May 272006

Picture this- Unexpected expenses have made this week really tight budget wise. My wife and I really can’t afford to do anything which sucks because we were psyched to see X-Men 3. She has a rare three day weekend and other than staying at home, nothing to do. I suggest three days of sex but she says she’s done that already. My wife is a little depressed about being broke right around a holiday.

Around 9:30 last night I was speaking to a woman that I had been chatting with all week and she mentioned that she got stood up to go to the Renn Fair tomorrow. Now this is a possible spanking friend who lives in town and we’ve been trying to figure out a good time to meet for the first time. My wife hears me say Renn Fair and she whines a little. We missed the Renn Fair completely last year and damn it, we’re going to miss it this year.

And that is when possible-spanking friend offered to take us to the Renn Fair instead. Or maybe I offered. I don’t remember anymore because my social anxiety is kicking into gear and I’m nervous as fuck. We really can’t afford to go but if tickets are taken care of, then we can swing one over priced lunch. It’s going to be humid and hot and not the best conditions for meeting someone for the first time. I have been getting along great with possible-spanking friend but we have been chatting for only over a week. What if my wife hates her? What if I hate her? What if possible-spanking friend hates me, my wife or both?

I wish I had gotten a haircut.

I wish I worked out more.

I wish I would calm the fuck down.

The only good thing I expect from all this is that it is Renn Fair, it’s the first threesome date my wife and I have done as a couple in a long time and it’s the fastest I have gone from meeting someone online to meeting them in person. So even if wide disaster strikes and makes this a day that will live in blog infamy, then at least I am sure to get some good story ideas out of it.

  11 Responses to “Erotic Alert Level: Tense Scarlet”

  1. Renn faire’s are always a blast. I hope that your anxiety lets you be and you get to enjoy spending the day with the two you are going with.



  2. The eternal quest for a threesome . . .

    The benefits of a good threesome are overwhelming, but it’s so hard to get there. So hard to find a third person that both of you like and lust after, and that feels the same way about you. (And who isn’t hung up on let’s-get-married-and-settle-down-and-have-kids.)

    I hope this works for you. I know your woman is bi, and hopefully future spank-girl is at least open to the idea of getting it on with both of you.

  3. I wonder if you mean the Renaissance Fair?

    Maybe you can do what I do, which is not to wish myself to be different (not anxious, not nervous), but just to recognize it, name it, and step around it (“Hunh, so that’s happening again in my head. Ok.”).

    Good luck.

  4. Good luck, have fun, tell us all about it!! (We’re disgustingly broke this weekend, too, so we know how you feel)

  5. Shon, that sounds like the kind of research most would enjoy.

    Have a great time. ;)

  6. I’m so broke I couldn’t even afford a big-ol’ turkey leg from the grocery, much less from a renn fair.

    So enjoy one for me, will you?

    Oh this is a sex-blog, should say something about sex.

    Threesome! Rock on, dude!


  7. Have a great time however it goes and come back and tell us all about it.

    How lucky am I? All these beautiful women on top of me… wow, just thinking about that. Oh my!

  8. Sweety you need to take a deep breath, I’m sure everything will work out ^_^

  9. Thank you every one. It was really comforting to know I had so many well wishers. I didn’t freak out and I had a pretty good time. Only time will tell if the woman we went with had a good time lol. Thank you all.

  10. Where did you find it? Interesting read » »

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