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Amaya was terrified. The uncertainty in her gut was worse than when she was doing dares for Wesley. Standing outside her dorm, waiting for Chris to pick her up, was the bravest thing she had ever done. Sure, she had gone on dates in High School but this was different. This was her first college date and somehow, Amaya just knew she was going to fuck it up.

It might have been the clothes. She was dressed in an outfit she had bought yesterday and they made her feel sexier than she had a right to. The floral sleeveless blouse was much more transparent than she was used to wearing and Amaya felt like everyone could see her white lace bra. The denim skirt she was wearing clung tightly to her bottom despite coming down to her knees. Amaya feared that her ass was too prominent and scanned the faces of everyone who walked by for any sign of snickering. Instead of snickers all she received was friendly smiles from the men, and that confused her all the more.

Maybe her fears were connected to the cell phone in her skirt. She had debated bringing it but in the end she knew she didn’t really have a choice. Last night had been so amazing; there was no way that she was going to risk missing a phone call. On the other hand, if Wesley did call during her date, what in the world would she say to Chris? Amaya hated to admit that if Wesley called that she would stop her date but the truth of the situation was clear. She would sacrifice Chris for Wesley and she didn’t know what that said about her.

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“Hey pretty lady,” Chris called from his truck. “Going my way?”

Amaya smiled. “Only if you’re going to dinner,” she said as she climbed into his truck. “Idiot!” she immediately thought. He was going to think she was obsessed with food and dump her before their date even starts!

“I’m starving too,” Chris said. He kept looking at her as he drove. She wondered if there was something wrong with her blouse because he couldn’t take his eyes off her chest. It took Amaya a moment to realize there was nothing wrong at all; she was just busty. Instead of being insulted, Amaya was pleased and began to relax. A man staring at her boobs was much easier to handle than the uncertainty of a date.

Chris took her to a wonderful Italian restaurant that was far more expensive than Amaya was expecting. She had never been to a dining place that had marble statues. The menu prices made her gasp but Chris encouraged her to have anything she wanted. She ordered the spaghetti and as Chris ordered, she remembered something her mother had always said.

“A man only spends that much money on someone he wants to sleep with,” was her mom used to say. Amaya smiled. That was fine with her. It looked like this wasn’t a pity-date after all.

“Why are you smiling?” Chris asked nicely. His blond hair was reflecting the sun from the window. It made him look golden, and Amaya couldn’t believe this handsome guy was after her.

“I have my reasons,” she flirted back. “Tell me, what is it like to be an actor?”

Chris settled into his chair and waited while the waiter brought them their drinks. Once the waiter was gone, Chris began to talk. Amaya noticed a new intensity in his eyes as he warmed up to the subject. The intensity took her back, making her see Chris as someone other than just a college guy who liked boobs.

“Acting is a lot like being the center of the world,” Chris said. “The stage focuses the audiences’ attention to one central point and in that point is the performers. When I am on stage, I control everything. I hold the audience’s eyes, their ears and their minds. There’s a reason why they call it a ‘captive audience.’ That’s what I live for.”

“I’ve never thought of it that way,” Amaya said. Tingles were running through her body at his words. His desire for control was touching her desire to be controlled. She shifted in her seat as he continued and wondered if she could hide how much he affected her.

“That’s what I love about acting,” Chris said. “I like being in charge of how the audience feels. Depending on what I stress or how I move or use my voice, I can completely change the tone of a scene. I can’t even describe the rush that gives me. When I hear the audience laugh and I know it is solely because of me, it makes me feel alive like nothing else.”

Amaya was feeling so alive right now. Her thighs were terribly warm and it was all she could to stop from touching herself. Realizing that she hadn’t said in anything in her aroused daze, she asked a question so he wouldn’t think she wasn’t paying attention.

“Does it bother you to share the stage then?” she asked. “It must be hard for your control to be disrupted by others.”

Chris frowned. “Exactly. That’s why I make sure the people I am on stage with are on the same page as I am. Some of my teachers have said that I’m trying to usurp the director but that’s crap. I’m just making sure we are leading the audience exactly where we want to. There’s no point teasing the audience and exciting them to a fevered pitch unless we give them a climax worth having.”

