May 262006

Francine was a tease. That’s not to say she didn’t go all the way. Francine was a sexy woman married to one of those husbands you hear about but never understand. Her sex drive had jumped and his had slowed down. She was masturbating three times a day and he thought once a week sex was his duty. No, Francine was not a tease in the usual sense of the word. If Francine had her way, she would have fucked me and my wife long ago. I mean both individually and together.

Francine was a tease because as much as she laments about her husband and how much she wants to fuck other people, she never really pursues it. She’ll sigh over my wife’s breasts and then giggle, letting us know that she REALLY didn’t mean it. It’s the same giggle she does when she runs her hand over my arm or when my wife is in her swimsuit. Francine wanted us so badly and I really did feel for her, but she disguises her need in flirting and deniable indecent proposals. We just wanted her to come out and say it.

One night we decided we had had enough.

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My wife was the one who asked her to come into the bedroom. Francine made a forgettable double entendre as she followed us. She expected us to show her a new bed sheet or maybe a new painting. When she saw the chair draped in leather and shackles, she knew that we had finally called her bluff. She became so flustered that not even she could come up with a joke. The looks on our faces told her we would not be cracking jokes either.

Francine said nothing as we undressed her. That’s not quite true. She moaned a lot. We took her clothes off piece by piece. Her long curly hair came free, as well as her blouse, her shoes, her pants, her bra and her panties. We stripped her down without saying a word although my wife and I shared a smile when our glances crossed over Francine’s nude body.

I doubt Francine had ever been bound before but she had an eager smile as we sat her down. Shackles went around her ankles and bound her to the heavy wooden chair. She squeaked when her ass met the cold wood but the squeak turned into a groan when my wife slipped a blindfold over Francine’s eyes. The poor woman started to tremble a little but she calmed down as we slipped more and more leather over her. Her hands we bound to a belt around her waist which gave her plenty of freedom to move her hands as long as she didn’t want to raise them higher than her belly button. That was comforting to her, even when I slipped a cold metal collar around her neck and secured it to the back of the chair.

There Francine was; naked and sitting in our bedroom. It was her fondest dream and yet she was blindfolded and bound to a chair able only to touch herself. I took one hand and my wife took Francine’s other and we guided her to masturbate. She turned her head and tried to kiss us but we stayed out of reach. She still hadn’t asked. We each guided a hand into her pussy and got her stroking. It didn’t take long before she was doing it on her own.

Once she was stroking herself with passion, we stepped away. My wife and I got undressed. Francine could hear the zippers and unbuttoning of shirts. She moaned but still said nothing. Even when the sounds of our kissing filled the room, Francine just kept stroking.

Oh what a glorious hour or two it was. My wife and I fucked. I went down on her and she went down on me. I took her from behind and she rode me. We fucked on the bed and we fucked against the wall. We did things we hadn’t done in years just to see if it would create a different sound and whether it would drive Francine to moan louder. There seemed to be no end to our imaginations as we fucked in ways Francine and her husband had not done in a decade if ever.

Francine came a few times. We could hear her every time. I wondered if she always screamed like that? When she was at home, masturbating on the couch with her legs in the air, did she cry out like she did when she was listening to us fuck? Did she soak her seat like she was doing now? Did her cunt make those lovely squishy sounds as she plunged her fingers in and out?

We were doing something complicated and perverse when Francine finally broke her silence. It was just in time too. Even teased people like me and my wife have our limits.

“Please, please, please let me join,” she said.

I stopped in mid thrust. “Do you want to fuck us?” I asked.

“Yes,” Francine said.

“And eat my cunt?” my wife asked.

“Oh yes!” Francine said.

“And do you promise to ask from now on when you want to get fucked?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Francine said. She was shaking. A dam had burst within her and she was in that half state of almost crying and sobbing. Francine had been teasing us but I had no idea how much she had been teasing herself. I could see her tears soaking through the blindfold.

“Give it to her,” my wife said. I always loved her generous nature.

I pulled out of my wife and walked over to Francine. I released the catch on the chain holding her collar to the chair. I didn’t have to tell her a thing. Francine opened her mouth and bent forward, looking blindly for my cock. I grabbed those lovely curls in both hands and guided her to my cock.

There is nothing hungrier than a woman who’s been denied too long. My wife’s spit and sex had been smeared over my cock but Francine took it all. She sucked me like no one else has in my life. It was a little frightening to have this needy sensual woman trying to drain me through her mouth; frightening and incredibly arousing.

Ejaculation took only moments. My seed sprayed into her mouth and down her throat while Francine kept masturbating. My hands kept her head pinned to my cock as I emptied every thing I had into her. After fucking my wife for so long, my own knees were shaking now from the release of tension.

