May 242006

Dreams were cruel sometimes. Amaya dreamed of fucking in a movie theater. Sometimes she was screwing Chris, gripping his short blonde hair as he thrust inside her and other times it was a mysterious masked man that she knew was Wesley. Both fucked her hard, both made her do nasty things but neither of them would let her cum.

Amaya awoke to the sound of her own moaning. It was Sunday morning, and she was hornier than she was when she went to bed. Across from her, Rick slept with the blankets pulled down to his waist. His broad chest was bare and Amaya could see how nicely defined he was in the early morning light. She put on her glasses and stared at Rick for a few minutes. Her hand went between her thighs before she realized what she was doing. The horny girl groaned and got out of bed. The only thing that would fix this would be a cold shower.

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As she rose out of bed, Rick stirred in his sleep. His head turned towards her and Amaya froze. It looked like he was asleep, but in the back of Amaya’s aroused mind, she was wondered if he was sneaking a peek at her. Amaya frowned. Her nightgown was pretty unattractive on her, and she had selected it because the thick material gave her some privacy in the small room. No, she wasn’t the kind of morning beauty that would attract a guy like Rick. She grabbed her towel and shampoo and headed for the showers.

The cold shower helped chill Amaya’s physical needs, but emotionally, she was still distraught. She took an extra long time lathering her body as she thought the last few days through. It was maddening. First Wesley said that the tasks would get harder after she was spanked but yesterday he only asked her to clench when his phone rang. There was no proof, no way to know if she actually did them. Amaya wouldn’t consider cheating at this point, but she was concerned by his lack of concern. Was he getting bored? Did she do something wrong and now he’s giving her easy tasks?

Then there was the matter of Chris. If Chris was Wesley, then it was clear that he couldn’t demand anything more out of her than clenching if he was to keep the illusion. But if that was true, then why didn’t Chris take more liberties with her? Just a single kiss and a long breast grope during the movie. Amaya squirmed in the shower as she thought about his hand, his lips and those pretty eyes. After being ignored by her old boyfriend, it was heaven to be felt up in a dark room again. It made her feel wanted and alive.

She took her time washing her hair. It was amazing how fast her world had changed in so few days. When Wesley first started, Amaya had entered every game with hesitation. Now she found herself hoping they would never end. Amaya knew she was lonely and she knew that Wesley had come into her life at just the right time to capture her imagination. She realized that she was playing a dangerous game considering that he was a total stranger, but it was so much more exciting than being alone.

Of course, there was now Chris. As she washed out the shampoo, she realized that she had been assuming he was Wesley. What if he wasn’t? What if he was just a normal handsome guy and she was screwing up her first college romance by playing kinky games? The water was already chilling her body but Amaya had fresh shivers at the idea. Maybe she should stop now and take the money she had already won.

Amaya groaned and banged her head lightly against the shower wall. She knew she should stop with Wesley right now but she couldn’t deny how exciting he was. Chris was exciting too, but what she had with Wesley was unique. She didn’t want to give either up, but if they weren’t the same person, then how could she possibly keep them apart?

“Fuck it!” Amaya yelled in the empty showers. God, she was so damn confused! This mess was better than being alone but it was also ten times more stressful. Amaya just wanted to zone out and forget about her boy troubles for a day. She knew that Wesley wanted her to be near her dorm around noon but until then, she was claiming the rest of the day for herself.

She turned off the shower feeling really proud. It was a minor rebellion, but it made her feel in charge of her life. She wasn’t even going to think about Chris or Wesley today. Amaya was going to blow some of her earned money and have some fun for a change.

Amaya returned to her room and walked in to find Rick and Helen screwing. Rick was on top and Amaya got a perfect view of his muscular ass clenching and unclenching as he fucked the blonde underneath. Neither of them noticed her at first and Amaya was too hypnotized by the carnal sight to say anything.

“What the fuck are you looking at?” Helen snapped. “Get out of here!”

