May 042006

You know what would really go well between my legs while the sun comes down on my porch? A mouth. Hope you have a nice Half-Nekkid Thursday.

Picture 006.jpg

  16 Responses to “Half-Nekkid Thursday”

  1. I was thinking exactly the same thing.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  2. nice view ;) and you are soooo right!HHNT!

  3. I posted a similar pic! HHNT

  4. Cool shot HHHT!

  5. Great idea ;) HHNT!

  6. Nice view! Happy HNT!

  7. Sounda good to me!! hehe

    HHNT ;)

  8. How true, how true.


  9. Suze- See, lewd minds think alike :)

    Sunny Delight- Glad you’re sharing the view :)

    Scotty- What, Deja HNT :)

    Spencer- Thanks, makes the other twenty shots I took seem worth it :)

    Crimson- Woot, the Crimson Seal of Idea Approval :)

    Sassy- The view on your HNT was pretty nice too :)

    Chelle- So glad you agree :)

    Plot- Happy HNt to you too :)

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more! Nice shot.

  11. AAG- Thanks :)Nice to so so many agreable people today.

  12. haha
    I was thinking of beer….
    but then, I’m just weird at the moment

  13. I like it.

  14. MG- Thanks. Happy HNT to you too :)

    Shay- LOL, Beer is another acceptable anwser :)

  15. That is great! Exactly what my hubs would say! And I agree with you both

  16. HNB- Thanks :)Not many people know this, but porch rails were designed for outdoor blowjobs. I think I saw it on the History Channel.

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