“Yes,” Amaya whispered before she realized she was speaking out loud. Chris grinned at her and she blushed.

“I think you have a new appreciation for acting,” he said. She blushed again.

Before she could answer, her phone rang. Amaya had set the ringer to vibrate so she wouldn’t have to explain who was calling. Her heart raced as she realized that her worse fear had come true: Wesley wanted her in the middle of her date!

“Excuse me,” Amaya said. “I need to freshen up before dinner comes.”

“Hurry back,” Chris said pleasantly.

Amaya nearly ran to the restroom. One buzz, a second buzz and a third vibrated in Amaya’s pocket as she tried not to run. What if she didn’t answer in time? She hoped that maybe she could talk Wesley into postponing but she knew that she stood a good chance of being rejected. If she didn’t pick up in time, she would lose him forever anyway. Even though she knew she was sure to lose him today, she at least wanted the chance to convince him to keep her.

The restroom had two stalls and Amaya ducked into one as she pulled the phone out. She turned the phone on and started apologizing before she realized there was no one on the other end. Confused, she looked the phone over. That was when she noticed that the text screen was telling her she had a message and asking if she wanted to download it.

Amaya clicked ‘yes’ and waited. It only took an instant for the message to transfer over but her heart was pounding in anxiety. As much as she wanted to turn down his requests, she was also intrigued by this new method of commanding her. What could he possibly want?

The message read: “Amaya, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, take off your bra and panties and let it sit on the floor. From now on for the next hour, I want you to clench whenever the phone rings. Don’t touch yourself. Just clench like you do when you have your vibrator inside you. I trust you to do this without supervision. Wesley”

Waves of relief swept over Amaya. She could do this! More importantly, she wanted to do this. She couldn’t believe how happy she was that she was able to serve his wishes.

First she had to actually do it. Her panties were easily removed though she hated leaving the pretty pink underwear just sitting on the bathroom floor. She had more concerns about her bra. The blouse she wore was too light and transparent to go braless. She knew that her nipples if not her entire chest would be visible underneath it. As she removed the bra, Amaya felt she should have been ashamed but instead all she felt was arousal. How would Chris react when he saw her?

With the phone back in her pocket, Amaya headed back to her table. When she was two tables away, her phone buzzed to life. Keeping true to Wesley’s request, she stopped and clenched right there in the aisle. Her face burned as people turned to look at her. Amaya tried to remain calm as she went to her table and sat down. Chris almost said something but his eyes dropped to her chest and whatever had to say was forgotten. To Amaya’s surprise, she sucked in her breath to make her chest more prominent.

“Oh, I see dinner’s arrived,” Amaya said.

“Um, yes,” Chris said. “How do you like it?”

She tried a bite and it melted in her mouth. Right at that moment, her phone buzzed again and she clenched in response. Amaya moaned at the double pleasure.

“I’m glad you like it,” Chris said, his eyes never leaving her chest.

Curious, Amaya glanced down to see what exactly he was looking at and she nearly choked on her food. Not only were her nipples poking hard against her shirt, but the sheer material did nothing to hide the coloring of her areoles. She might as well have been topless! Amaya shifted in her seat but resisted the urge to cover herself. It was too late now and her bra was back in the restroom. All she could really do was keep eating.

“I was thinking while you were gone,” Chris said, “and I realized you had what it took to be an actor too.”

Amaya laughed. “There is no way I could stand on stage in front of all those people.”

“Sure you could,” Chris said. “You have a very natural presence. I can tell you like to command attention. You have to know how pretty you are and the effect it has on men.”

“Pretty? Me?” Amaya said. “I thought I was, oh!”

“Oh?” Chris asked.

Amaya blushed. The phone had interrupted her train of thought and as aroused as she was, the vibrations of the phone was too similar to the vibrator she owned. She had clenched reflexively out of desire as opposed to submission, and that clenching had sent a shiver through her body. She just sure as Hell couldn’t tell Chris that!

“I’m sorry. The food is just so much better than I am used to,” Amaya said. It was true, but no amount of good food could equal the pleasure she was experiencing between her thighs.

Chris smiled but he wasn’t so easily deterred. The intensity was back in his eyes and again Amaya found herself melting under them. That intensity was for her.

