May 132006

I decided to give AudioBlogger another try. This time I wanted to tell a pretty short story and make it audio based. It was a story that I thought was pretty sexy. My voice went weird in a few places but I figured I would wait till it was up to decide on whether to keep it. I recorded it on Audioblogger and waited.

And waited.

Well after ten minutes I decided to try again. I re-recorded it and this time my voice was much better. Then I waited.

And when it still didn’t post, I went radical. I started a new blog under a new screen name just for the purposes of getting my audioblog posts. this time I also rewrote a little of it and it was much smoother.

That didn’t work either.

Well crap.

So next I tried using Windows Sound Recorder on my PC. I can always find a host site, right? It went pretty well till the damned recorder shut me off halfway. Apparently a minute is as long a sound file as it will make.


I could offer to read it to you each individually but the phone charges might get a little much. I’ll just have to wait till I get some sort of technical answer.

In the mean time, Wrygirl gave me a nice little recognition for the productive week I’ve been having. Wow. After years of struggling to get my confidence and writing back to where it was, you have no idea how much this means to me. I have felt really good about myself this week and this nice honor, even if its only for a week, really reaffirms how I am feeling. Thank you from the bottom of my perverse heart.

As for the Erotica Alert, I have this bad feeling that at 8 at night, my Blog is going to have multiple late Audioblog posts arrive. You’ve been warned. Have duct tape and lotion ready.

****Update- I was close. It was 9pm lol. I’ve got four copies floating around I think the one posted works best. ****

  6 Responses to “Erotica Alert Level: Hot Pink”

  1. Well I’d come back at 8 just to find out – but with my exceptionally slow dial-up, audioblogger doesn’t work on my pc. :-( Good luck with it though.

  2. All my pleasure, believe me. Never know, at this rate, you could be a fixture on the prom court.

  3. Ropegirl- That’s interesting to know. I thought just about anyone could ricght click it as a straight mp3. Nice to know that it isn’t as universal as I thought.

    Wrygirl- lol, as long as it is not as Jester :)

  4. Hey nice.. I have been working on a story. part funny, part erotic. If you get a chance cum by and take a look.
    Duke Lacrosse Private Eye

  5. Hmmm…duct tape and lotion…*runs to the store*

    >.> Yeah I know I’m a bit late but I still have them now.

    Always a pleasure to read and glad to see you got recognition, your spanking theme was fun.

  6. DelorumRex- Thanks for the compliments. I looked at your stories and they made me smile. Funny erotica is so hard to do and I think you have the right attitude :)

    Vixxxen- Thanks. Spanking week was fun. I am going to find it hard to let it go.

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