I pulled my cock out and I had to pull Francine away by her hair so eager she was.

“Let me eat your wife’s pussy,” Francine said. “I want to taste her and make her cum. Please?” A drop of my semen dribbled from a lip.

“Much better,” My wife said. She was on the bed with her thighs spread. Her sex, already well fucked and wet was waiting for Francine.

I unlocked Francine from the chair and led her to the bed by her hair. My wife took Francine’s hair from my hand and guided the still blindfolded woman to her pussy. I couldn’t see anything through all the hair but the sound of lapping told me what I needed to know. My cock was still hungry so I plunged it into Francine’s very well lubricated pussy. Her cunt was like everything else about Francine, it wanted more.

After that night, Francine never had a problem asking for what she wanted again.

  18 Responses to “Fiction: No More Teasing”

  1. Hmmm interesting.

    I once went to a seminar that explained how to get exactly what you wanted in one easy step.

    To ask for it.

    Yeah I paid money for that seminar.

  2. I like this blog

  3. Madame X- I just charged your credit card 75$ for relearning that advice here. What a coincidence! :)

    Kristen- Thank you :)

  4. Shon- YES!!! Thank you, thank you for writing a story about what so many of us are thinking! Can I send this story to half the people I’ve ever negotiated playing with, please, please?

    You’d be surprised how many people NEED to attend that seminar that Madame X attended, especially when it comes to the dirty s word. Maybe it’s because people are too afraid to be turned down, but damn do I get tired of people saying “Wouldn’t it be nice if..” or “i like it like..” I’ve taken to often ignoring it. If you want me to play you, or you want to play me, ask. If *I* don’t have permission, then *I’ll* ask B. Life is easier all round when people are direct, isn’t it?

  5. Hey Mad you know what’s odd…I have no problem asking for what i want when it comes to sex. NONE.
    Ask me what I want for dinner and we’re talking trouble.

  6. Mad- Send this story to whomever you want :) I have no problem with people who just want to flirt and never take it to another level. I love those people and I understand why they do it on a lot of different levels. I just get frustrated with those who do want the next level but can’t take that step to admit it.

    Madame- As for dinner, whatever you want, I’m not picky. It just can’t be Thai, Mexican or Chinese, Japanese or Italian because I just had those. And no steak places or chain restuarants please. Other than that, I’m not picky. Oh, no pizza tonight either.

  7. ** Transcrpit of usual going-out-to-lunch conversation **

    B- so. Where do you want to eat?

    Me- Um. Oh crap, I have no idea. I’m starving. er. not McDonald’s?

    B- You know, just becuase you’re my submissive doesn’t mean you can’t have an independent thought every once and a while. You just need to learn to express them in a humble and respectful manner.

    (** aside note for those who don’t know me- I’m the single most opinionated person you’ll ever meet, and i mean EVER!! **)

    Me Batastrd!! (looking for something to throw at B)

    B- Okay, how about deli?

    Me- nah, I don’t feel like sandwiches. Too much processed meat.

    B- Okay. Pizza?

    Me- yuk. We had that yesterday.

    B- Fine, how about all-day breakfast?

    Me- Sounds perfect! … thank you, Love. You’re very tolerant of my problem with food indecision.

    B- yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell someone who cares.

  8. Oh nice! I really enjoyed that one!

  9. Tragic- Goody. Thanks :)

  10. Oh that was most definitely hot. I most definitely am not afraid of asking for what I want, my trouble is I do want such a lot ;)

  11. Sounds like me in a way… it took me over 20 minutes to ask my friend (the one who sent me the Spanking Friends story) to follow through with his promise to bite me.

    Gods, that was years ago now.

    Part of me wonders why it took so long for me to follow through on what I wanted. However, I’m sure that I was not ready for it before then.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Oh lovely but if I knew someone had those toys I might not ask just so I can get to play with them. ;)


  14. Scarlet- lol, that should be another story.

    Janelle- I can relate to that. The best submissive I ever had, I must have spent close to four months just flirting before I took the plunge to make a move on her. I hope I have learned from that.

    Vixxxen- Toys do make all the difference :)

  15. Hot! Let me add my appreciation for this tale. You make BDSM sound like so much fun!

  16. I knew there was a very good reason for not being the shy one.

    So where is it you live? ;)

  17. Cherrie- Thanks :)BDSM can be a lot of fun. It all depends on who you’re doing it with.

    Suze- I live in Georgia, so that’s like a hop jump and a trans-atlantic flight for you? ;)

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