Apr 202006

Let’s talk nudity.

Years ago, back when I was writing all the time on Asstr.org, I came up with the idea of really exposing myself as a person and posting a picture of two of myself naked. I was really grooving to the idea of writing what one knows, and being ready to take risks and expose perhaps more than people asked for in your writing.

I was so excited by the idea that I ran it by my long distance relationship at the time. She hated the idea. She told me that I would lose people’s respect as a writer, that it was weird and that it was undignified. I didn’t agree but she was more popular than me as a writer and I thought she knew best.

Now I think she is full of shit.

When I started reading erotica blogs, I was taken back by all the nudity. I felt it distracted from the writing. RopeGirl and AlwaysArousedGirl made me think about my post and I realized that they had some good points about the nature of feeling desired and turning that creativity inward.

When I thought about myself, I was surprised by negative my own self image was. I didn’t want to take a picture of my eyes because I had dark bags under them. I didn’t want to take a picture of my back because it was hairy. I didn’t want a picture of my legs because I am too pale. I didn’t want a picture of my chest because I have a belly. Everywhere I looked, I found faults and although I never think of myself as a total package ugly guy, I was discovering that I didn’t like a single part of my body.

Well, here during Birthday Week, we are going to change a few things. Presented here is a picture of my cock, modestly covered by my boxers and encased in my fist.

You can see my belly, my hair and my pale skin. I like the fist though, it’s very direct. It might be campy, I don’t know, I’ll let others decide. All I know is that it’s me and right now I feel damn sexy.

  4 Responses to “Half Nekkid Birthday Week Thursday”

  1. That is damn hot! I love it. It’s very enticing. I really wanna lift up those boxers and see what’s underneath! :-)
    None of us are totally happy with every aspect of our bodies. We’re just human. Welcome to half nekkid thursdays!
    Happy birthday btw – are you a Taurus??

  2. I believe someone told me I was a Taurus on the cusp of Aries which implies I have a lot of hostile astrological issues. I keep that in mind anytime I lose my temper.

    Thanks fpr the kind words. I’m amazed by how good I feel by going through with it.

  3. Nice way to beak your HNT cherry. I love the shot.

    Perhaps we may see more in the weeks to come. ;)

  4. Thanks Suze. I have to say, I am open to the idea of doing more pictures. It’s been fun so far.

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