May 302006

I’m a slut. I love sex with women and I am often not too picky about the woman. My wife jokes that most men have a list of the women they most want to have sex with and Shon has a list of the women he won’t have sex with. It’s a small list.

Memorial Day wiped the last dregs of energy from me and my wife. Renn Fair on Saturday, dinner with her friends on Sunday and Monday we had the bright idea of walking to the grocery store under a Georgia sun. We came back so exhausted that we just stripped off our clothes, ate and vegetated on our computers for the next ten hours.

So I’m sitting there reading through Tess’s archives while my wife sits four feet away, naked at her computer. This idyllic moment is interrupted by an instant message from a total stranger. A female total stranger according to her profile and as we all know, Internet profiles never lie.

We chit-chat and my wife cracks a joke about cyber-groupies. I’m defending the honor of this person, who has already mentioned she reads my stories and so I already think of her as a close personal friend when this exchange happens-

***Female Stranger: No, it’s memorial day, I was reading parts 4 5 and 6 on asstr, and then looking for more, went to your blog and thought oh wow, he uses yahoo mail.. . I wonder

****Female Stranger: leading me to have this discussion with a man that I had just been fingering my self to for the past half hour with his writings

My wife laughed. Yep, cyber-groupie.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do not scorn cyber and those who do it. In fact, I spent the next hour and a half guiding the girl through a self administered spanking followed by begging, masturbation, more begging and finally a climax. I don’t masturbate during cyber because quite frankly I am too busy writing to put another hand to use. I don’t need to masturbate because I get a high just from the act of domination even if it’s far removed domination that happens through computers.

I was also just completely flattered. As a writer, having someone who reads your stories come seek you out in the hopes that some of the sensual magic the writer writes is inherent in the writer is just sexy. I am flattered that someone who knows so little about me finds me sexy enough to fantasize about. It all came from my writing and that goes straight to my ego.

I can understand now why people have one night stands. For two hours I forgot about Shon, the guy who was tired, sticky and completely blocked about what to do with a certain story I have in mind. I became a different Shon; a Shon created by a horny college girl who thinks Shon is filled with dark mystery and forbidding bondage games. It was a pleasant escape and the writer in me is fascinated by the projection she was creating. In a way I don’t feel like she was hot for me at all, but some Fictional version born of her own desires and my writing.

Afterwards, Possible Spanking Friend called and asked what I was doing. I told her and she laughed. Actually she said, “Oh great, another groupie.” Which is quite funny considering that technically we meet cause she sent me a fan mail and the first time we chatted we ended up spanking over the phone. She herself has a long distance boyfriend and an in-town fuck buddy, so there is no jealousy there. We talked for an hour about mundane things and I found it just as sexy because she was speaking to me, not my superior alter ego.

When night time rolled around, my wife and I crawled into bed. We were still exhausted. She groped me. I laughed and asked if she even had the energy. She said no and kept groping.

“Fuck it,” I said and grabbed some tissues.

“You’re taking yourself?” she said. She was trying to feign shock but I could hear the teasing delight in her voice.

“Damn right,” I said. “Between Tess’s archives, cyber-groupie, you being nude all day and Possible Spanking Friend, I’m hard as hell.”

I started stroking. My lovely wife found some remaining energy and cupped my balls. She nibbled on my ear, my neck and my nipple as I kept stroking. When my climax approached, she offered her large breast and I sucked her nipple hard.

I thought of cyber-groupie sucking my cock while my wife and I watched.

I thought of fucking a blindfolded Possible Spanking Friend while my wife spanked her.

I thought of Tess swallowing every drop while my wife pushes her head onto my cock.

I climaxed and it was good.

“Are you tired?” my wife asks. Oh, that is not what she really was asking.

I couldn’t refuse my wife after being a fantasy to others today. I crawled between her legs. My hands were on her thighs I nibbled on her underwear in the dark. Feeling creative and alive I decided I was going to eat her through her panties and make it a teasing sexy experience.

Five minutes later, she asked, “Are you going to eat a hole through my panties or what?”

Sometimes, I need to remember that my wife would rather have my mouth than my attempts at being a Sex God.

She tasted of sex, pubic hair and sweat. I relished the feeling of her hair against my face. I licked and sucked and did all the things that make her hips move. It wasn’t long before her hands went to my head and in that act of total need and domination; she held my face onto her as she fucked my tongue.

My wife cried out once, twice, three times and then a long satisfied fourth moan of pleasure.

Gods I am such a slut.

  15 Responses to “Cyber-Groupies”

  1. Mmm…. I shouldn’t be reading this… My poor innocence… But so addictive… Naughty Kitty…

  2. GOODNESS That was hot and intense!!

  3. Don’t I get a spanking too? I am not worthy?

    I guess she who gets to swallow should not complain or maybe if she does she’ll get spanked after all. Hm. A conundrum.

  4. KitKat- I am the last person who can scold someone for reading above their age.

    Naughty Girl- Thanks :)

    Tess- The Management has no control of the images that flip through a person’s mind right before climax :)

  5. I’m speechless…but very very wet!


  6. Lucky, lucky lady, your wife

  7. Desireous- I’ll take wet over speech anytime :)

    Kristen- Funny, she thinks I’m the lucky one.

  8. Sounds like a very fun day. Hmmm…and I really think I need a spanking friend now to. ;P

    Delicious stuff here Shon, and I would say you and your wife are both very lucky to have each other.


  9. Vixxxen- We all need spanking friends. Thanks for your compliments :)

  10. Sometimes I need a Shon to Madame dictionary when I read your posts BUT hot none the less!

  11. Oh glorious! Creative juices flowed I guess,….Give the wife a big hug for me,…

  12. *sulk*
    The Prom Queen does not like to be left out of the party.

    HNT should get you thinking this week, though.

  13. come over and meet a Drama Queen woman

  14. Madame X- Thanks. A Madame/Shon Dictionary is scheduled for a July release :)

    Tragic- Will do :)

    Wrygirl- My mind can only handle so much hotness at a time, Wrygirl. I have to pace myself with you ;)

    Datingmaster- Lawks, I already have enough friends who are of Theatrical Royalty :)

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