May 192006

Over the years I have seen writers come and go. Often it feels like I have seen more writers go then arrive. Usenet is a vicious place to write stories for. Readers are forgetful creatures in constant search of new thrills. Once they realize you are a real person who is not their ideal, a lot of them move on to the writer who does claim to be a sexy college student without a care in the world. A lot of writers get a huge boost of responses because they are the new kid on the block but once another new kid comes by, that avalanche of mail dries to a trickle. It makes them feel like you have peaked and the writers quit.

I don’t know if Terri Madison went through that, but I do know that when I saw her name in my mail box today I got excited. I couldn’t remember much about Terri, but just seeing her name made me smile and I remember her being one of my favorites. Funny how you can remember your affection for someone’s writing even if you don’t remember the stories they wrote.

Well Terri is dipping her toe into writing and she has a blog up. Time will tell if she can get back into writing stories but I hope that if she doesn’t, she at least sticks around and goes the conversation. Writing is a beautiful thing and its heart breaking when you stop. I feel like I am alive again and I want other writers I admire to experience the revival too. It’s great to see you again in any format you choose to give your readers, Terri.

Now if we can just get Jimmy-Hat, Maria Gonzales, Vicki Morgan, and many many others to get into Blogland. I wonder what new adventures they would cook up now.

  8 Responses to “Like Riding a Biker”

  1. Wow! I am so flattered to be mentioned here! I am touched that people remember my writing.

    I think I know at least in part why I have the block. Something deep inside me which hasn’t yet come out and until it does, I don’t think I can ever write again. I woke up one morning with the feeling that maybe I am ready.

  2. I am an admitted “addicted to anything” reader – you name it – I’ll read it,….Wonderful thought flow here today :) & thx for the visit too! xox!

  3. Ha, interesting take on the fluidity of writing on the internet. I found your stuff, Shon, through in a random search, and damned if it hasn’t opened up a lot of stuff I’ve never thought about or considered.

    You’re right about USENET, though. What a horrid place.

  4. Terri- Keep blogging till you’re ready to write. Your voice is too unique to fade :)

    Tragic- Thanks for reading :) Readers are so precious these days :)

    Nick- I love but man, their speed issues can be frustrating. I’m glad you’re here :)

  5. I did write today, and have a new story of sorts on my blog. It is not a sex story.

    Although it sounds a bit callous, I don’t care if people like it–it was simply something I needed to do. Does that make any sense?

    I was crying all afternoon and all evening because of it.

  6. Terri- You write where it takes you. And I think not caring what people think is the first step to being a writer. You get out all those emotions that are begging to get out.

  7. Shon, I’m sure you will come to find that things in the blog world can go exactly the same way.

    Blogs come and go so do the commenters, you get used to it. ;)

  8. Suze- Oh, I am sure you’re right. Just reading through people’s links I run across a lot of dead blogs. I just doubt I will ever get unselfish enough that I accept people stopping.

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