“The food is good, but I think you were dodging my compliment,” Chris said. “I’m surprised that you don’t think you are pretty. I thought you liked attention.”

“What do you mean?” Amaya said.

This time it was Chris who blushed and Amaya had the feeling that she had stumbled on to something. What could he be embarrassed about? Before she could think about it, the phone buzzed again and Amaya sighed as she clenched. By the time she was done clenching, Chris had regained his composure.

“It’s just something actors can tell,” he said and Amaya could plainly see he was lying. “You look like the kind of person who enjoys having eyes on you. I think you would thrive on a stage and being the center of attention. I’m not saying you’re vain or anything. I’m just saying you’re the type of person who likes to be watched.”

Amaya thought on it. Did she enjoy being watched? The answer was yes but maybe not in the same way Chris described. For example, she loved having him sneak glances at her breasts but it wasn’t because she had orchestrated it. It was exciting because Wesley had commanded it and Chris was benefiting from it. Of course, this was nothing she could explain to Chris.

The conversation turned to other things like classes and roommates. All through out the meal the phone kept buzzing in her skirt much to Amaya’s delight and exasperation. The phone was impossible to predict. Some times it would buzz within seconds of the last vibration and at one point, it was a long five minutes before it came to life again. She was becoming exhausted from the constant clenching but when there were no vibrations from the phone, Amaya tensed up as she awaited the inevitable command.

She kept losing the train of conversation from the constant distraction. Chris didn’t seem to notice how addled she was. His eyes flitted back and forth between her face and her very hard nipples poking through her blouse. Amaya could feel her seat getting wet and she didn’t know if it was from all the clenching or from having the handsome boy staring at her. Either way, she was in a sensual state of mind that made every bite of spaghetti delicious, every swallow of tea refreshing and every glance from Chris intoxicating.

When they were done with dinner, Chris talked Amaya into having dessert. The poor girl was stuffed from all the food she ate but worried about how she was going to stand without leaving a big wet spot on the chair. She agreed to share a huge ice cream cake with Chris just to stall from having to rise.

“You seem tense,” Chris said between cake bites.

Amaya was about to respond when her phone went off again. She closed her eyes and clenched reflexively. A loud moan escaped her lips before she realized what she was doing. Amaya blushed furiously and began to babble out an excuse but Chris was waved off her excuse. He reached for her hand and Amaya clenched again out of sheer desire.

“It’s all right Amaya, I like a sensual woman who’s willing to enjoy herself.”

Amaya could only smile and keep eating. Although she was trying to stay calm, her mind was running in circles. What did he mean by that? Did he think the cake was making her moan? If that was the case, how did that relate to his question about her being tense? Maybe his use of the word ‘sensual’ meant he knew what she was doing? Her nipples were certainly giving herself away and as soaked as Amaya was between her legs, she wondered if maybe he could smell her arousal. If he knew how horny she was, why wasn’t he freaking out? If it really didn’t bother him, then why would he call her tense?

As the phone buzzed again, Amaya clenched once more. Chris just watched her and smiled as she made another little moan. Amaya’s heart raced. His smile felt curiously knowing. Is it possible that he knew about the phone? The only way that could be possible is if Chris was Wesley!

Chris took another bite of the cake while Amaya considered it. He did approach her out of the blue when they first met. They got along pretty well, but he was quick to ask her out on a date. Amaya almost relaxed when she thought about Wesley calling her for the past hour, but then realized that she didn’t hear his voice this time. For all she knew, Chris could have had someone else call her and leave that message.

She thought about what Chris said earlier about being on stage. He had said that he liked being in control and that he liked controlling other’s moods. Amaya felt a familiar heat build between her thighs as she thought about it. It made so much sense! Maybe he had decided to take a more direct approach with this control desires.

They finished their dessert and it was time to leave. Amaya waited till Chris stood first and then rose behind him. Luckily, her seat was dry. The aching soaked feeling between her legs must not have stained through her denim skirt. She sighed with relief and then blushed again as her phone buzzed.

