Apr 252006

Birthday was great, thanks for asking.

One of the presents I got was Jay Mohr’s hilarious cancelled television show, ‘Action’. I have the complete series, all 13 wonderful episodes on DVD. I think they may have shown 4 on television before Fox cancelled it. It’s about a Hollywood producer who is an evil asshole, but not nearly as evil as the town he works in. If you ever wonder why movies stink so much, this is the show for you.

My favorite character is the writer, Adam Rafkin. Adam has written the script to an awesome movie and is then forced to rewrite it every single damn episode as more and more people add their changes. He is the hardest working person there and of course he gets the most shit dumped on him.

I was watching the show with my friends and poor Adam was being buttered up so that he would switch agents. My friends could not believe the shameless open ass-kissing that the agent was giving Adam, and more so they couldn’t believe that Adam was buying it. Ahh, I knew exactly why Adam was buying any lie they fed him. It was because of Writer Kryptonite.

“I loved your story”

BLAM! Any writer can not resist that line. Once someone, and Goddess forbid if it’s a sexually attractive person, says that line, then the Writer will do anything to hear it again. Writer’s Kryptonite is potent stuff. One use and the Writer will forgive anything, loan you money and be perfectly blind to the fact that you just took your car keys.

“I loved your story” = “You are the greatest writer that ever lived”

There is no in-between.

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