May 312006

Some nights were more miserable than others. The heat in the dorm only abated slightly at nights. The flimsy shades did little to keep out the powerful orange floodlights outside. Amaya had brought her pillow from home but it didn’t make up for the hardness of her university issued bed. Sleeping was a constant struggle.

Then there was the complication of Amaya’s roommate, Helen. During the week, Helen would arrive late at night, waking Amaya up from whatever hard fought sleep she had managed to get. She always brought her boyfriend, and more times than not, they would fuck before settling down. These messy fucks in the not quite darkness always aroused Amaya and left her frustrated. She often cursed them under her breath for keeping her awake but she never gave voice to the anger she felt over not having a boyfriend of her own.

This is why Amaya was looking forward to Sunday night. Surely, not even Helen and her bar hopping could find a place to get drunk on Sunday night. Amaya looked forward to an entire night of sleep. No drunken fumbling with the door to scare her, no messy sex to make her feel lonely, just eight solid hours of sleep.

Helen found new ways to surprise her. At two forty-five, Helen banged on the door, yelling for Amaya to open up because she couldn’t get the key in the door. Rick had an off-campus friend who invited them to a Sunday party. The two were twice as wasted as usual and they couldn’t stop giggling when Amaya let them in. They smelled of smoke and something else twice as acrid. Rick thanked her for letting them in while Helen grabbed Rick’s ass.

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Amaya crawled into bed and tried to shut out the sounds of the couple across the room. Tonight they were far more vocal. Helen told Rick to give it to her while Rick called her a sexy girl. It took them nearly an hour to finish before they both collapsed into even louder snores.

In her bed, Amaya was near tears. She was exhausted and she felt so out of control. It was just like the cage earlier today when the janitor looked at her and she was helpless to stop him. There was nothing she could do about Helen and her damned boyfriend who was so fucking hot except for the fact that he fucked Helen. Why did she keep getting into these situations? When was she going to have control again?

Depressed and unhappy, Amaya went back to sleep.

She was awoken again but this time it was Helen yelling at her to answer her phone. Amaya squinted at her clock as she picked her phone up. It was a quarter after four. What was Wesley calling at this hour?

“Hello?” she whispered.

“Amaya, good. I was afraid you would miss the call and the game would have ended.” Wesley sounded disturbingly awake.

“Wait a second, let me get in the hall. My roommate and her boyfriend are sleeping.”

Amaya grabbed her glasses and stepped out into the hallway. The entire dorm was eerily quiet. It was easy to believe she was the only person awake in the world. Well, except for Wesley.

“Your roommate’s boyfriend is spending the night?” Wesley asked.

“Yes,” she answered after yawning. “He comes over every night. Usually drunk and loud.”

“I see,” Wesley said. “And I assume you don’t like this?”

“Course I do,” Amaya snapped. “I love waking up in the middle of the night. I love hearing them fuck. What the hell would I need a night’s sleep for?”

Amaya froze with fear. Fuck! She just mouthed off to Wesley!

Luckily, he chuckled. “Then why don’t you ask her not to?”

Amaya’s stomach twisted. “I should,” she admitted. “But Helen would just cal me jealous. Besides, they have no where else to fuck.”

“Amaya, listen to me,” Wesley said. “You have a remarkably submissive personality. You obey wonderfully but you don’t have to obey everyone. You’ll be a lot happier once you start being more selective to who you submit to.”

She swallowed. “I’m not submissive. I just like playing these games, you know? And I can use the money.”

“I have little interest in debate, Amaya,” Wesley said. “Besides, we’re wasting valuable time. I had a game in mind for you but now I think I would rather you took advantage of your situation. Tell me, does Rick sleep against the wall or near the edge of the bed?”

“The edge,” Amaya answered. Her heart was doing that familiar racing again. It was a mixture of fear and arousal and although she dreaded what Wesley was going to say next, she knew she would go along with it.

“Good. Quietly as you can, go back into your room and follow my instructions.”

She did as he asked. Wide-awake now, her hand trembled when she closed the door. Rick was right where she said he was, sleeping on the edge of the bed.

“Is he sleeping on his back?” Wesley asked.

“Yes,” Amaya answered as quietly as possible.