Still in shock, Amaya started to leave before her indignation kicked in. “I just got out of the shower. And it’s my room too. Just wait till I get some clothes on. “

Rick turned his head at the mention of the shower and he outright leered at her in her nightgown. Helen slapped his arm and made him look at her. As a concession to modesty, Rick pulled the bed covers over them. Amaya returned the favor by opened her closet door and changing behind it.

Amaya’s cheeks burned as she heard the bedsprings creak behind her. They were still fucking! Her roommate had no respect for her at all! By the slow way the springs were creaking, Amaya could tell they were fucking slower than what they were doing before, but she was still offended. She quickly changed into some jeans and a t-shirt. When she was done, she could hear the Helen groaning from Rick’s thrusts. Amaya couldn’t help notice that Helen’s groans were much louder than what she did when she thought Amaya was asleep. She blushed even more as she realized that maybe being there was turning Helen on!

She grabbed her paints and the drawing board on her way out. Amaya slammed the door behind her. Several girls yelled at Amaya from their rooms but she didn’t care. This was her day and she was going to enjoy it no matter what.

The bad mood she was in was gone by the time she ate breakfast. She went down the street to Mcdonald’s and had a terribly unhealthy breakfast. It tasted great. Her weeks of starving had given her a new appreciation for breakfast and with a purse full of money, Amaya wasn’t going to hold back. She ate pancakes, scrambled eggs, some bacon, hash browns and even went back to get an extra egg muffin.

Amaya looked at her empty tray and worried briefly about her weight. Even without a scale Amaya knew she had to have lost a few pounds during her no-food stretch. She was still a little round in the middle and she wasn’t comfortable with the way her ass was so exposed by her thongs. Some of the weight had been lost though, and she wondered if she should cut back on her eating to keep those pounds off.

Fuck it. Not today.

After breakfast, Amaya walked back to the campus and stopped at the commons. It was a nice open space with plenty of park benches. She broke out her art supplies and noticed that it was already pretty warm today. It gave her plenty of sunlight but she worried about how the heat might affect her painting. Oh well. She wasn’t drawing to make something perfect; she was just drawing for fun.

It had been a while since she had painted and it was slow going at first. Amaya tried to paint the building that she had biology in, but she just couldn’t settle on a color to start with. On her third try, Amaya realized she was stalling. It wasn’t about picking the right color, it was about making that first stroke of the brush and having to live with it. There were no erasers in painting, and Amaya’s confidence had been worn away in the last few weeks by hunger, Helen and the uncertainty of her financial aid.

She took a deep breath and painted a line on the page. It wasn’t a great line but she kept painting. Amaya fleshed out the building and almost quit three more times. It wasn’t going to be perfect and it took everything she had to push past that. Life wasn’t perfect. Her love life certainly wasn’t. Her roommate wasn’t. Her damn late financial aid wasn’t perfect. The painting could stand to be imperfect and so could Amaya.

One crappy science building later, Amaya relaxed into her hobby. She painted a few more landscapes. As the sun climbed higher and Amaya got hotter, she switched out the paints and drew with the pencils. A few quick sketches of other students on the commons soothed her completely. There were a few students that she wouldn’t mind drawing more of, but she wasn’t about to approach strangers today. This was her day.

As much as she wanted to ignore everyone else in the world today, she was always aware of the clock. Noon was approaching and Amaya couldn’t help wondering what task Wesley would ask for today. He specified a location, which he only did once before when he had her masturbate in the theater. Course, the theater location was just another reason to suspect Chris. Amaya tried to not speculate as she drew, but it kept creeping back into her thoughts.

With thirty minutes to go before noon, Amaya sketched a nearby student as if he were nude. When she realized what she was doing, she blushed and turned the page over. The fact that he had the same blond hair as Chris only made her blush more.

