May 252006

Mad has been a friend of mine for a little over two years. We meet on a BDSM Talker which is like a role-playing game for kinky people. I don’t hang out there any more but Mad was kind enough to come visit me in my little corner. Yesterday she accused me of having a kegel fetish. It never really occurred to me before but she’s right. Here is the special not so secret origin of my interest in clenching.

When I was a teenager, my aunt came to live with us for a few months. I loved my Aunt because she was stubborn and not crazy about my step-father but she needed a place to stay. My aunt was fun and the only thing better than having her around, was the magazines she brought with her.

See, in my house, my Mom believed sex led to Evil. We didn’t discuss it and the only hint I had seen that sex was a good thing was the dirty magazines I kept sneaking from my dad’s stash. So imagine my poor young self when I sat down in my bathroom one day and sitting across from me on the shelf that usually held ‘Reader’s Digest’ was a Cosmopolitan.

Oh My Goddess.

The first thing that struck me was the smell of the perfume sample. It was the most feminine thing I had ever encountered in that house. My mom used only deodorant but here between the pages of models was the smell of ‘Charlie’. Even now that perfume causes an instant erection.

I read Cosmopolitan from cover to cover. I actually didn’t like the thin anorexia models inside but I was enamored with the way the magazine treated sex. It talked about it. It discussed what women wanted, what men wanted and how they should both get it. It was mind blowing. When I read Playboy and Penthouse, in the back of my mind I always doubted that women really liked sex but here in Cosmopolitan I discovered that yes, yes there was a sex drive in women.

It blew my mind that I couldn’t read Playboy which discussed women in a vague way but I could easily read Cosmopolitan and find out exactly what was a G-spot.

Anyway, Cosmopolitan became my new sex-education teacher. I took the quizzes. Yes, a 15 year old boy took the quizzes on what kind of a lover he wants, hush. Although I was still a virgin and had a haircut that would ensure virginity, I felt like sex could happen at any moment and I needed to be prepared. When my hot next door neighbor decided to finally fuck me while her husband was away, I wanted to be in top form.

So one of the things I read that was supposed to help make your erection last longer was a kind of clenching. It took me awhile to get it right and I don’t know if it made me last longer but sure as hell turned me on. The instructions also said it would help women but I could care less about that. Clenching myself was very arousing and it felt like no hands masturbating. Well, masturbating that would never get you off, but it was very hot. I felt like I could masturbate in class and no one would know this way.

I remember doing like 100 clenches a day. And then I had to stop because I got very very sore one day. Hmmm, ’till I got sore’ is how most of my teenage stories end. I gave up the clenches but I would still do them as a form of pre arousal before I started masturbating. Clenches went from exercise to foreplay.

I don’t know when I started doing clenches in my BDSM play. I do recall reading a story about a vibrator inside a woman that would go off at random times. I remember reading it and thinking that you don’t need a vibrator. You just need to be told what conditions to clench under. A submissive or heck, a vanilla woman who wants to be teased can be told when and she can do it herself all day long.

For example, because I am all about the examples.

Clench every time someone says ‘Hello’

Clench every time the dogs bark.

Clench twice every hour on the hour and clench once on the half hour.

Clench every time you hit ‘enter’ when you’re chatting with IM’s.

Clench every time someone mentions the weather.

As you can see, it becomes an easy way to tease someone even if they are living across country. Considering how many long distance relationships I have had, it helps to have something that can stick with someone all day long and keep them in a constant state of arousal and thinking of me.

  15 Responses to “Erotic Origins: Clenches”

  1. How about: Clench every time you make me laugh while reading your blog?

    I’ll have the strongest kegel’s in the land :D


  2. Becca: It’s a deal :)

  3. Wow, women’s magazines. who’d have thought? Thanks for the story, Shon!

  4. LOL I am going to have to try that!

  5. Clenches….. Yep, been caught doing those at my desk many a time…. Definitely something all women should do… and clearly men too xx

  6. Scarlet- It does pass the time :)

  7. It does seem to, that and sending emdless emails, just about gets me through the day. The only disadvatage to my job is not having full internet access :( no blogs for me at work to give me a reason to clench for reasons other than exercise ;)

  8. Just read a few of your archived bits of gold…





  9. Becca- :) You might want to pace yourself

  10. Erika- Yes, you should :)

    Scarlet- No blogs at work? I would perish

  11. Hello. A friend sent me your story “Spanking Friends.”

    Good gods it was hot.

    And having read other stuff within this blog… Wow.

    About clenching- I forget to do it each day, but it was mentioned in one of the first sex manuals I picked up from the bargin paperback bin in a second hand store when I was about 16 or 17… which was a copy of Sensuous Woman by J. I usually end up doing it at least several times a week though.

  12. Jaenelle- If a friend of mine sent me Spanking Friends, then I would have to suspect that is the kind of friend they want to be :) Thank you for the compliments.

    Wow, bargain bin sex manuals. I wish I had found one of those.

  13. He’s already a friend in that sense. *grin*

    And yeah… the book was like 25 or 50 cents. I’m not sure if the owner knew what it was because it was mixed in with the rest of the old trashy romance novels. Trashy old Temptation Harlequinn novels and historical romance novels which made up for a good portion of my pre-practical days of education.

  14. Becca baby…I really hate to disagree , but there’s simply no way you can clench you pussy tighter than me. Sorry. ;-)

    Shon, I’ve added you to my roll! I just love reading you!

  15. Dirty Secret Girl- Don’t get me thinking about a clenching competition, I’ll be worthless all day. Though I suspect in such a contest everyone wins :)

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