May 192006

To Pam’s new lover,

Hello, I am Pam’s first boyfriend after she divorced her husband. If you are reading this it’s because Pam plans to fuck you. Actually she plans to have you fuck her, which might not seem like a difference now but you’ll soon find out.

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You are most likely a little jealous of me. You see this letter as an intrusion and the last thing you want is some guy who fucked Pam telling you how to do it right. Rest assured I am jealous of you. Pam is a beautiful vibrant woman who got fucked over by her ex-husband. It made her angry, bitter and desperate to live life after going without for so long. She came to me because I have a reputation of not forming long term relationships. I helped get over her problems and taught her to be strong enough for herself. I taught her too well. When I wanted her to stay with me, she decided she needed to go back and find her own life. I was her rebound and I accept that. Pam did worry though that men wouldn’t know how to handle her now. So after some delightful begging, I offered to write this useful manual. Think of it as Pam’s User’s Manual.

Are you shocked to hear that Pam begged for anything? She is a formidable woman. Tough, unflinching and down right furious if you piss her off but let me tell you a secret. Deep down, Pam is not above begging for something she really wants. Her voice goes up an octave, her eyes smolder and she tends to bite her lips. She is so tough most of her day that few things make her feel girlish and young again than having to beg. Just make sure you only have her beg you for sexual favors. Make her beg for dinner or a movie and she will punch you, HARD.

And when she begs, always deliver. Oh, you can play around making her wait. You can flirt with denial. Just keep in mind that every time you refuse her sex after she has begged, you’re being frigid like her last husband.

At this point you have to realize that Pam is into kinkier sex than you may have been expecting. I am hoping you have tied people up before and know a thing or two about spanking. If not, go read some books. Hell, borrow Pam’s. Most of them I gave to her.

Even if you are experienced in the kinkier side of life, here are a few tips to ensure a happier fuck with Pam.

Pick her underwear every day. Let her know that every day, you are thinking about her pussy and how it’s dressed.

That spot under her right ear is a magic button tied directly to her sex. Bite it often.

Work out a signal that you are ready to dominate her. Pick an outfit, or choose a slave name or simply make up a hand signal. Create something that will let Pam know it’s time to let go of the Pam everyone thinks they know and that now is the time for the Pam that only we know of.

Don’t spank or cane Pam because she did something wrong. Spank her because you love to do it and she has offered her ass to you. Pam doesn’t need discipline or to be trained, she just needs to be mauled, spanked and fucked for your entertainment.

When you do spank Pam, start with your hand. Squeeze and fondle her buttocks before starting. I don’t care if you plan to break out the rattan canes and give her the beating of her life, start with a caress, a tug and a pinch. Pam can handle any pain if she knows you really love her bottom first.

Grab her hair. Grab it when you want her attention, grab it when you want her to climax, and grab it when you want her to beg to suck your cock. Her hair is her leash. She grew it out long after years of keeping it short just so you can pull her to you. When you fuck her from behind, pull her hair so taunt that she is bending like a damn bow.

Eat Pam’s pussy. Stay there till she begs to climax. Deny her the climax and keep licking. When her hips are moving and her thighs threaten to crush your head, only then let her climax. After she begs of course.

When Pam is stressed or when her father pisses her off once again, use this trick on her. Snap your fingers and tell her to get on all fours in front of you. Tell her move her hips like she riding your cock. Let her talk about her job or her father as much as she wants, but while she is venting she has to be in full sexual motion. She’ll get over whatever has pissed her off in no time. And if not, at least you have a show to watch.

Flaunt her. You know how beautiful Pam but she doesn’t. Always remove one more button or insist she wears heels today. She is a prize and when you go out, show her off like you would a brand new car.

When you fuck Pam, use her. Fuck her hard, fuck her slow, fuck her however you want. Use her mouth, use her tits, use her sex or use her ass. Make her your slut, your mistress, your slave and your girlfriend. Fuck her like you’re having an affair. Use her to her fullest because she deserves nothing less.

And finally, when you climax, do it on her chest. Not every time, but at least once a week. She’s not happy with her breasts and this is the only thing that makes her feel like her body is just right. If you wipe your cock on her breast, you’ll get her horny enough to go again.

So there you go. I haven’t told you everything and if you are completely ignorant of BDSM then I can’t teach it in a letter. What I have given you is the tools to make Pam crawl to your feet when you command, to make her lift her skirt with just a glance and the ability to make her chain herself to your bed for as long as you want. Love her and care for her and she will be yours forever.

I hate you,
Mr. R

  13 Responses to “Fiction: Pam’s Lover Manual”

  1. Ah ha ha. That’s good. Those are excellent tips; will pass them on to interested parties.

  2. Wrygirl- I’m glad you found them useful. Do you recall suggesting the seed for this story idea? :)

  3. Interesting post. Very interesting.

  4. Well written. You have a way with words.

    Loved the closing!

  5. *mmmmmmm* Delicious!

  6. lol wonderful read. I love the letter format of it and the description is just wonderful, I love it because when I want to keep someone that is how I like to keep them. I don’t punish…I absolutely dislike bondage and light floggings (in my case) for punishment. But to have and keep someone as a treasure or a pet…hmmm that I am able to see the enjoyment in even more.


    p.s. the amount I disclosed here tells the little bit I know about domination play. Just so I am hopefully not sending mix messages in my comments, from this comment to the last one.

  7. Leesa- I’ll take interesting any day :)

    Nick- Thanks. I had the closing before I had the beginning :)

    Terri- You would know :) Congratulations on returning to writing.

    Vixxxen- Thanks for the compliments. I think you’re a little hard on yourself for your experience. I have seen people with a decade of experience who didn’t learn a damn thing. Remember that you are unique and that you are the only authority on Vixxxen likes BDSM. As far as I am concerned, every opinion you have is fully informed :)

  8. *chuckles* Thanks Shon I think I get that way because I know people that enjoy things that make me squirm and go…no way.

    Mostly I think it is about finding out about people…and being true to oneself.


  9. Shon, very interesting angle to that post. I’m all ears and eager to learn. Very enjoyable.

  10. I am wondering how many women will now change their name’s to Pam?

  11. Suze- Thanks :) I’ve seen this almost-happen in real life enough times to realize that it would be fun to write.

    Madame X- I will be happy to help any women looking to change their name to Pam :)

  12. Barefoot Mistress- lol that made me smile. Thanks.

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