“Excellent. Now my non-submissive girl, I want you to very quietly pull up a chair to the bed so you can sit comfortably beside Rick. Place your chair by his hips please.”

Amaya bit her lip. She wasn’t submissive! The submissive girls in erotica were always these helpless girls who whined and craved abuse. Amaya wasn’t like that at all. It was Wesley she craved. It was the excitement of never knowing what was going to happen next that excited her. She was not some wimpy girl who rolled over and did whatever people asked.

She moved her desk chair next to Rick’s hips though she knew it was more accurate to call it his crotch. There was no doubt that’s why Wesley wanted her here. Helen kept snoring, her back to the rest of the world. Amaya felt an uprising of guilt build in her although she hadn’t done anything yet. That guilt was tempered with a desire to do something terribly naughty to pay Helen back for this late nights. Besides, it wasn’t Amaya doing this; she was just doing what she had to win tonight’s game.

“I’m here,” Amaya whispered on her phone.

“Now pull back the blankets so you can see his underwear. What’s the boy’s name again?”

Amaya gulped. “Rick,” she whispered. Answering his question was easy; doing as he asked was not. It was what she expected but to be this close to Helen and her boyfriend was very scary. She lifted the blanket very carefully, terrified that they would awake at any moment.

Underneath the blankets, Rick wore simple white briefs. There was a large wet spot visible even in the dim light. It was centered on the top of his bulge and Amaya wondered if it was semen or Helen that stained his underwear.

“Once you have the blankets pulled down, I want you to fish his cock out of his underwear. Let me know when you have it exposed.”

“Oh God,” Amaya thought. She looked at his tight underwear and tried to figure out how to do what he asked. It didn’t occur to her to refuse. Amaya tried to tug the waistband down but it was too tight. She swallowed hard and stared at his crotch. After a moment, she realized the side of his underwear was pretty loose. Amaya slid the underwear sideways to reveal Rick’s cock and balls. The smell of sex was stronger now and Amaya felt the heat rush to her own sex.

“It’s out,” Amaya whispered.

“Use your mouth and get your hand nice and slick,” Wesley instructed.

Here it comes. Amaya knew Helen would kill her if she woke up but Amaya couldn’t resist the chance. She stuck her tongue out and licked her hand in one long swipe. It tickled her palm and she wasn’t nearly wet enough. Amaya took a minute to really get her hand wet, licking and coating her hand with as much spit as possible. She knew that Wesley was listening to every wet sound; his low moans were very audible in the quiet dorm. Amaya smiled.

“My hand is wet,” Amaya whispered. She knew what he would ask her next but she wanted him to say it. She wanted to hear his request and have her excuse to do what she was dreaming about doing anyway.

“Now stroke Rick off. Get him hard and get him off.”

“Yes,” Amaya sighed. There was no question now. Amaya HAD to do it. For eight hundred dollars and another successful game, she had to stroke off her roommate’s boyfriend. The finality of his command erased all further doubt.

His cock was already wet when she touched him. Amaya realized it was still slick from being inside Helen. It made her smile. She lifted his limp cock and wrapped her fingers around his length. Even limp he was a little large. Amaya grinned wickedly in the darkness. There was more than enough to share.

She stroked him. Rick continued to snore and his snores mixed with Helen’s. His cock grew warmer in her hand and started to throb. Stroke by stroke, it grew harder in her hand. It took everything she had to just not squeeze him and truly enjoy his girth. Amaya sighed. She really needed to get laid by someone.

Wesley said nothing but Amaya knew he was there. Her attention was split between the hot cock in her hand and the sexy demanding man on the other end of the phone. As she stroked Rick, she wondered if Wesley was stroking himself. She hoped he was.

Her hand got dry and she had to get it slick again. This time when she licked her hand, it tasted like cock. She rolled that sweaty flavor in her mouth and sighed. It had been far too long since she had a real cock. Wesley groaned again while she licked her fingers and she enjoyed knowing he was groaning for her. Amaya hoped she teased him as much as his games teased her.

She returned to stroking Rick and she enjoyed the feeling of flesh back in her hand. Amaya could get used to this. Her old boyfriend used to ask for handjobs, but as they moved on to outright sex, there was little need for her hands. It was a shame. Amaya liked the way she held a man’s attention she had him by the cock. She also liked touching and feeling the cock, something you can’t do as minutely when it is being rammed inside you.