The theater was a short drive away. Chris made small talk while Amaya did her best to follow the conversation. The phone was slowing down with its silent requests each clench was enough to push Amaya over the edge. She viciously bit her lip to keep her moans a secret from Chris and luckily he seemed too interested in driving to notice her struggles. Or was it all just a ruse? The idea that Chris was fully aware of her sensual torment turned her on even further.

“Which movie would you like to see?” he asked. They were standing in front of the ticket booth and Amaya didn’t hear his question at first. She thought she felt a trail of her moisture working down her legs and she was wondered if she could possibly be that wet.

“Whatever you want to see,” Amaya answered.

Chris frowned. “I’m good. You pick something.”

It was Amaya’s turn to frown. Was this a test of some sort? If Chris was Wesley, then maybe her choice in movies would be of significance. Amaya knew she was being overly suspicious but at the same time, her body was so aroused, she was clutching at any possibility that might result in some sort of climax.

“How about that one?” she said. She pointed to a movie poster with a barely clad woman. It looked like a sexual thriller movie, the kind where the sexy woman was a thief, a killer or worse.

Chris smiled. “Good choice,” he said.

Amaya clenched without thinking. Good choice. She could hear Chris’s voice changing into Wesley’s and saying that. She clenched again even though the phone had stopped buzzing five minutes ago.

Dinner was too good to follow with bad popcorn so they went straight to the theater where their movie was going to play. Chris wanted to sit in the back away from the other movie watchers and Amaya excitedly followed him. The nearest person was several rows downs and Amaya’s heart pounded hard as the lights dimmed. She was essentially alone with Chris in the darkness. Her already wet sex was pulsing with the thoughts of what could happen now.

The trailers began and Chris didn’t say a word to her as commercial after commercial came on screen. Amaya tried to lose herself in the flashy movie ads but it was impossible. Her clitoris was too sensitive and every shift of her thighs made her want to masturbate. The tightness of her shirt seemed to pull at her nipples even the smell of Chris’s cologne seemed to kiss her lips. All she could think about was sex and Chris was ignoring her.

Only when the movie began did Chris make a move. He put his arm on the back of Amaya’s seat, his hand barely brushing her shoulder. Goosebumps rose where he touched her. She debated leaning into his arm and decided that it would be too forward. Amaya wanted to prove herself worthy of all the games and she didn’t want to mess up in any way shape or form.

The movie was not great but the sexual themes were overpowering to the horny girl. The plot was a simple murder mystery with a healthy dose of almost sex scenes. Amaya had seen more hardcore action in her spam, but today each flash of skin almost drove her over the edge. Amaya kept looking at Chris to see if he was aroused as she was but the normally charming boy was silent and focused on the movie.

There was a scene where the guy poured wine over the shirt of the actress. Her nipples were terribly visible under the shirt and Amaya blushed as she realized that her nipples were far more modest than the ones on the giant screen. Amaya wanted to cross her arms over her large breasts and hide. She also wanted to turn towards Chris and show him how much more abundant hers was compared to the ones on the screen. Torn between conflicting desires, she did nothing.

Later in the movie, the actress went down on the star in a non-explicit but very implied blowjob. Chris was quiet but Amaya was moaning until she realized what she was doing. Her eyes darted down to Chris’s crotch and tried to figure out if he had an erection. It was too dark to tell and Amaya had a sudden inspiration of how she could tell for sure. She could just bend down, nuzzle her face against his pants and pry his cock out from under his zipper.

Amaya shook her head and realized she was halfway to touching her own sex. Her hand froze and then she quickly gripped her knee before Chris realized what she was up to. The blowjob continued on the screen while Amaya clenched and squirmed in her seat. She had to climax, she had to suck she just had to do something or else she would die of frustration.

She did nothing.

The plot of the movie picked up and a few bloody murder scenes and some over dramatic tension music threw off Amaya’s heightened state of desire. Her sex was still soaked and Chris’s arm was still giving her chills from the accidental touching, but at least Amaya wasn’t jumping Chris over and over in her mind. She took deep breaths and tried to behave herself. If this was some sort of test, Amaya was dedicated to show she could exert iron control over her own body.