At twenty minutes to noon, Amaya stared at a jogging female student and flashed back to that first day when Wesley made her run from one end of the campus to another. She watched the woman’s bouncy chest and wondered if she was wearing a bra, and if she wasn’t, did that mean Wesley had other girls he talked to? Amaya shook that paranoid fantasy out of her head. Good grief, she was getting jealous of a guy who made her masturbate over the phone.

When it was quarter to noon, Amaya checked her watch six times in two minutes. She realized it was pointless to draw any longer. The approaching deadline was obsessing her. Her body was beginning to tingle and her nipples were so very hard. Amaya was turned on and it was even time yet. She packed her supplies and headed back to her dorm.

It was a hot afternoon. Sweat had trickled into itchy places and Amaya wished she had returned sooner so she could have taken a shower. As she climbed the steps back to her room, she hoped that Wesley wasn’t planning on any personal appearances today. It would be just her to luck to meet her benefactor the day she was steaming in her own sweat.

Helen was in their room, talking on the phone. The blonde frowned at the sight of her roommate and tried to wave her out of the room. Amaya sighed and dropped off her stuff and walked back into the hall. Helen could be weirdly shy when it came to talking on the phone. Amaya knew she should have stayed and made a stand but she was too relaxed. Besides, let Helen have her call. Amaya was getting a call ten times as good in just a few minutes.

The cell phone rang while Amaya was at the water fountain. She took another swallow before answering it. The painting and sketching had done her some good, and she was very relaxed despite the undeniable excitement that was bubbling just beneath her surface. Amaya felt in control for the first time since this game began.

“Hello Amaya, did you not masturbate like I asked?”

Amaya shivered despite the heat. Just like that, he asked such an intimate question. His southern accent washed over her and tensed those places she thought were so relaxed. She swallowed and answered him.

“Yes, I didn’t do it,” she said. She was proud of herself but also shy from saying it in the hallway.

“Very good,” Wesley said. “You are to head towards the stairs at the north end. That’s the staircase closest to the bus stop. Go all the way to the top floor and tell me when you are there.”

“Okay,” Amaya answered. She stayed on the phone as she went to the staircase. Her heart was pounding and not just from the climbing. Wesley had something specific in mind and Amaya knew it was going to be good.

The top floor was a boy’s floor but the top of the stairs had a padlocked door with the words “Roof-Keep out” written on it. A guy came into the stairs and Amaya nearly jumped out of her skin. The boy ignored her and went downstairs.

“I’m there,” Amaya said.

“Good. The door should be chained with a padlock. If you check, the padlock is actually open.”

“It is,” Amaya whispered.

“Make sure no one is looking, and go through the door,” Wesley instructed.

Amaya didn’t even hesitate. Pausing only long enough to make sure she was alone, she opened the door and closed it quickly behind her. The heat outside was like an oven and the smell of tar was pretty strong. It was pretty unpleasant but not nearly as bad as the sight that was waiting for her.

Ten feet away from the door was a cage. It was about four feet high and just as wide. Next to it was a plastic crate. The cage bars were thin but she knew it would be solid. On the door of the cage was a strange device that she couldn’t guess the purpose of.

“I’m on the roof,” Amaya told Wesley.

“Excellent. Now strip off your clothes and put them in the bin I placed for you. There’s a heavy book in the crate to help weigh down your clothes.”

Amaya swallowed. “My clothes? All of them?”

“Certainly all of them,” Wesley said.

She swallowed again. Her shirt was first and she was actually relieved to remove that sweaty piece of clothing. She kicked off her shoes next and unzipped her pants. It felt innately wrong to strip in such bright sunlight but at the same time, it was freeing to be nearly naked where no one could see. It took more courage to remove her bra and panties, but Amaya stripped them off and dropped them in the crate. The book was a dictionary and it made an excellent weight.

“I’m done,” Amaya said. She couldn’t quite bring herself to say ‘naked.’

“You know what to do next, don’t you Amaya?” Wesley said. “I can picture you looking at the cage. I imagine you are a little worried.”