Amaya’s daydreams were interrupted by the sound of a moan. At first she thought it was Wesley but with dawning horror, she realized it was coming from Rick! He had stopped snoring and now his eyes were open. She froze in mid stroke, not sure what to do.

She must have gasped because Wesley asked her what was wrong.

“Rick’s awake,” she whispered. Her hand was still around his cock. It throbbed in her grip.

“Give the phone to Rick,” Wesley said.

Amaya did as he asked, passing the phone to Rick. The confused guy took the phone and listened to whatever Wesley had to say. After a minute, he passed the phone back to Amaya. He was grinning ear to ear.

“Keep jerking him off,” Wesley said. That was it.

Well, there was no point arguing. Amaya returned to stroking him. This time Rick moved with her, pushing and pulling with her grip. It was certainly more entertaining for Amaya. She could squeeze harder now and really enjoy the feel of his cock. He was thrusting his hips with her strokes now. They worked well together and Amaya couldn’t help imagining how nicely they would fuck.

Rick wasn’t content to just lay there. He reached up and pressed his hand against Amaya’s nightgown. She groaned as his hand cupped her breast and squeezed gently. His finger found her nipple and gave it a tiny pinch. She moaned in response and Wesley just chuckled.

“Give Rick long strokes,” Wesley instructed. “All the way down to the bottom of his cock and then back up to his tip. Cap your thumb over his cock head and let it slide down when your hand moves down.”

“Yes,” Amaya whispered. Whether in agreement or compliance, not even Amaya was sure.

She cried out when Rick squeezed hard on her breast. He quickly let go and Amaya was a little disappointed. She liked it but he misinterpreted her cry. Amaya wished he would do it again but what was she going to do, make requests?

His hand moved down to her legs and Amaya didn’t even think. She just parted her thighs and his hand slipped right under her gown. As she kept stroking him, Rick’s hand touched her thong. This time she bit down on her lip to keep from crying out. He explored a little, touching here and touching there against the thin fabric of her thong. The heat between her thighs was incredible. Amaya felt her sex was in danger of burning Rick’s fingers. Why doesn’t he just pull the material aside and plunge in there?

As if reading her mind, Rick whispered, “Can I?”

Amaya swallowed. It was up to her. She almost said yes but she looked over at Helen. The blonde was still asleep but for how long? What if Amaya moaned too loudly and woke her up? What if Helen could somehow smell Amaya on Rick’s fingers? Then Amaya remembered what Wesley had said about being more selective. She shook her head ‘no’.

Rick sighed but then groaned as Amaya’s fist tightened around him. He clenched all over, from her bending knees to his retreating fingers between Amaya’s thighs. It was time.

Amaya watched as Rick’s cock ejaculated. It didn’t explode or send cum flying everywhere. It just spilled fluid from the tip. The cum flowed down over Amaya’s hand and she was struck by how hot it was. She had forgotten how warm it could be. The cum mixed with her spit into a big sticky mess. She kept stroking though while Rick gritted his teeth.

“He came,” Amaya whispered.

“Good, you have delighted me again,” Wesley said.

Amaya giggled. “I think I delighted Rick.”

Wesley groaned. “Some day soon, you’re going to do the exact same thing for me.”

She got a little light headed. “Okay” was all she could get out.

“Enjoy the rest of your day, Amaya. Oh, and take the bus to the mall today and really spend some of your money, okay?”

“Umm, all right,” she said and then he hung up.

That was a strange request. But compared to sitting here with Rick’s wilting cock and her cum soaked-hand, it wasn’t that odd. Amaya put down her phone and looked at Rick. He was watching her intently. What had Wesley said to him?

“That was nice,” he said.

Amaya giggled. “I’m glad you liked it.”

She pulled her hand away and wasn’t sure what to do with it. Even in the dim light, Amaya could tell her hand was glistening. What was the etiquette in this situation? Was it rude to just wipe it off right away? Was she supposed to be happy with having a fist full of come?

“Here, use her bedsheet,” Rick said.

