May 182006

It has been requested among Half-Nekkid participants that we post out first picture followed by a picture with an anniversary theme. In the very short time that I have been apart of this, I can easily say that this has been a blast. There is something subversive about people coming together to throw off convention and get naked even if it’s through the safety of the Internet. I have started reading blogs through Half-Nekkid Thursday that I might never have come across sticking to my old erotica preferences. It’s neat to see where the erotica oriented and the average less sex obsessed meet.

Here is my first picture,

And here is me having a relaxing drink at the Anniversary,

  38 Responses to “Half-Nekkid Thursday Anniversary Edition”

  1. Now if I can just move that camera up a little.

    Happy Anniversary HNT sweetie ;)

  2. Love the drink and naked leg!

    HNT is one of the most fun parts of the week I reckon.

    have a great one :)

  3. Absolutely fabulous dahhhling!

  4. Great pics, both of them. HHNT!

  5. Suze- For you I’d gladly accept requests :)

    Anastasia- Thanks. I have to agree that I really look forward to Thursdays too.

    Wenchy- Thank you Wenchy. I feel fabulous.

    Sexy Duet- Thank you very much :)

  6. Cheers! I’ll drink to that!
    Happy HNT 1 year!

  7. very nice. happy HNTiversary!

  8. And what was the anniversary libation?

  9. Gimmee some knee baby!!!



  10. You’re even in your birthday suit! ^_^

    very nice!

    Happy aniversary HNT!

  11. Melody- Cheers to you too. We all need to relax sometimes.

    Lime- Thank you :)

    Lushlyme- I have actually consumed less than a dozen alcholic beverages in my lifetime so today the magic of the camera turned ordinary sweet tea into something brown and tipsy.

    Becca- My knee is yours to enjoy :)

    Shay- Yes actually. I took about a dozen photos and realized this one worked best though it doesn’t show my party favor.

  12. Very nice choices! HHNT!

  13. Is that a little captain morgan you are drinking?

  14. Hey! No stealing my towel idea!
    :-) HHNT!

  15. *wolf whistle*
    Very nice!

  16. I think I have a wet spot. Might I borrow that towel a sec? Happy HNT!!

  17. Crimson- Thanks :) Selecting the final picture is the hardest part.

    Wino & Wife- No, but it was my Captain Morgan pose :)

    Andy- Actually, those are my boxers :) And it’s too good a pose to not share :)

    Erika- Thanks :)

    Betcha- Feel free to borrow my towels, my boxers or whatever else you need for your wet spot :)

  18. Nice pic! Can I have a sip?

  19. Lovely leg shot ;)

    I may not be a HNT person yet but I don’t mind running through other peoples blogs and peeking.


  20. Very nice HNT shots!

    Hope it was a good drink!


  21. I really liked that first shot. I can imagine you coming out of the shower just like that.

    Not that I spent time sittin’ around imagining you naked. Noooo not at all!

  22. Green eyes- Sip away :)

    Vixxxen- Thanks and when you do take the HNT plunge, we’ll be there with towels and cheers.

    Solitaire- it was though by the time shooting was over the ice had long diluted it.

    AAG- Thanks bunches. I completely understand that any images of me naked you were thinking purely from a short-time lapse point of view :)

  23. Wow…both pictures are very sexy! :)

    HHNT!!! ;)

  24. Love this photo with the conspicuously placed blue towel and that firm grasp you have on it. ;) Gets the imagination going!

    And it looks like we shared a celebratory drink in HNT’s honor together last night! Cheers, mate. ;)

  25. Happy HNT!!! & THANK YOU!!! Your comment made me shine! xox!

  26. Looks good…drink and body! Thanks for visiting me…hope to see you back.

  27. Chelle- Thanks. I’m still tickled by yours.

    Tara- Cheers :)

    Jean- I think you were shining before I got there :)

    Haleigh- Ditto :)

  28. Sexy!! Love the legs!

    Happy HNT!!

  29. Wonderful, both of them!
    Happy HNT Anniversary!

  30. What a great way to celebrate!

    I love the leg shot. Need to do one of those myself.


  31. Nice bar stand you have there!

  32. Pud- Thanks, makes all those walks to the store worth it.

    Lee Ann- Thank you :)

    Tricia- Thanks, and yes, you do :)

    Cherrie- Thank you :)

  33. Great pix… Cheers! *ting*
    HNA! =)

  34. Yummy a cocktail! Happy HNT

  35. OH MY, look at all these people commenting on a very sexy man, I just want to add one more compliment, Who wouldn’t want what I see in that picture…very, very nice.

  36. Lil Bit- Cheers back at you :)

    Naughty Girl- lol, I don’t know why but that pun really cracks me up.

    Thru My Eyes- Okay now I’m close to blushing, thanks :)

  37. Yummy! Can I have a shot…I mean a drink!
    Happy belated HNT!

  38. Sassy- have all the shots, or drinks you need :)

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