May 102006

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That’s as big as Blogger will let me go, so click the Invitation to read it without your eyes cracking from strain.

  6 Responses to “A Special Invitation”

  1. LOL

    The last couple of lines, classic.

  2. Anastasia- Thanks :) I had this invitation in mind and I was going to write a whole story to go with it but then I was like, the best part is in the invitation.

  3. That’s awesome. I RSVP right now.

    I’ll bring some wine and condoms.

  4. AAG- Your RSVP had been counted and accepted. Make sure you bring enough condoms for everyone :)

  5. Very funny but I don’t think I need to attend. ;)

  6. Suze- But Suze, we need Hosts and Hostesses who will keep their minds on their jobs and not run off into the hot tub every ten minutes.

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