Amaya liked that idea. She grabbed the corner of Helen’s sheet and just rubbed her hand all over it. First she jerked off Helen’s boyfriend and now she’s leaving a mess on Helen’s bed. Amaya was feeling downright evil. She liked it.

“I guess I should get back into my bed,” Amaya said.

Rick nodded. “Maybe next time I can do something for you.”

Amaya blushed. “Maybe,” she said.

She put the chair back and crawled into bed. The clock depressed her, telling her she barely had a couple of hours before she needed to get up. Amaya sighed. She was already exhausted and now she was horny too. If she masturbated, would she get any sleep at all?

Amaya fell asleep before she could decide. The alarm woke her back up and when she turned it off, she noticed her hand still smelled like cum. Rick and Helen were still asleep. Was it Amaya’s imagination or was Rick smiling in his sleep?

On her way to the showers, Amaya saw that another manila envelope had been slipped under the door. It was addressed to her. She snatched it up and took it with her to the shower stall. Amaya stripped out of her clothes before opening the envelope, although she wasn’t consciously aware of doing so.

Inside was eight hundred dollars in a large stack of twenties. The sheer volume of cash was overwhelming. She didn’t have a wallet big enough to hold that much cash. This amount alone could hold her over for food until the financial aid came in. Add it to the amount she already had, what couldn’t she do if she wanted it?

There was also a note.

“Dear Amaya,

This morning was not planned but we were both able to adapt. It was exciting to hear you masturbate a stranger, and it made me think of how it will be if you were masturbating me.

I will not call on you again till tomorrow. Once again, I suggest you take the local university bus to the mall. Spend some of that money and enjoy your victories.


Amaya read the letter several times before stepping under the hot water. When she lathered up, she couldn’t help think about how creamy her hand felt after jerking Rick off. Rick suggested her wanted to do something with her; Amaya couldn’t believe he was willing to cheat on beautiful Helen. It made Amaya feel sexy and desirable on a very lustful level; like being with Chris.

Thoughts of Chris made her groan. He hadn’t called yesterday, well unless he was Wesley. But if he were Wesley, would he really have him masturbate his roommate’s boyfriend? For some reason, Amaya preferred to think of Chris keeping her to his self. She remembered the way he groped her breast and the way he kissed her. It was hard for her to imagine Chris sharing her tits with someone else but that might just be the romantic in her.

On the other hand, what if Chris wasn’t Wesley? If that was the case, why hadn’t he called? She gave him her dorm phone number but Helen’s answering machine didn’t have any messages from Chris. Did Amaya do something wrong? Maybe he didn’t like the way she kissed!

Amaya groaned as she stuck her head under the showerhead. This is what she liked about Wesley; there was no ambiguity with him. He liked to push her. He liked to see how far she would go. Wesley will call tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that as long as Amaya could keep up with him. That was comforting to know.

Rick and Helen were still asleep when she got back to her dorm. Now that she was a little more awake, Amaya had a sudden fear of Helen discovering what had happened. Scenarios where Helen confronted Amaya ran through the frightened girl’s mind. It was all too easy to imagine Helen finding out from Rick and then yelling at Amaya. She didn’t really know what Helen would do if she found out but she was in no hurry to find out. For this reason, Amaya gathered all the things she would need today. Her books, her purse and anything else that would let her avoid coming home all day long.

Classes went well that day though Amaya was having a harder and harder time concentrating. She found herself completely lost in Economics class far more often than what was usual. In Biology, she completely gave up on taking notes and wrote down a list of things she wanted to buy today. By the time World History rolled around, Amaya was looking up at the clock every two minutes. The money was obsessing her, which after her past week over obsessing about sex and guys, it was a nice change of pace.

She debated going by her room to drop off her books but Amaya chickened out. Helen could be there. Helen could know by now. Helen could be plotting something really really really mean any moment now.

Amaya carried her very heavy backpack onto the bus and into the mall. There, she managed to forget Helen as she explored the various stores. The clothing stores were useless as none of them catered to her size. She did manage to find a nice purse and a better wallet at Sears. Amaya also blew some money buying nice sneakers and some dress shoes. It was odd to buy shoes so expensive that her mother would freak, but that only made it more fun. Amaya never had much of a shoe fetish like other girls but she was starting to appreciate the possibilities. Maybe it was just the infusion of money that made it more fun.

