May 082006

I hate Scrabble. Even though I am a writer, I am an awful speller and it is hard for me to look at letters and make words. I like being creative and Scrabble feels like a giant confinement game where you do not make up words, you find them.

Having said that, Dirty Word Scrabble is my favorite way to play. Everyone who has tried it loves it, and it was a huge hit at a BDSM weekend we went to. They sneered at the idea but after ten minutes we had to turn players away.

The rules are simple. Use the normal Scrabble rules except the only words allowed are Dirty. Pussy, cock, master, spank, orgasm are all good, but grocery will get you laughed at.

The definition of a Dirty Word is any word that makes the other players groan, giggle or blush. If you doubt whether your word is dirty, just lay it out and wait for their reaction. if the players scratch their heads and can’t figure out how ‘wait’ is a dirty word, then you are to remove your word and try again. Unlike normal Scrabble, there is no penalty for putting down an invalid word. Dirty Word Scrabble is much friendlier and more of a mutual judging event.

The Puss Rule- the Puss rule states that there is a difference between a Dirty Word and a word that is gross and is turning off the players. The Puss rule tolerance levels will vary from group to group. Warts, discharge, puss and herpes are good examples of words that can kill the mood at a game. ‘Kids’ by the way was the word that inspired the Puss Rule.

Racial slurs are not Dirty Words either unless your group is going to hell.

Abbreviations are allowed if they are sex oriented. ‘ASL’ is good, as well as ‘BDSM’.

Now, if you lay out a word that can form a second word because the letters are up against other letters, the second word can be NOT dirty. If you spell out ‘Blowjob’ and the ‘o’ is up against an ‘f’, then the word ‘of’ is allowed to be included in your points total.

Proper names are not Dirty Words unless it is the proper name of one of the players at the game.

What I love about dirty Word Scrabble is that the board takes on a vibe. Looking at ‘boobs’, ‘blowjobs’ ‘clamps’ and ‘mammary’ at the board at the same time gets you thinking in a certain direction and all of a sudden you’re busting out thirty different words for breasts. When I play it with my BDSM friends, the board looks like a leather catalog. When I play with my gay friends, the board takes on a male oriented board that just sucks the estrogen out of the room. When you get four people with completely different kinks and interests, you find yourself learning far more than you ever wanted to know.

I recommend for your first game you get two Scrabble games and combine the letters. A lot of dirty words share some pretty rare letters and people will find it easier with more letters. After a few tries, you can drop down to one set of letters just fine.

Dirty Word Scrabble is the most fun non-fucking each other adults can have together.

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  1. This post really took me by surprise because not two hours ago I was on the phone with my boyfriend and we were trying to think of ways to make scrabble into a kinky game. We’d come up with ways to do so with Risk, Monopoly, a variety of card games, etc, but just couldn’t think of any way to do so with Scrabble.

    So maybe I should direct him to this site, huh? =) Thanks for the lovely advice and article!

    Also, thank you for your comment on my site. I hope that your friends had the strength and courage to get out as well…

  2. LOL too funny!! I have played dirty word scrabble a few times…but it’s been years!! It is so funny that you did this post becasue I thought we had just made up that game ourselves! It’s nice to know that there are other perverted minds out there besides mine….lol

  3. Romancing Simplicity- I would forever be your biggest fan if you posted somewhere the rules for kinky Risk and Monopoly. Wow, I might actually play Risk again.

    Chelle-Wow, that is pretty neat. What is that called, Simulataneous Perversion Devolpment? Do you remember any rules variations you used?

  4. Sounds like fun! You got the wheels turning – thanks for the suggestion. :-)

  5. Ropegirl- Your very welcome. It’s too fun of a game variation not to share :)

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