May 052006

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ugg, nine, grrr, ten.”

She was doing her sit-ups. It had been a long workout and my girl was tired. Sweat dripped from her body and her chest was heaving in all the right ways. Hair that is usually so meticulous was coming apart in strands from her ponytail. I was holding down her legs to give her support and looking at her bare sex. I was so glad that I had her workout in the nude.

“I’m worn out,” she groaned. “Can’t we call it a day?”

I kept from growling. “Every year you swear you’re going to workout and be thin enough to wear that bikini. And every year you get mopey and depressed when you didn’t work out and you didn’t lose any weight. Ten more.”

She sighed and did it. Ten more sit-ups and ten more groans. “I should have never asked my dom to be my workout coach.”

I grinned. “You’re right.” I personally thought her body was fine but my slave was self conscious. No matter what I said or did, I knew she wouldn’t be happy till she was able to wear that damn blue bikini. Once she requested me to push, punish and structure her workouts like I do our sex and house chores, well, what could I do?

After she did ten more I bent down and lapped at her sex. Her body, exhausted and sore, still had enough strength to tremble as I dipped my tongue into her cunt. My hands kept their iron grip on her thighs as I licked. She tasted salty and sweet at the same time.

“Ten more,” I said.

She whimpered. “I’m too tired.”

SMACK! The back of my hand slapped against the inside of her thigh. I gave her other thigh a slap and then both thighs two more swats. My slave cried out and her eyes glared at me but she said nothing.

She gave me ten more sit-ups. When she was done, I went back down between her legs. Ten licks I gave her even though she was squirming for more.

“Ten more,” I said.

This time she didn’t complain. It had been a long workout and her body was suffering for it. The woman that could go into a kneeling position like a ballerina was wobbly and straining as she sat up. She did five and I stopped her.

“Always maintain proper form,” I said. “You’re pulling on your neck.”

“Sorry,” she said.

I didn’t accept her apology. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the clothespins I had brought for this occasion. My girl shook her head from side to side but I ignored her. I snapped a pin on each pink nipple and grabbed a hold of her legs again. For all her exhaustion, she managed to arch her back pretty well as the pins punished her nipples.

“Now, five more with proper form,” I said.

The pain worked better than Gatorade when it came to rejuvenation. She gave me five more sit-ups. The pins pulled on her as she moved and it was so tempting to flick them every time she sat up. I settled for squeezing her thighs instead.

When she was done, I slid a finger into her. She moaned as I sank deep within her slick walls. In and out my finger moved while my girl clenched her eyes. I pulled my finger out and placed it in her mouth. She sucked my finger hard, her tongue furiously trying to seduce me. It was so cute how she was trying to get me to forget her workout and move on to other games.

I pulled my finger out. “Ten more, done right,” I said.

“I hate you,” she said. I smiled. It’s never a good workout till there is hate involved.

She gave me ten more sit-ups.

This time when I went down on her I stayed on her. I licked and nibbled while my girl’s breathing changed from panting to gasping. My hands reached up and played with the clothespins on her nipples; twisting them just right to make her scream my name. Her hips bucked against my face as her thighs closed around me.

“Please, sir, may I come?” she begged. Even fatigued, she remembers the rules.

I sat up. My lips were numb. The taste of her was on me. Her nipples were red and so deliciously tender. The sight between her thighs was tempting me to mount her right there.

“Ten more, with proper form,” I said.

  6 Responses to “Fiction -Proper Form”

  1. How often my workouts with my man are interrupted by impromptu sex sessions!

    Or is it the other way around?

  2. Working out is just plain sexy. I can be working out alone and I’ll still get aroused. And yoga? Yoga is damn sexy. I don’t seem to relax enough to do my yoga right. sigh

  3. This is my first time to your site – I saw you on cherrie’s, but I’ve got to say…what a HOT story!

  4. Romancing Simplicity- Thanks :) Always glad to entertain a new reader :)

  5. Gods, you just described my weekend.

    Never, never let your dom play personal trainer…

  6. Sabrina- That is so very very true. My wife, lovely Domme that she is, offered to help a friend of ours stay on track with his workout and the look of terror on his face was priceless.

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