May 252006

Since it is Masturbation Month . . .

In case it is not clear, this is a picture of my point of view in my bed while I am masturbating. That MASSIVE hill in the center is my hand around my cock pointing up. Blankets make everything look bigger.

I thought about doing an image of me without blanket but you know, I find this far more vulnerable. A man uses sheets to cover what he is doing yet one look at the large elevated area around his groin and the act of hiding just looks ridiculous. You’d be better off masturbating above the sheets.

Anyway, enjoy the view and imagine what activities could be going on under that comforter.

  22 Responses to “Half-Nekkid Thursday Masturbation Month”

  1. Now where is that God damn torch. I’ll be there soon.

    Very suggestive.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  2. Can I just imagine that the lump is my head instead of your hands…it being masturbation month and all…

  3. You know – I think its more comforting & cozy to do it in bed under sheets than sexy even,..its like hugging yourself with more benefits! Great pic! HHNT!

  4. Suze- Thank you. I think suggestive is always good to go.

    Madame X- What a coincidence Madame, that was one of the things I was imagining . . .

    Tragic- That is very true. I always do it with sheets over cause darn it, I like to cuddle afterwards even if its just with the sheets.

  5. Gee.. I dunno Shon… when you come on out and use the word MASSIVE when describing yourself.. someone might just think you’ve got a bit of an ego… oh, wait. Aren’t ‘ego’ and ‘dom’ synonymous?

  6. That is one MASSIVE hill. Nice!

  7. Mad- Why yes, you would think :)Mostly I wanted to use the term MASSIVE to point out that objects under blankets may appear larger than they are

    Having said that,

    AAG-why thank you, it is MASSIVE isn’t it?

  8. *falling on the floor laughing.. and gasping for breath, too*

  9. I feel like I’ve been teased?!?!? MOUNT UP is all that comes to mind.
    Happy HNT Shon!

  10. Anyway, enjoy the view and imagine what activities could be going on under that comforter.

    My head…

  11. naughty Girl- Tease? Me? :P Mount Up sounds great.

    Terri- Well, if you insist :)

  12. It’s masturbation month?
    Damn, I didn’t know, but that explains a few things…

    Great idea for a pic…

  13. Isn’t *every* month masturbation month?

    I agree…the covershot is far more vulenerable…very sexy…

    Hmmmmm makes me wanna go undercover diving :D


  14. MG- Thanks. Only took 83 pictures to get it right :)

    Becca- Ah, but this is the month we actually brag about it :)

    cover diving is acceptable and lifeguard is on duty :)

  15. Isn’t *every* month masturbation month?

    Masturbation Day is a national holiday which kicks off every morning in my shower!

  16. Ooh I like, so what do the female (and male) fans of this blog have to do to get rid of the quilt ;)

  17. Scarlet- I’ll pull back those covers if I can think of a really sexy interesting shot to do with it. I got to have some creative license other than just pulling down my shorts :)

  18. “I got to have some creative license other than just pulling down my shorts”

    I’m thinking this crowd will be pretty easy to please hun. :)

    Very sexy pic.

    Happy HNT!!!


  19. Love a pic that leaves something to the imagination and my imagination is running wild at the moment. Happy HNT

  20. oh my! Well, if that’s not fuel for the imagination, I don’t know what is.
    Happy HNT

  21. But what about the mess?!

    Happy HNT dear ^_~

  22. Terri- I need to hit your shower.

    Rey- Thank you. Pleasing is one thing, but I aim for delight :)

    Sexy duet- Thank you very much :)

    melody Censor- Exactly what I was hoping for :)

    Shay- Ah the mess, I think that will be saved for another HNT maybe during Wet and Messy Month.

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