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Way back when I was a young adolescent, one of my favorite comics was the Legion of Superheroes. Set in the 30th century, the Legion was a team of teenage superheroes from all over the universe. They dated each other, got married and fought bad guys. It was like superhero Soap Opera but in the FUTURE!

So I was going back through some back issues of this series rereading the stories of my youth when I came across this bad guy.

Ah, yes, Grimbor the Chainsman. He’s a super-genius that hates the Legion. His gimmick? He has a thousand different traps and umm, chains. He was my favorite super-villain from this comic because he was like an evil Batman. He was prepared for anything and always had a new trap, cage, chain or shackle for any hero.

Here I am at 33 looking at a comic I read when I was 13. My early interest in bondage is starting to make sense. This becomes especially true as I see this,


Which results in this,

And my favorite, double chains for the gal who can duplicate herself,

And oh, did I mention that he chained the WHOLE FREAKING PLANET?

Man, they just don’t make BDSM super-villains like they used to. Thank you Legion #277 through #279. And a big thank you to Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway for giving young me an intro in Bondage.

I think in a very significant way, this villain made me think of bondage as something that can be imaginative and colorful as oppossed to the black leather and spikes I keep running into. Although I doubt I will ever find a gag attached to the end of an arrow, part of me thinks that it is a shame we don’t have one yet. It’s 2006 people, let’s update our bondage technology and get me a duplicating rocket powered chain bola already.

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  1. My love & I have had immense fun with simple nylons & silk scarves, a bit old school but sometimes going back to the basics can be as exciting as the latest toys!

    I have a thing for Batman. Where does he get those marvelous toys?

  2. Tragic- Nothing wrong with old school bondage. I just want my gag-arrow already.

    Batman would have a hell of a sextoy utility belt, wouldn’t he?

  3. …I have no words. Looking back on it, though, I guess that there’s quite a bit of underlying sexuality in those old comics.

    Oh, and – Batdildo!

  4. Gag throwing arrow….. hmmm I guess you’d just have to make sure you had a good aim, tho I’m sure that would be a superhero skill… Not so much into the spikes but there’s a lot to be said for thick leather handcuffs x

  5. Great post and images! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. I think I’ll just stick to Alex’s ties. Although I have had a vote for a bondage kit, so we’ll see what happens. ;)

  7. I’ve always been a fan of AquaMan because he could hold his breath for long periods of time and didn’t mind the smell of fish…*rim shot*

    Let me tell you that Grimbor…fucking hot!

  8. Nick- Roy thomas was the same writer who did the monthly Conan and created Red Sonja, so I’m used to sex from his comics. I just wasn’t prepared to see so many act of bondage in one place that wasn’t Wonder Woman.

    Batdildo lol

    Scarlet- I used to roll my eyes at leather cuffs till the first time I used them on a person. There is something to be said for looking at your sub and realizing she was your version of the cliche you see everywhere.

    Lelly- thanks :)

    Suze- Ties have style and they come in colors. Ties are 100% Shon approved. Though I may vote for that bondage kit too.

    Madame X- Aquaman also needs to get wet every hour, which is another bonus for him *rimshot*

    What makes Grimbor hot is those grey temples. He looks like he’s been at those chains for decades.

  9. Yeah the temples are hot in a J. Jonah Jameson kind of way but it’s Grimbor’s thighs that do it too me *eyebrow waggle* and those biceps!

  10. Superheros and villians, they are the ones that originally introduced us to dressing up and playing with toys. I love comic books always have and now I have an urge to go look back through the old ones I can find just to see all the things I use to read through different eyes.


  11. Madame X- Note to self- more thigh workouts.

    Vixxxen- I have to agree. I get more turned on by a mask than I do by cleavage it seems. I love the differing identities. if you do find old hidden comic erotica, be sure to share :)

  12. Oh I used to roll my eyes at them too, until they were used on me of course, when I realised how much harder they were to escape from, how the leather warmed to my skin….. granted it’s a cliche… but of all the cliches out there, it’s my favourite xxx

  13. My erotic fantasies started with all of the costumes the super heros and villians wore. All tight fitting and covering nairy a nipple. Oh, to be so young and have no idea why I was so glued to the pages of the comic books.

  14. Scarlet- A favorite cliche makes you realize that cliches are a group consensus on what works :)

    Party Girl- What I miss are the colors. A man could dress up in red and yellow lightning bolts and it looked cool. Plus Catwoman. Catwoman is just cool.

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  16. i’ve been reading your BDSM stories and have loved every single one… and then i get on your blogspot to find this and laugh at the irony since i also collect comics. i’m love reading Batman and Daredevil, but my favorite foxy hero was Psylocke from the X-Men

  17. Asian Kid A- Do not get me started about Psylocke :) I fear I have been outed as a comic collecting role-playing kinky writer.

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