“I am,” Amaya said. “Do you want me to get into the cage?”

“Yes I do,” Wesley said. “Will you do it? Or will you gather your clothes and end the game now?”

“What happens when I get in the cage?” Amaya asked.

“Tsk, tsk,” Wesley corrected. “There are no negotiations or hints in this game. The only thing you need to know is that I want you to get into that cage. Now, will you crawl in, taking the phone with you?”

Amaya looked down on the cage. The bottom was a piece of plastic that covered the bottom. She touched the thin metal bars and they were very hot from the sun. There was a simple latch on the door but she couldn’t tell what the big metal box that was attached to the door was supposed to do. The cage scared her and every smart part of her mind knew it was foolish to willingly place herself somewhere she might not be able to escape.

“Fuck,” Amaya whispered and Wesley didn’t answer. Moving quickly before she changed her mind, Amaya swung open the door and crawled into the cage. The plastic was searing hot on her hands and knees. She closed the door behind her and tried to get comfortable. The warm bars and hot plastic seemed to touch her everywhere no matter how much she squirmed.

“I’m in it,” Amaya said.

“Now we can truly play,” Wesley said. “The rules are simple. For the rest of the hour, you will stay in this cage. You may have noticed the contraption on the door. It’s a light sensor and it will let me know if the door is opened. If the door opens, I will terminate our game. If you don’t want to hold on to the door the whole hour, I recommend you use the hook to latch it shut.”

Amaya saw that there was another hook on her side of the door. She didn’t want to do it, but Amaya rationalized that it would be easy to unlock again. The hook was tight but she slid it in.

“I locked it,” Amaya said.

“Good, now we wait.”

Amaya sighed. Part of her had hoped that this was just the start of something more intimate. Instead, it looked like he really intended to just keep her here. She sat her full weight down on the plastic and hissed as she adjusted to the heat.

“It is quite hot today, isn’t it?” Wesley asked.

“Yes,” she answered. “What’s the point of this? Is this some kind of endurance test like a sweatbox?”

Wesley laughed and Amaya hated how his sexy voice affected her right now. She wanted to hate him for this whole cage business.

“A sweatbox, now that’s an idea,” Wesley said. “No, I prefer cages. There’s something about the sight of a woman restrained on all four sides. There’s just enough freedom to move and mope, but not escape. It’s quite frustrating.”

Amaya groaned. It was. She was already antsy, wanting to stretch out her legs or stand up. Her whole body was sweaty and no matter where she moved or how she shifted, she just couldn’t escape the layer of sweat clinging to her body.

She looked at her surroundings and noticed that there was another dorm higher than hers. It was on the other side of the campus but she couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe someone there could see her. What if some guy had binoculars? Worse, what if he had a camera?

When she explained these concerns to Wesley, he laughed.

“It’s possible,” he said. “You have to wonder what they would think at the sight of you. Especially if they saw you strip first. They would be wondering if you lost your mind.”

Amaya was wondering the same thing herself. The smell of the tar on the roof was making her nose itch. Her body was hot and sticky all over and she was feeling very vulnerable in the cage. The sweat was so bad, Amaya’s glasses kept slipping down her nose. She kept crossing her arms over her breasts to try to hide them but it seemed pointless since she was butt-naked.

“Why did you ask me to not masturbate?” Amaya asked.

“Oh, because I was curious if you would,” Wesley said. “Tell me Amaya, why didn’t you? You must have been terribly horny.”

Amaya blushed. “I was. But you asked me. I wanted to see why.”

“Ah, you were hoping I was setting you up for more pleasure.”

“Yes,” Amaya sighed. It seemed silly now. She was anything but turned on now. The cage was humiliating and being so hot was just making her cranky.

“When I asked you not to masturbate, I was asking you to disobey your body in favor of me. Right now, my cock is very hard because I am picturing you last night. You had clenched over a hundred times and your pussy was dying to be fucked. Instead of fucking yourself, instead of plunging that dildo into yourself, you decided to suffer. That turns me on.”