She was controlling herself fine until the final scene of the movie. The two main characters stripped down to roll around on a marble floor for one last sex scene before the woman tried to kill the man. Amaya’s breathing quickened as the woman stripped off her black lace bra and she was moaning again at the broad muscular back of the man.

Amaya might have been able to control herself if Chris hadn’t finally moved his hand. Slowly, calmly, inevitably, his hand moved down her chest. Amaya sighed as his arm tightened around her shoulder but she gasped as Chris boldly cupped her breast. His fingers tightened around her breast, squeezing and pulling on her weight. She closed her eyes and squeezed her thighs together in bliss. Amaya hated the fact that the shirt was between her tit and his hand but she wasn’t about to tell Chris what to do now. He groped her in the dark theater and each squeeze sent shockwaves through her body and straight to her sex. For a moment, she thought she might actually climax from having her breast massaged. Amaya dreaded the idea of climaxing in public and yet at the same time, she desperately hoped she would just so she could please this strange man who had captured her sexuality.

When the on screen sex was over, and the actress killed by a predictable twist of events, Chris let go of her breast. Amaya groaned but she didn’t complain even though every part of her body wanted to pin his hand back over her breasts, her lips and her sex. The credits rolled and Chris stood up to leave. Confused, Amaya followed him. She was surprised by how weak her knees felt but she followed him as best she could.

“What did you think of the movie?” Amaya asked.

“Oh, it was the worse acting I ever saw!” Chris said.

The entire trip back to the dorm, Chris detailed the faults of the movie. He listed all sorts of theatrical terms that meant nothing to Amaya but she nodded anyway. Her date didn’t mention the grope so she didn’t either. Amaya wanted to scream and find out if he was Wesley and what was the point of all this teasing but of course she didn’t. What if her outburst ended the game? She clung to that hope as Chris continued to berate the movie right up to the door to her dorm.

“Thanks for the dinner and the movie,” Amaya said on the steps.

“You’re welcome. I had a great time.”

That’s when he kissed her. Amaya actually trembled as his lips touched hers and she moaned when she felt the flash of tongue against her. She opened her mouth to take him in but he moved away. A soft whimper escaped her lips before she could stop herself but he didn’t seem to notice.

“Do it again soon?” Chris asked.

Amaya couldn’t speak. Her heart was pounding too hard. She nodded and Chris smiled.

“Cool. I’ll call you.”

Amaya smiled. She was sure of it.

In her room, someone had slipped a manila envelope under the door. It was addressed to her, and said ‘History Notes’ written on it. She smiled as she recognized Wesley’s handwriting and peeked inside. There was six hundred dollars inside, all in twenties. Amaya laughed as she counted the money and resolved to go buy replacements for the underwear she left behind today. Inside was a note, typed on plain white paper.

“Very good, Amaya. Tomorrow you will need to be in your dorm building at noon. Also, I would appreciate it if you didn’t masturbate tonight.”

Amaya sat down on her bed and thought about her day. Her sex was molten hot. There was no sign of Helen and being Saturday night, Amaya didn’t expect to see her till late. All day she had daydreamed about the sweet release that would come tonight, but now Wesley had commanded her not to. No, he hadn’t commanded it, he had simply said he would appreciate it if she didn’t. It wasn’t another game of his. It was just his desire.

She moaned and leaned back on her bed. It wasn’t fair! She was ready to cum now. Why would he request such a thing? Did he have something big planned for tomorrow? Was this just a mind game? Amaya was so confused by her suspicions over Chris and so horny from the game of clenching, that she didn’t know what to think anymore.

She let loose scream of frustration that she quickly choked off. The walls were too thin for such hysterics. Frustrated, horny and a little pissed off, Amaya stripped off all her clothes and put on her nightgown. She thought Wesley’s request was cruel but the girl couldn’t bring herself to refuse his request.

Amaya turned out the light and crawled into bed. She tried to ignore the burning need between her legs with little success. Wesley had requested her to be near a specific spot tomorrow and every time that had happened so far, Amaya ended up having the best sex of her life. As she bit down on her pillow in frustration, she could only hope that tomorrow would be worth it.

To be continued,

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  6. Suze- Denial is one of those things that turns into a battle of wills. Since the time I wrote this chapter, I’m not so sure now that Amaya would do as she was told :)

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