She ate dinner at the mall food court; delighting in the ability to eat over priced food. As she ate, Amaya realized she could buy a few appliances if she needed to. She went right back to Sears and bought herself a small microwave. It was pretty heavy but Amaya liked the idea of being able to actually warm up a can of soup if she wanted. Now she just needed dishes . . .

By the time the mall closed, Amaya was lugging far too much to safely carry. Her arms were straining and her back was sore but she was smiling too much to care. She had a small microwave, some dishes, some silverware, new shoes, a new purse and a lot of other things she had needed but just lacked the money for it. A pair of gold earrings weren’t exactly needed, but Amaya bought them anyway just because she could. If Wesley were to ask something impossible tomorrow, Amaya had enough treats and left over money to stay happy till her financial aid came.

Amaya’s good mood disintegrated as she climbed the stairs back to her dorm room. In the pit of her stomach, she knew Helen was there. What could she say to the girl? Amaya hated her roommate enough to not feel guilty over her boyfriend but she still knew that it was a wrong thing to do. She braced herself as she unlocked her door and stepped inside.

Helen’s side of the room was gone. The bed and desk were still there, but they had been stripped. There were no sheets. There were no books or makeup. Helen had and all her stuff was gone.

There was a knock on the door. In a daze, Amaya answered the door. It was some brunette she didn’t recognize at first.

“Hello, Amaya is it? I’m Shelly, the Resident advisor for this floor?”

“Oh yeah,” Amaya said. “Uh, come in?”

Shelley smiled and came in but it was clear she was nervous about something. She fidgeted for a bit and sat on Helen’s now empty bed. Amaya sat on her bed and looked at her. Suddenly, Amaya realized what had happened. Helen had ratted her out!

“Am I in trouble?” Amaya said.

“What? No, no,” Shelley said. She took a deep breath and then explained.

“This morning, the Dean of Students received a letter about Helen and you. It explained that Helen was letting her boyfriend sleep over and that you were being threatened to keep quiet. It even included a picture of Helen and her boyfriend asleep in bed. The writer of the letter claimed to be a friend of yours that was concerned over how you were being treated. It then went on to explain that if this matter wasn’t taken care of, that you would be pulled from this school and that the local authorities would be asked to look into it.”

Amaya stopped breathing. Her heart felt like it was going to pop out of her chest. It must have been Wesley! Or maybe it was Chris!

“Obviously, the Dean was really upset,” Shelley continued. The R.A. grimaced and looked right at Amaya. “She complained to my adviser, who complained to me wanting to know why I didn’t know anything. We checked with some of the girls in the hall, and they all confirmed it. Not that we needed any confirmation. It smelled like sex in her this morning.”

Amaya bit down hard on her tongue. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. From the way Shelley was glaring at her, Amaya knew the best thing to do was keep quiet.

“Helen was kicked out of dorm housing and so was her boyfriend,” Shelley explained. “She was really pissed about it. We had to get security to escort her out. That doesn’t bother me, she seemed like a real bitch. What does bother me is that I am now on probation for something that could have been fixed if someone had come to me about it.”

Shelley could have fixed it? Amaya felt her stomach spiral. Could she have avoided all this if she just stood up for herself and reported it? Amaya wondered if Wesley was right, was she just submitting to any one who bossed her around?

“I’m sorry,” Amaya said. “I didn’t know what to do.”

Shelley shrugged. She didn’t seem convinced. “Well, for now you’re going to have to do without a roommate. If you have any other problems, and I mean ANY problems, then you contact me before you tell your friends or parents.”

What about my phone lover? Amaya thought. She banished that idea and solemnly nodded to Shelley. The R.A. left the room after giving her her phone number and Amaya tried to look contrite as she closed the door behind her.

As soon as the door closed, Amaya jumped up in the air. Helen was gone! She didn’t even have to face her! The bitch was gone and Amaya was finally by herself! Shelley had said she would ‘have to do without a roommate’ like it was some sort of punishment! Amaya laughed and flopped on her bed.

“I owe Wesley a really big thank you,” she said out loud. Amaya thought back to what Shelley had said and her laughter stopped cold.

