dusty tomes, trying to memorize near infinite incantations for the simplest parlor tricks, Spirit-Mages can manipulate matter and energy as easily as drawing a breath. Effortless power lied within my reach but first I had to bind a spirit to my soul forever and ever.

If you bind yourself to a Fire spirit, the very heat of the sun is yours to command. Bind yourself to a wise Snake Spirit, and no plan or trick is too great for you to conceive. A Spirit-Mage is defined by the spirit he bonds with and I planned for no less a spirit than Erack, Spirit of Purity. He was a noble force of purity, and every Spirit-Mage who has successfully bonded with him has become a great hero and champion. I planned to be the next.

Great Gods, if I had succeeded my life would have been so fucking boring.

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Since it was my Rite of Manhood, I had to do it alone. The Spirit-Mage guild trained me since I was ten years old but now that I was eighteen, I had to go up Solace Tower alone and cast my binding on the roof under an open sky. For four hours I laid out the runes in Dragonbone chalk. I painted the sigils on the floor that has held the bindings of so many bindings before me. I wore the seven layers of Summoning Robes, designed to protect me from dangerous greedy ghosts. I chanted the name of Erack for an hour, calling through the Astral Plane for his spirit to come to me.

The plan was that Erack would come to me. My sigils would hold him till he looked deep within my soul and saw my conviction. Then his spirit would navigate the chalk runes, changing his very spirit so that he could bind with me and join our souls in a lifetime of Purity and Power. The runes and sigils bound me as well. If I left during the summoning or moved from my spot in the center, I would literally tear holes in my psyche. Many great tragedies have been written about the Spirit-Mage who lost his courage and tried to leave Solace Tower only to be reduced to a gibbering idiot. Once the runes are laid, they must be properly washed away just as carefully or else the runes that are hooked directly into a person’s soul will leave their soul open for far less pleasant spirits to invade.

The sun was setting as I finished the ritual. My throat was hoarse from speaking Erack’s name but I could feel a presence. It was warm and comforting; like a piece of me that had been missing was suddenly reunited. I chanted the name louder and faster. I so wanted to bind with Erack and begin my adventures!

“You don’t need to yell,” a female voice said in my ear. “You have called, and Racki is here.”

Racki? Great Gods, had I summoned the wrong spirit?

My eyes popped open and confirmed the horrible mistake. Instead of Erack, shining Spirit of Purity, there was a dark curvy Spirit that was incredibly female. From her lush breasts to her wide hips and down her impossible long legs I knew that she could not in any definition of the word have anything to do with ‘Purity’. I watched as flowing blonde hair sprouted from her head and floated down around her nude form. The hair kept moving, flashing me glimpses of black nipples and even darker regions around her sex.

“Identify yourself! What foul demon are you?”

Racki smiled. I had never seen lips so red and inviting.

“You called me, and you don’t know who I am? I’m Racki, Spirit of a Thousand Pleasures.”

“No, no, no,” I groaned.

She pouted. I didn’t believe Spirits were capable of such a pure human emotion but when she pouted, I actually came close to apologizing. I shook my head and regained my focus.

“Depart Spirit, I was calling for Erack, not you.”

She drifted closer. I could smell spices and flowers so tempting I wanted to open my mouth and breathe it all in. My eyes were just as intoxicated by the voluptuous body that kept revealing itself under her long blonde hair.

“Erack? What could you want with him?” she said. “You want to fight endless wars in a quest for purity? Has Purity ever made your cock hard? Has Purity ever kept you warm at night?”

I didn’t answer her. I bent down and tried to ignore the vision of desire before me. All of my focus had to be on the sigils and runes before me. I had to untangle myself before this foul Spirit corrupted me forever.

It didn’t stop her from talking. She drifted behind me and somehow that seemed worse. Not being able to see her only made me want to look at her more. When she spoke, it felt like she was whispering directly into my ear.

“Oh don’t send me away,” she purred. “Do you have any idea what I can do for you? Do you know what pleasures I can give you?

“I bet you don’t,” she said. “A pure little Spirt-Mage like you has been studying. I have seen it before. You may have tumbled with a girl or two but you have saved your true attention for magic. You have chosen Spirits over flesh but let me tell you something little Mage . . .”

