May 112006

I guess unofficial spanking week continues. You don’t get to see much of me in this picture but rest assure, when this drawer is opened, it’s because someone is naked. Besides, you get to look into my toy box and my reading pile. How much more nekkid can I be?

  18 Responses to “Half Nekkid Thursday”

  1. Very interesting. Why do you have a pastry brush in there?

    Happy HNT ;)

  2. Oooh, fun drawer! HHNT ;)

  3. Suze- For texture. It’s soft and the really does wonders on blindfolded people. And in a pinch it makes for a nasty paddle. Happy HNT to you too :)

    Crimson- Thanks Crimson. Sadly I could not cram my 30 feet of purple rope in there.

  4. You my dear give me lots of great ideas!! You’ll have to show us exactly what is in your drawer one day!! Happy HNT!!

  5. Just got my photo and new design up. Hope you’ll like it.

    Please make me stop thinking about the spanking. What would my husband think?

  6. Kimberly- The drawer like many great tresures, can only be examined in detail in person. And naked. Okay, I’ll go through it here soon :)

    Wrygirl- I love the design and the picture. As far as not thinking about spanking goes, I find that a lot like craving a certain food, you just got to break down and indulge if you ever want to stop thinking about it.

  7. Spanking week? How did I not know that?! Sign me up!

  8. i can’t believe i only just found spanking week. and i’ll have to try the pastry brush…

    happy hnt!

  9. See, my eyes went first to the pile of books.

    Is the Neil Diamond book any good? I had the biggest crush on him when I was a teenager. I luuuuved him.

  10. Vic- Spanking week just sorta happened. I had a story about spanking, the Cell Phone story had a spanking scene and then the first thing I saw in my toy drawer was the animal print paddle. The stars aligned and made it happen. Oh, and you’re still signed up :)

    Grody- you don’t find Spanking Week, it finds you :) The Pastry Brush something I’m surprised everyone doesn’t have.

    AAG- Actually that is my Neil Diamond boxed set of CD’s. It ended up on my bedside table when needed upbeat positive music to listen to during cat petting time. Yes, real cats and not a code word.

    I dare anyone to be in a bad mood during Crackling Rosie.

  11. Very nice toys !!!!


  12. Nice toys! Love leopard print! Happy HNT!

  13. Backdoor- Thanks :) I really need to add to it. My last submissive had all the cool toys.

    Sassy- Thanks. I can’t resist animal prints. I’d cover all my toys in it if I could :)

  14. Oh, look at the toys! Happy HNT!

  15. ohhh a little naughiness is good ;)

    HHNT :)

  16. Lee Ann- Happy HNT to you too :) Though after seeing yours, I may want to add hand weights to my toy box.

    Chelle- A little is good but a lot is awesome :)

  17. Oooh! That toy drawer looks full of goodies!! ^_^


    Happy (b-lated) HNT!

  18. Shay- Thanks :) Belated is better than never :)

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