The letter to the Dean had included a photo of Rick and Helen. That means who ever wrote it had come into the room. That person must have a key!

Amaya looked at the door and the lock that was no longer trustworthy. Being alone tonight didn’t seem like a great idea after all.

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  1. Nice twist!
    I can’t wait to read the next installment!

  2. Ooooh wow… what Madame X said!

    But why do I read this first thing Wed morning? Now I have to wait another entire week. I should practice self-control and wait until… Thursday… or Friday… so the wait isn’t as long the following week.

    Nah. Self-control is overrated. ;)

  3. Hmmm…I love this, and I wait all week to read the next installment. And the safety concious part of me goes, yes be worried about that lock not being safe! Be worried that you keep doing things for someone you don’t know. And then the other part of me goes…shut up and enjoy it, it’s fiction. ;)

    Anyways wonderful as always.


  4. Madame X- Thanks :)

    Lara- Self-control is SOOO over-rated. Now Other-Control, that’s pretty cool :)

    Vixxxen- Be very worried :) Thanks for the compliments.

  5. Oh you’re good. Licking her palm — I love that image, and it’s a familiar one.

    Got me hot. May need to excuse myself…

  6. I am “typeless” great job!

  7. Wrygirl- You’re excused :) I find the palm licking to be one of the top erotic acts for me to watch.

    Tragic- lol, thank you.

  8. Shon- I love your work. But I must say I am getting tired of clenching. In your first few installments of “Cell Phone Slave,” you had Amaya do increasingly risky and outrageous things, leading up to and through the self oiling and the spanking by Wesley.

    But since then it seems you have been a bit of a tease. It’s not that you aren’t giving us a good story. It’s just that you seemed to be building… well, we aren’t quite sure what, yet. And now you have slowed down if not actually stopped. Yes, jacking off a boy is fun. And it is exciting and dangerous when it is the boyfriend of yoru roommate. But he wanted it, Helen was asleep, and so we are just left with pretty vanilla sex between two consenting people, which is fine, but does not really feel like the follow up to oiling and spanking, and even the cage.

    But I really do like your work and it is a wonderful series. So perhaps I am just feeling a bit bitchy this morning and am being overly critical…


  9. Hey MJ. You are the only one who knows if you are in a bitchy mood or not, but maybe it’ll make you feel better if I say that I have broken the first rule of Coming-of-Slave stories and didn’t do the expected escalation. I grew bored with the genre and thought I would try a few things that I rarely got to see, including vanilla sex in the middle of the story. I thought the fact that Amaya was masturbating a guy she knew because of Wesley’s command might liven things up. Oh well, we’ll see how people feel at the end :)

  10. I love the series, I’m not sure if this could become a book, but I have no doubt that you could write a book.


  11. Mr Gently- I had toyed with book publishing but the requirements were all a bit outside my taste. In the end I decided I rather just post it and share it since it has to be my favorite story I have ever told. Thanks for your kind words :)

  12. Shon,
    After reading the first posts, and commenting via email, I felt it was time to leave what I’ve got to say in public. This is easily the best “slave-creation” stories I’ve ever read, and rates among the top erotica to be found on assm or asstr. Your characters are more real and lifelike, and the situations are not unbelievable. Makes for a wonderful story, and I can’t wait for the rest of it (no, really, I can’t wait, you should post it all now!) :)


  13. Master Fool- Thanks :) That means a lot to me. I really put a lot of myself and my experiences in this story and it’s nice to see it all pay off.

  14. No wonder teenagers become confused.
    While half the parents are telling them to find themselves, the other half are telling them to get lost. “W.G.P”

  15. Hello Shon,
    I am loving this series and have no trouble at all with any aspect. I loved her jerking Rick off.
    It is such an afirmation of her sexuality and how tenuous was the loyalty or bond between Helen and Rick. Very enjoyable for a number of reasons.

    I did notice an interesting typo:
    “It smelled like sex in her this morning.”
    In her, or was it supposed to be in here?

  16. Olive- Thank you :) Cursed typos :)

  17. OMG I know im reading Them all late but omg this series is soooo good, just when i think it cant get any better it DOES…lol

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