I couldn’t help it. “Yes?” I asked.

“With me, you can have both. You can have great power and you can have the joys of my body. Have you ever squeezed breasts so large your hands sink into them? Or do you prefer small tits, perfectly shaped and balanced for a gentle mouth? And my bottom? You can have it as large as you wish or as petite as you like. I can be blonde, a redhead or any color you can imagine. I’m the Spirit of a Thousand Pleasures; I can be any woman you want or all of them.”

“Have you ever had a mouth on your cock for hours on end? Have you ever been licked so much that spit drips from your balls? I can tell that you have not. You have no idea what it is like to feel a woman’s hair laid out on your lap as she sucks your manhood into her lips?”

“What about a woman’s ass? Have you ever fucked a woman in her tightest place? Sunk your cock into her buttocks till she screamed in pain but asked for more? Have you ever laid your seed deep in a place it was never meant to go? I think if you had, you would be fucking my ass now.”

I swallowed hard and tried to focus on the runes. I just couldn’t concentrate. All I could do was listen.

“The things I could do to you with my hands,” she whispered. “I could massage you till every worry was rubbed away. I could soothe you or I could excite you as you wish. Imagine how many cocks I have stroked and how good I would be at stroking yours. You would never masturbate again, that would be my job.”

I groaned. That only encouraged her. She drifted in front of me and instead of runes all I saw was her hungry lustful eyes. I was riveted because I knew that lust was for me.

“It’s not just the pleasures I can give you,” she said. “Imagine what powers you would command. You could seduce any woman with my help. You could be the most attractive man in the planet. Queens and Harlots alike would seek your cock and give themselves to you.”

“And with my powers, you would command sex itself. You could make any enemy climax over and over till he was a helpless mess of a man. You could curse a foe with impotence, blast an enemy with pure orgasmic pleasure or destroy an army with maddening lust. Men and women alike would either grovel before you or praise you for centuries depending on how you choose to use my power.”

Gods, that was so tempting. “It’s my choice?” I asked. “I don’t want to harm people.”

“You don’t now,” she said and oh how wise Racki turned out to be.

“If I bond with you, I must be the master,” I said. “I won’t be any Spirit’s slave.”

She moaned and reached for my hand. Racki guided my hand to her breast and I couldn’t help but squeeze. When I did, it was my turn to moan.

“Yes, Master,” she said. “It’s been too long since anyone summoned me. I want to live again and be one with the world again. I will make serving you my One Thousandth and One pleasure.”

That was all it took. I fell upon her and ravished Racki on the roof of Solace Tower. The spell had bonded her to me but we sealed our bond in spit and seed. Years of denying myself for some stupid ideal of Purity just made for an amazing three hours of fucking with my new ally. I took her in all the ways I could imagine which number so few compared to the thousand pleasures she has taught me since.

We left the Tower before the morning son rose. I couldn’t face my teachers and fellow students. I wasn’t ashamed of what I had become; I was ashamed of what I was. Now that Racki was my Spirit, the old life I led seemed small and naïve. I was a child then, and now I felt like a man.

And like any man, I now had a world to fuck and explore.

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  1. Wow… Fun…

  2. *giggles* I loved it and a wonderful creation for Secret Geek/Nerd sundays. Now to figure out where I can get me one of those Racki spirits. ^^


  3. Kitkat- thanks :)

    Vixxxen- Not a badstart for Secret Geek Sundays :) As a teen I desperately wanted some sort of familiar who could guide and advise but was ultimately my sex toy. sigh

  4. rofl – now that would be an awesome familiar. You would definantly need the improved familiar feat with that though. ;)


  5. Hmm,..makes me wanna roll a D20 for ‘gasmic rage! Nice!

  6. Tragic- LOL, I can just see that spell

  7. A great read! The beginning confused me, but I’m glad I stuck with it.

    Vix has the right idea. Send Racki over here when you are done with her. Methinks my man and I would have a wonderful evening with her too.

  8. Cherrie- Thanks :) Somehow I think you’re all the spirit your husband needs :)

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