“Now, this is the question that I want you to think about, but not answer me today,” Wesley continued. “Does it make you happier to have a great orgasm that curls your toes, or does it make you happier to do something unpleasant that turns me on?”

Amaya didn’t have an answer. If he had asked yesterday, she would have picked making him happy. Right now, she wouldn’t say that. The sun was directly over her and there was next to no breeze even on the roof. She was sweating, naked in a cage like some sort of dog. Was it worth it to make Wesley happy? Why wasn’t he concerned about her happiness?

The door to the roof opened. Amaya sat in stark terror as one of the dorm janitors walked out onto the roof. She quickly pulled her knees up to her chest and pulled them tight against her. For a brief moment she considered running out of the cage but the idea of getting out of the cage butt-naked froze her in place.

“Hey now, what do we have here?” the janitor said. He was like all the school janitors; an older black man who spoke in a thick Southern drawl that was as difficult to interpret as some of Amaya’s overseas relatives. Grinning ear to ear, he walked towards her cage while lighting up a cigarette.

“Oh god, there’s someone here,” Amaya whispered into the phone. “It’s a janitor! What do I do?”

Wesley was painfully calm. “Sit up straight and hope he doesn’t open the cage door. If he does, it’s game over.”

Amaya couldn’t believe it. He wanted her to keep playing the game! She was more worried about being expelled. How the fuck was she going to explain why she was naked in a cage on a roof? What would she tell her parents when they found out?

She decided to ignore Wesley’s advice about sitting up straight and kept her knees pulled up. Amaya did offer a smile. The janitor smiled back as he smoked.

“Crazy kids,” he muttered. “This some kind of sorority thing?”

Amaya nodded with enthusiasm. Great! He created her alibi!

The guy laughed and shook his head. “Not exactly legal you know? You could get in a lot of trouble for being out here.”

He walked around to behind Amaya and she gritted her teeth. The old man was going to check out her ass! She debated moving to always face him, but that would mean not covering herself. Amaya wasn’t about to give him any more peeks than he was already getting!

A whistle behind her told Amaya that he liked what he saw. She blushed furiously and clung to her cell phone. Wesley wasn’t talking to her, but she could barely hear him talking to someone else. What? Did he have another call? Amaya needed him now.

“Don’t be shy,” the janitor, said when he walked back around to her front. “I ain’t telling anyone. You kids are always doing something silly. You’re just lucky I’m so understanding.”

Amaya could only nod. She couldn’t find her voice at all. Her chest felt like it was about to explode. Inexplicably, she was also getting wet. What the Hell did that say about her?

The old man took a drag on his cigarette and looked at her. “You’re a little bigger than what most sororities take in. Now don’t get offended, I like a little meat on a woman. Seeing how I’m being so understanding, why don’t you open up your legs a little bit and let me see you better?”

Amaya’s eyes widened and she shook her head emphatically.

“Ah, don’t be like that,” the older man said. “You’re safe and tucked in that cage. Not like I can touch you. Be a good girl and give an old man a look.”

Amaya’s stomach twisted with conflicting emotions. She was mortally terrified at the idea of exposing herself, but she just wanted this guy to go ahead and leave. He hadn’t threatened to tell anyone, but she could easily see him doing it if he got pissed off. Wesley was still talking to someone else and Amaya didn’t know if he heard the request or not.

Fuck it.

The caged girl parted her knees until she realized she was opening her pussy as well as her thighs. She quickly put her knees as far down as the cage would allow and tried to sit Indian style. Her arms were more difficult to place but in the end she just rested them on her knees.

The janitor’s eyes flicked between her tits and her sex. He grinned and whistled again. Amaya sat still as he moved from side to side, trying to admire her from all angles.

“You are really stacked,” he commented.

