May 282006

The first date with a couple and a third person is tricky. My wife and I don’t share, so when we run into a Possible Spanking Friend (PSF for short), we don’t work as a team to seduce them. What we do is try to get a feel for the person so the spouse is okay with the other spouse doing naughty things to PSF. We also have to convince them that we are okay with stuff and won’t wig out on them two months in. The first date is spent selling ourselves as normal likable people who just happen to have sex with people outside the marriage. And then of course we have to decide whether we even want to do anything with the PSF.

The short answer is we had a great time and PSF was as interesting and attractive as she was online. We got along and she was comfortable with me and my wife, and we were comfortable with her. That might not seem like much to accomplish on a first date, but when it comes to a group dynamic, it’s quite a big deal. I like her, my wife likes her and she’s certainly worth getting to know better

Man do I hope its mutual but time will tell.

Going to the Renn Fair might not have been the best way to get to know someone. We had our best moments when we were sitting down eating without the distractions of shopping or passing entertainers to derail the conversation. The three of us share a history of fucked up parents and dealing with mental illnesses in our family and friends. We got into that at meal times but the majority of the day was spent looking at crafts and commenting on the heat.

Oh my Goddess, it was freaking hot. Georgia summer hot. So hot that two dollars and fifty cents for a bottle of water seemed reasonable and a little generous. So hot that the most popular attraction was a mist walkway that people would not walk through cause they would stand and hog the space.

Some other random observations-

My wife tried on a gold tiara with a large fake red gemstone and it was like a Queen assuming her crown. She went from my wife to being a Queen of great beauty and possible great anger. I told her she finally found her Domme look. This is how she should dress when we go to the dungeons and let people know she is in charge with a capital ‘C’ and that she was not a black leather conformist. It was stunning.

I loved that so many body types dressed provocatively. Women who would never show belly in normal life were showing belly, boobs and hips in skimpy outfits. It was such a friendly environment where people found the sexy side in bodies not normally accepted. It reminded me of a day long Half Nekkid Thursday where people presented their best feature as opposed to erring on the side of caution.

Two years ago we went to Renn Fair and most people wore medieval costumes. This year it was forty percent pirates and forty percent belly dancers. It was such a brief of fresh air. I’m always in favor of creativity over authenticity and it was nice seeing people walking around as ideal fantasy versions. I have seen more hot female pirates yesterday than I have in my whole life.

Hack and Slash is in my mind the best live show you can go to. They’re hilarious and great entertainers. Some of the live acts that I will not name will beg for money every five minutes like you are at an evangelical tent revival. Hack and Slash keep the begging to an acceptable level and even make it part of the act. They are also amazing stunt men who will shock and amaze you. If you only attend one show, attend theirs.

It wasn’t the heat, or the walking or the six hours we spent there that was so exhausting. It was the lack of sidewalks that killed us. Wear shoes that can stand walking on gravel, mud and sharp rocks all day long. At one point I stepped on six rocks in six steps and I understood why people rode horses everywhere.

All in all it was a great time. My anxiety stayed low and I didn’t make an ass out of myself. As first dates go this was pretty good. Considering that all three of us ended up sweaty, exhausted and smiling has to be a good thing right?

  6 Responses to “Hot and Sweaty”

  1. Glad to hear you had a good time and that your group dynamic seemed to be going well.

    And really with the Renn Faire I don’t think I have ever been to one where it wasn’t horribly hot outside.


  2. Vixxxen- Thanks, right now I am working on reading your Secret Geek Sunday story and finishing mine :)

  3. Yeah, what is it about those Renaissance fairs? They’re always in the summer, and people are trying to wear those hot costumes in the heat and mud . . . yecch.

    But it sounds like you’re on the right track with PSF. Just take it slow and easy, don’t scare her off and let her make a few moves toward you two.

  4. Cherrie- Thanks. I think you’re right and I’m taking that advice :)

  5. I with you Shon. Atlanta was truly HOTlanta yesterday!

    Good luck with the new girl. ;-)

  6. DSG- Thanks. It was freaking Hot wasn’t it? I’m afraid to go back outside today.

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