“Thank you,” was the only thing Amaya could think to say. On her phone, Wesley was quiet except for his soft breathing.

Just when Amaya was getting comfortable, the janitor started stroking himself. Her eyes snapped away from the sight of his hand massaging his pants and stared out into space. The man laughed at her.

“A shy one?” he asked. “You ain’t shy. You just don’t want to be naked for an old coot like me.”

Amaya didn’t say anything and the man laughed again.

“That’s all right, my break is nearly over. If your friends want to put any more naked pledges up here, go right ahead. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out!”

The caged girl let out a sigh of relief when she heard the roof door slam shut. Wesley chuckled at her sigh and Amaya felt a flash of anger within her. Did he have any idea how scary that was?

“I’m glad you found it funny,” she snapped. “I might have been expelled!”

Wesley’s chuckling stopped. “Not a chance. I had a man waiting outside the door, ready to offer a substantial bribe for his silence. If he refused, then you would have been instructed to leave immediately and the cage would have been disposed off. There was no danger except for a temporary embarrassment. I take care of those who play my games.”

“Oh,” Amaya said. She was really conflicted now. Her heart was pounding too hard to think clearly. Should she be mad or should she just trust this man she’s never met?

“Answer me this though,” Wesley said. “Are you wet?”

Amaya laughed at the absurdity of the question while she touched herself. Fuck! She was wet!

“Y-y-yes,” Amaya stuttered.

“I know this exercise is unpleasant for you, but I think you like the excitement. You were just looked at by a total stranger. You’re in a hot cage on top of a dorm filled with people who would love to see you right now. You’re hot, scared and a little frantic and right now, a good fuck would do you some good. Is that true?”

I don’t know,” Amaya said. She honestly didn’t. It was hot, and it was scary and she was turned on. Underneath all those emotions, Amaya couldn’t decide which ones to accept or reject. It was too much to process.

“Well, we have time to think about it,” Wesley said. “About thirty minutes worth I believe.”

She groaned. Thirty more minutes in this cage? The cage creaked as she shifted and moved around. It took her a moment to realize she was almost pacing the small cage on all fours.

“Or we could find out just by sliding one of your fingers in your pussy,” Wesley offered.

Amaya moaned. “Yes,” she said.

“Then do it,” Wesley said and this time his tone was so hard and unyielding that Amaya moaned again.

Her finger slipped right in, deep and so very hot. Amaya gripped the phone tightly as her other hand gave her pleasure. She was so wet, and she was so ashamed by how badly she wanted to come despite the harshness of this game.

“I take it you are wet?”

“Yes,” Amaya groaned.

“Then fuck yourself Amaya,” Wesley said. “Fuck yourself in my cage.”

There was no conflict or indecision for Amaya now. She plunged her finger into her sex and gave her herself the fucking she wanted. The hot bars of the cage stung her back but Amaya didn’t care. She spread her legs and braced her feet against the opposite side as she masturbated. The sound of her finger sliding in and out of her pussy was so loud to and lewd but she kept pumping.

Wesley was quiet but Amaya could hear her own ragged breathing on the phone. It was ridiculous but here she was, masturbating like mad, naked inside a cage. Images raced through her mind, each flashing and being replaced before she could register them. She pictured Wesley masturbating as he listened, she imagined Chris between her legs, and she even visualized the janitor, whacking off and his seed falling through the bars onto her.

“I’m coming!” Amaya shouted. It hit her so fast! Her feet kicked against the bars while her body shook all over. She was in such a state of bliss that even her sweat felt good. For one perfect second, her climax had transported her from all her troubles and ethical dilemmas.

That bliss faded all too quickly.

“Oh God, I came hard,” Amaya said.

“You did,” Wesley agreed.

I am so sticky all over.”

Wesley laughed. “Now you’re just teasing me.”

Amaya giggled with him. “You’re the one who put me in a cage!”

“Yes I did,” Wesley said. “And it brought me great pleasure.”

Maybe it was the afterglow of the orgasm, but Amaya felt a tremendous amount of pride at bringing Wesley pleasure. It made the whole experience worth it. She knew she should have been upset a guy who put her in such a helpless situation, but she couldn’t find the anger. Amaya was just proud to have made him happy.

“I’ve enjoyed talking to you Amaya but I think you need to spend the rest of the hour to yourself,” Wesley said.

Amaya groaned. “Please don’t go.”

“Oh I won’t be far. There are many, many more games to play.”

The phone went dead and Amaya groaned louder. Now what? She shifted in the hot cage and tried to get comfortable. The smell of pussy was not mixed with the smell of the tar. There was no breeze and she had a sudden craving for a soda.

For the next twenty or so minutes, Amaya sulked. At one point she kicked the cage but then worried if it would upset the light sensor on the door. She debated every word Wesley said to her, and tried to figure out any hidden meanings. Of course she debated the Chris possibility and tried to mentally compare voices.

At some points, she was just bored, hot and annoyed.

Her phone rang but this time, it was just a text message telling her that her hour was up. It also told her to look inside the dictionary for her money. That was it.

Amaya wasted no time. She crawled out of the cage and ran towards her clothes. Her limbs were sore but she got dressed in record time. The dictionary had fifty-dollar bills taped on separate pages. She counted up the seven hundred dollars and whistled. Amaya blushed when she recognized the whistle as being the same as what the janitor said to her earlier.

There was no one in the stairwell and Amaya quickly headed downstairs. She was exhausted emotionally and it was a great relief to find her room empty of Helen. The tired girl opened the first of three cans of soda she had bought from the hallway vending machines and took a deep sip. That was when she noticed her fingers smelled of pussy.

“What the hey, I could do with another cold shower,” she grumbled.

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  1. Crap now I gotta go read the other 5 parts…I know how I’m spending my day off!

  2. Madame- I am always happy to help with a day off. That’s what blogs are for.

  3. Shon- I am enjoying your continuing “Cell Phone Slave” series and anticipate the next installment each Wednesday. But I hope you won’t keep us all clenching too much longer.

    I hope you won’t mind if I say that this series reminds me very much of a wonderful series Hecate started several years ago but alas never finished: Command & Control. Of course, the characters and story are very different. But both stories involve one person willingly playing another person’s game, and thereby increasingly submitting to that person. I find that idea very exciting and look forward to learning what will become of sweet Amaya.


  4. Mistress Julie- Thank you for your compliments. Wow, I haven’t thought of Hecate in years. I vaguely recall that story but isn’t it sad how many stories like that never get finished? I wonder why.

    And you won’t be clenching for much longer :)

  5. Another wonderful installment, caging is one of the perks I have indulged in and I just love it. As for the janitor, I could just imagine seeing him later on in the halls.

    Great writing I will be looking forward to the next installment.


  6. I gotta say, an enjoyable way to spend the 10 minutes lunch break I afforded myself. One of these days you’re going to HAVE to divulge the source of this apparent kegels fetish….. I’m dying to know!

  7. Vixxxen- Thanks. I would love to hear about your cage experience sometime.

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  8. Not as sexy as your cage Shon, and well I wasn’t the one in the cage.

    I love this series and will continue to eagerly await the next installment.


  9. Shon- Alas, Hecate had some sort of health problems. I exchanged emails with her a few times, but she didn’t sound like she was doing very well, and I haven’t heard from her in ages.

    All- You might read Hecate’s (incomplete) “Command & Control” series, and see if you detect the same general similarities that I do. Warnings: 1) This is an FF story. 2) Insofar as the story is incomplete, you will be clenching for a very, very long time.

    – MJ

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  11. Oh my!
    I am finding this story so easy to fall into, I think of Amaya and her experiences as mine, in a way.
    There is an urgency in the kinds of tasks required.
    I love this.
    Thank you.

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